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What career possibilities is online study creating for you? Answer this question well and you could win a $2,000 scholarship. Essay competition closes 1 Sep 2019.

Where do you image you might be in the future (e.g. in 10 years time)? What job could you be doing?

  • Online study is a path towards a new or better career for many students.
  • Imagining how your studies will improve your life can be a powerful motivator.

Do you have a clear picture of what your future career, or is it about opening multiple opportunities?

Enter the $2k for 200 Words Competition

Join the discussion below – Leave a Reply – for the chance to win $2,000 (Australian). The competition closes on 1 September 2019.

Tell us how your studies are shaping your future career. Here are the basic rules for this round:

  • Tell us very honestly what you have mind as far as how studying online will affect your career. If you don't know what you'll be doing, that's interesting to know as well.
  • The first line of your comment must be the title you've chosen for your essay.
  • Tell everyone an entertaining story. This is an essay comp, not an assignment. Be imaginative and creative.
  • The winner will be selected at random from published entries. We'll only publish entries that we really like.

Writing tips

  • Your essay should be interesting, informative and/or entertaining.
  • Don't write until you've thought of something good.
  • As well as good content, it helps to write well. While your entry doesn't have to be a literary masterpiece, it should be grammatically correct and easy to read.
  • Use the first line for the title. We'll bold the title when approving the comment.
  • Include a blank line between paragraphs.
  • Something is wrong if you're using the word "I" in every sentence. Focus on the topic.

Terms and conditions

  • A comment (or response to a comment) needs to be 100-200 words to be considered for a prize. Shorter or longer comments won't be considered.
  • Maximum of 1 entry per person.
  • Prizes will be paid out by PayPal using an email address supplied by the winner.
  • We'll moderate your comment. Any competitive entries will generally be published within 72 hours.
  • If similar entries are submitted, we'll only publish the 1st entry received. You have a better chance to win by entering early.
  • Shortlisted entries will be checked for plagiarism.

Student Essays / Published Entries

17 Responses

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    Proximity Overlook: The Mirror of Invincibility

    Looking in the mirror, I did not like what I ‘saw’. Well, while I grew older in age, I became more mature in awareness: that my ‘reality’ would always be shaped by my sense of perception, values and priorities. Thus, even when I am compelled to look, I am always inclined to ‘see’ differently.

    As Public Health Enthusiast with an introverted personality, online learning has enhanced my social interaction potential and integration prospects. I have gained a foothold in today’s multidirectional social interactive global community. Thinking of the world as a virtual classroom where our cross-cultural interactions serve as an integrated instructional learning resource; there can be no limit, I have surmised, to the level of influence we can exert on our world.

    Having gained multiple strands of knowledge about the social dimensions of Public Health; I can only seek to further explore the technologically-driven social space to broaden my knowledge base and deepen my professional scope in Health Management Information Systems; so I could effectively devise culturally-acceptable health promotion strategies in primary healthcare service delivery.

    Like a mirror and a gateway into the world, online learning reflects patterns and reveals possibilities that can make our world a better place.

  2. Garang
    | Reply

    War In South Sudan

    When I go into noisy classrooms with lots of people, I have panic attacks. I have trouble filtering out other sounds in order to hear what the lecturer is saying. Sometimes, I don’t have the energy that my peers have for seemingly simple tasks and I can’t maintain the contact hours that they do.

    Having Asperger’s in high school was hard. There was limited support and no lenience for when I could not attend. Online studying has changed my world. I, as well as many others, am now able to access the content I need to learn and succeed from my home at my own pace. Online studying is a brilliant tool. Those with any sort of disability that prevents them from physically attending or from learning the content in a classroom can now “go” to the same classes as everyone else, but now in a form that we can actually use.

  3. Dahee Kim
    | Reply

    Memes and Dreams

    An Aussie life is anything but an easy life. News articles say that Sydney house prices are falling but the tears of Generation Z Aussies are a testament to anything but. The weather is out to kill you along with the spiders that line your front door. Anything that slightly alleviates the suffering is a God-send, like Zooper Doopers, Healthy Harold and online education. God. Bless. Online. Education.

