Scholarship Essay Competition

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Enter now for your chance to win a cash award of $2,000. The current round closes on 1 February, 2017.


To be eligible for a scholarship, you must either be:

  1. A student of a university or college; or
  2. Planning to study with a university or college.

This round's theme: Just Do It!

Tell us in 200 words or less what you will do to achieve success.

  1. Watch the video below
  2. Think of a personal goal (could be related to education or not)
  3. Commit to doing something today and in the future which will make that goal happen
  4. Tell us about it.

How to enter and win

To enter the scholarship competition, write in 200 words or less a short essay which relates to round's theme (above).

  • We will select the best entries for cash scholarship awards.
  • Other entries may be published on this website.

An entry can be insightful, informative, emotive, funny, inspirational or creative. Just about any approach can work.

Entry form

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University or college

Essay title

Your entry (200 words or less)

Scholarship details

Online Study Australia will judge each round of the scholarship competition shortly after the closing date. At least one scholarship recipient for the round will be selected based on the quality of entries. Winners will be awarded $2,000 AUD. Scholarships are available to both Australian and foreign citizens.

Scholarships may be used towards future study at the discretion of the recipient. Each scholarship is a no-strings cash award.

Any entry may be published on the website The onus is on the applicant to leave out identifying information if you want your entry to be anonymous. Email addresses will not be published.

If you want further details or would like to submit an entry by email, please contact us at