Online student of Western Sydney University.

Featured WSU Online courses

Western Sydney University Online offers a selection of fully online degrees, most of which are only available to postgraduate students.

The distance learning division of the university started in 2015.

  • It has a growing program list, particularly for students who already have a degree.
  • Online courses use materials and teaching methods from Open University in the UK.
  • External students have the option of day and night access to computer labs at locations across Western Sydney.

Western Sydney Online Courses

Here are some of the subjects where the university offers online courses.

With the exception of Communication and Social Science, all programs are only available to postgraduate students.


You can study for Master of Financial Planning degree with WSU Online. The program is aimed at professional in the funds management industry, including financial advisers and planners.

Communication and Social Science

WSU Online offers a Bachelor of Communications degree in which you can specialise in advertising, journalism or public relations.

For aspiring criminologists, you can enroll in the Bachelor of Science Criminology and Psychological Studies course.

Computing and IT

WSU Online has postgraduate courses for computer and IT professionals. The key specialisations are Advanced Networking, Computing, and Systems Thinking in Practice. You can study for a graduate certificate, graduate diploma or masters degree.

Education and Teaching

The university offers graduate certificates to aid the professional development of classroom teachers and other educators. Subjects include: professional leadership, teaching higher education, teaching and technology, and primary mathematics.


You can extend your professional skills with Master of Nursing degrees. Available specialisations are: aged care, clinical leadership, clinical teaching, mental health, primary health care and research studies.


WSU Online offers a range of postgraduate science courses. These include graduate certificates, graduate diplomas and masters degrees. Specialisations include mathematics, professional science (suitable for graduates of other disciplines), science communication, and sustainability.