    For me, a fish-out-of-water, Korean-Australian girl, living in the suburbs, aspiring to be a police officer in the city, life is hard. Woe is me. Getting into the Police Academy straight out of highschool without any existing qualifications? Hmm. Oh no.

    But Online Education, blessed-be-thy-name, hand in hand with dogged determination, is magic. All of NSW’s Legislations and all of the publicly available NSW Police Force documents at the click of a mouse, along with an unlimited array of free and paid criminal justice/law/policing courses…

    Huh. I might have a chance after all.

    And thanks to Online Education, so do all of you.

  4. Valcia Ellington-Riley
    | Reply

    Enhancing My Supermom Powers

    How does one balance studying with two jobs and a family with three children? By studying online of course. It offers the flexibility of study time while offering the well needed opportunity to get the academic advancement for professional and social promotion.

    Not having a postgraduate degree has resulted in me being stuck in one position at work for the past seventeen years. A very demanding (but fulfilling) family life and limited funds have been the reason for the delay but now is the time.

    I have been managing my personal life very well with my professional life getting wonderful reviews annually. My superiors recognize my worth and a promotion will be in order once my study is completed. My online degree will give me wings to soar on and this Supermom will finally be super promoted after years of dedicated service.

  5. Jamal Amir
    | Reply

    Without online learning, my thoughts lay in shambles, locked in the lethargy

    Imagine this, you wake up one day and lock yourself in deep thought only to find a dungeonous place, portions of your brain that used to brim with activity and curiosity of the unknown have now folded in on themselves in such complex patterns that to unravel them would be unthinkable. This is the death of a sweaty creative, caused by coercion into a course of study they had no passion for, then having to master that course without any drive to do so; thereby, expending all their creative energy into emulating the immense intricacies of passion. This, sadly, is a grim reality for many college-bound students in subcontinental Asia, where luxuries like changing major are alien concepts and students are ultimately stuck with the course of study they initially trekked upon.

    For them, online learning provides an incubator of sorts, a haven, where the creative district of their mind can safely dock, harbor and expand. I too get my highs off learning online. Everything -from mastery in Psychological first aid to concocting a high-rise souffle that would make ratatouille drool- is compacted in the serum of online learning, so drink up!

  6. Jessica Alexander
    | Reply

    Putting the ‘Care’ back into Healthcare

    I spent the first twenty years of my life listening to my mums stories of life in the hospital – laughing at the funny stuff, crying at the sad stuff and venting frustration at the things she just couldn’t change. I ALWAYS knew what I wanted to be when I grew up, and I’ve been doing it for the last 4 years as an Enrolled Nurse.

    In those 4 years I have met some utterly incredible nurses; the kinds of people who would take a bullet for you and these are the people that I go to war with everyday, fighting the good fight.

    But every day I see just a little bit more light fade from these beautiful people. A bit more of that spark gets squashed as they are beaten down and burned out.

    Online Study is giving me the opportunity to pick up some slack and lighten some of the burden. I want to pay them back for all the care and support and time they’ve put into me. So I’m completing my Bachelor of Nursing online and then it’ll be my turn to care for them for a change.

  7. Jo-Ann Adams
    | Reply

    Crazy or Committed

    University for the first time at the age of 48, what was I thinking! Was it the excitement of going to a new environment, meeting new people, leaning new things, having a challenge or just plain stupid? It was all of the above. However, this was one of the many things on my bucket list, which was necessary, therefore, I made a decision to go for it, and see what would eventuate at the end of the tunnel.

    Although, campus life was very exciting and enjoyable, it was hard at times being away from my children and family. I will be studying once again next year, this time via online. This will give me the opportunity to spend more time with my children, family and work commitments, working at my own pace whenever I wish, without any interruptions from other students, moving to and from different classrooms and the hustle and bustle of campus mayhem.

    My recent studies have given me the motivation to go further and pursue my ultimate goal to achieve a Master’s degree. The course will provide me with a better insight as to what public health is and what it seeks to achieve.

