Reasons Why We Choose to Study Online

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Why do students study online? What are your reasons for choosing online study?

Studying online is obviously very different from attending classes on campus.

  • You choose when and where, instead of knowing that you have to be at a certain place by a certain time.
  • The energy of the class is all generated online. You don't get a group vibe in the traditional way – from being present, together.

There's advantages and disadvantages to online learning. But we're just interested in the advantages. Why online study?

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Having fun while studying online.

Tell us about your motivation for choosing to study online. Here are the basic rules for this round:

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4 Responses

  1. Claire
    | Reply


    Studying online allows you to develop skills that will serve you in all areas of your life. You will establish planning and time management skills as you create a personal study schedule. In addition to study you may have several other commitments that you will need to coordinate to keep up with lectures and submission deadlines. You will have the opportunity to establish research skills and discover information relevant to coursework on your own because you will not necessarily have the same access to discussions with other students and staff. Studying online allows for self-realisation; you will discover who you are and how you want to live, based on your attitudes, approaches and the outcomes of these.

  2. Lacey
    | Reply

    Self Satisfaction

    Online study is a challenge. Do not doubt that for a second. Online study is a test of your own perseverance. No one has set your schedule for you, no one is waiting to mark your attendance. Setting intentions and goals is a task you must adhere to on your own and there is no one to answer to but yourself. Studying online teaches you so much more than the content of your course work. You learn about yourself. You learn how to manage your own time and where your sloppy self discipline may require a bit of grooming. You have to learn how to switch on when it’s time to work and switch off when it’s time to rest. Online study is a great way to build life skills beyond scholastic content. It builds integrity without supervision. Love a challenge? Love to test your own strengths and limitations? Study online.

  3. Lydia Matte
    | Reply

    Me time

    You can never turn a deaf ear or play dumb to children crying for the same toy their sibling has or children fighting to seek revenge or the need to breakup a fight, especially when they yell “mummy, mummy” like their life depends on that one yell…it gets your adrenaline up. You rush thinking the worst only to be told amidst sobs you did not read a story book for me yesterday (Please note they slept while I was reading the story book) and now it’s my fault. Well when you are a mother of toddlers, online study is an excuse to lock yourself away in the name of studying and let the husband deal with all the children’s issues cause all I will hear is “you cannot go in there mummy needs to study”.

  4. Chantell Jones
    | Reply

    Total Freedom

    Choosing online study gives you the freedom to study and go to class in the comfort of your pajamas. You can have rollers in your hair, a mask on your face and drink wine all while watching a class or working on an assignment. Online studying gives you the opportunity to pause a lecture; take a nap, pick-up the lecture after your nap, rewind and repeat lectures as often as you like. If you do not want to attend class, ok! don’t, who’s keeping record. If you hate group work, in class group discussions or in class one-one class work; online study is seeking YOU! If you want to cook dinner for one while your plus one (your professor) sweet talks you about IT, healthcare administration or employment law, online study is your place!

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