  8. Eleanor Thackray
    | Reply

    A Bag of Wind, a Memory of Words

    A bag of wind, a memory of words and a complete lack of knowledge is how essayist Emerson poetically described students’ learning after school and college. A congenital pessimist, or perhaps an astute commentator of his time? We often think of education as an established beast- a behemoth of tradition which must be upheld- but systematic education as we know it has only been around for 150-200 years (significantly less if you if you had the misfortune to be born female!). Education is changing: it is dynamic, responsive, flexible, and constantly shaped by context- and I am seizing the opportunity afforded through online education to become a teacher and to stick all my fingers in that pie. Each evening I sit at a laptop, surrounded by unwashed football socks, forgotten apple cores, overdue library books, and a cacophony of calls of my current title (the highly essential yet chronically underpaid ‘Mum’) and I access the information that is changing my brain into one which can be trusted with the education of thousands of small Australians. Although I’m sure Emerson would have thought of something astringent to say about online education and all its possibilities, I think it is truly amazing.

  9. Kirstie Lenton
    | Reply

    If Only Computers Could See Inside Of You, Lucky I Can

    You come into my room. You may be sick, injured or your doctor is investigating a queried pathology. I ask you the necessary questions, and position you as required. I then ask you to stay still, and in seconds, I receive an image that allows me to see through your whole body. How do I know if the imaged anatomy is normal? How do I examine the image for a pathology?

    Books simply are unable to provide the extensive detail that medical professionals need to further their education. Online learning provides radiographers with newly discovered knowledge, presenting this information in various forms, such as 3D figures. By a click of a button, I can extensively examine the human body; every aspect of my degree can therefore be furthered by online learning, allowing me and others to further their goals and success. Every student learns differently and requires the latest health information to further their education. Online learning gives students the motivation and information needed to do this, answering questions instantly and enabling them to learn from home, work or at university. If only computers could see through humans and diagnose us right now… luckily this is left to the professionals.

  10. Luna Suleiman
    | Reply

    Tree of Life

    When I slowly climb up the Tree of Life I see many fruits to be plucked. Which one should I pick? Is it the yellow sour one or maybe the red sweet one? Will they make me stronger to climb the Tree of Life. As I eat the fruit that appeared to me most with its golden lights and round shape I could not stop thinking of the cycle of spirits.

    I chose and kept choosing because life gave me the medium to choose.

    In what a lucky zeitgeist we live in to be able to learn from people around the whole world in a real-time connection. I might not know what myself also can be but I know I can climb as fast and as smooth like anybody else up to that tree.

    In the night of dreams, the net of stars shines to the green coat of comfort. Now I can reach up higher without leaving my nature. I will never be as I am now but my aim will stay the same. So I keep reaching for the unknown stars in the hope of connecting.

  11. Isabelle Holt
    | Reply

    Bridging the Gap Between Autism and Education

    When I go into noisy classrooms with lots of people, I have panic attacks. I have trouble filtering out other sounds in order to hear what the lecturer is saying. Sometimes, I don’t have the energy that my peers have for seemingly simple tasks and I can’t maintain the contact hours that they do.

    Having Asperger’s in high school was hard. There was limited support and no lenience for when I could not attend. Online studying has changed my world. I, as well as many others, am now able to access the content I need to learn and succeed from my home at my own pace. Online studying is a brilliant tool. Those with any sort of disability that prevents them from physically attending or from learning the content in a classroom can now “go” to the same classes as everyone else, but now in a form that we can actually use.

  12. Vanessa Putnam
    | Reply

    A Harpist

    Growing up I always wanted to perform in front of a crowd. I lived on an air force and navy base when I was young and I watched the fighter pilots doing amazing stunts in the sky and thought “I want to do that!”. Granted I get horrible vertigo and motion sickness. Shortly after I started playing harp! Playing the harp does not directly seem to relate, but it is the simple joy of sharing something unique with the world that stuck.

    Doing online classes during high school helped me dedicate the majority of my time to honing my craft. Online school continues to allow me even in university to practice more, and receive more opportunities. I perform at events that would happen during school hours in a more conventional program. However, I don’t have to concern myself with that and can seize opportunities others can not.

    In ten years I hope to have my masters degree in Harp Performance. I hope to be performing for weddings, teaching more private students, and playing in an orchestra. Continuing my education will only help me achieve my goals of performing on a major stage and sharing my passions with many.

  13. Sarah McPhail
    | Reply

    Online Study: The motivation, loneliness and lessons

    For me, online learning has been challenging. From trying to find motivation to log in and stay focused in ‘my own time’ to then having to maintain that momentum for a semester seems such a bore. There are much more ‘fun’ things I could be doing with my time…..however, the lessons its taught me for my future career have been invaluable.

    Firstly, being able to ‘self motivate’ has taught me to prioritise and focus. In a world of 1000 distractions, having this skill will enable me to judge what is important and how to manage my time effectively. Being a Social Work student, my future career will be fast paced, full of paperwork and conflicts. The ‘self motivating’ skill I have learnt through online study will help me stay accountable for my time.

    Secondly, the social isolation of online study can often be misconstrued for loneliness. This however, has taught me that I can work well on my own and how to be a problem solver. It has also taught me the importance of online support, which is an ever growing dynamic within a workplace.

    Sure, the inconsistent study pattern or lack of set routine while studying online can be difficult, but what it teaches us about ourselves and the discipline it takes to persist with it is invaluable for our future careers.

  14. Oladimeji Damilare
    | Reply

    From my Wall to the World

    Growing up, I imagined as a young boy having the ability to teleport, moving across countries, meeting new people with different cultures. Presently, as a student of International law on migration and refugees, my discipline would require me to be in touch with people from all over the world, to follow up on policies and updates concerning migration, learn about the different migration laws upheld by nations of the world. All these cannot be learnt effectively in the pages of books.

    However, online learning has gifted me the ability that I have always wished for since my childhood. For with a click,I am able to follow lessons from all over the world concerning migration laws and refugees, another click I’m on the shores of the Mediterranean Sea or in Kutupalong refugee camp in Bangladesh. All these made possible by online learning, has enlarged my vision more than the four walls of a classroom can, to be able to understand, empathize and be equipped to help and support the cause of migrants and refugees and humanity at large.

  15. Paige Wiebelhaus
    | Reply

    The Road to Neurosurgery

    Derek Shepard from Grey’s Anatomy, every girl’s TV crush. For me, this character is more than a fantasy crush. He inspired what I want to do when I grow up. Through online research and teachings, I have taught myself every aspect of the brain that I haven’t had the opportunity to learn in school. This research has driven my passion for the brain and its effects on people throughout the years. Online learning allows me to push my threshold of knowledge further than I ever thought it could go. Through the power of online learning, I have learned what each part of the brain is responsible for and what can happen when each part is damaged. I would not have the power of knowledge on one of my favorite subjects without the help of online schooling.

  16. Regina Monyemangene
    | Reply

    Journey into Public Health

    From a warm to a butterfly through online learning. I am passionate about my work as a project manager. Managing a project allows you to be part of a thrilling experience of seeing a designed concept evolving from being an idea (warm) and transformed through the implementation of planned activities into a reality (butterfly). Recently, I have grown an incredible interest and love for a profession in international public health. I desire to see and contribute to a change in lives of communities by promoting better health and services. But, where do I start? Shall I dare to change at this stage in my well-established career? Shall I go back to school, in crowded lecturer halls with a younger generation who have different interests and experiences? Were it not for online learning, I would shudder at the thought. Online learning is a celebrated liberator because it will enable me to take on a new career, study at my own time and at my preferred location while still assuming my current job. Just like a warm changes to a butterfly, I will be offered an opportunity to develop into a new creature and sore to new heights.

  17. day mungani
    | Reply

    Online education and my career trajectory

    Many people in developing and developed countries go to work for the survival of their families and this tends to restricts their career paths. Going to work empowers individuals financially at the same time restricting them academically. talented ambitious people are stuck with work and online learning becomes their refuge. It enables individuals to advance their career and it can be done in secret without the influence of superiors at work. In addition to that, you study at your own pace without any transport and travel restrictions. Its mode of operation is convenient, and an individual can graduate and rise silently whilst going to work. As for my self I wish to become a university lecturer specializing in geography and I need to earn a doctorate in geography for me to be qualified. Online learning will give me the chance to study at home without seeking permissions from my superiors. With some of the current ethics in organizations, employees may be deprived of the time to study, hence dying without any further achievements. Significantly, online learning makes one climb the cooperate ladder, increasing the salary, benefits and qualifications. Apart from that it restricts travels and other related costs.

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