Student studying a course online in a cafe.

UNE has been delivering flexible education for over 60 years. It is a leading university for online learning, with over 20,000 students completing some or all of their studies online.

The university has a diverse range of distance learning courses.

  • Whatever area of study your are interested in, UNE probably has got a good online course for you.
  • Students enrolling in general programs, such as arts, business and science, can choose from numerous possible majors.

Arts and Humanities

UNE offers an exciting and challenging selection of courses for students interested in writing, social research and the creative arts. The School of Humanities offers majors in subjects ranging from ancient history and archaeology through to philosophy, religion and international studies. The School of Arts is strong in media and communication, music, theatre and languages.


The UNE Business School is always a strong performer in terms of graduate satisfaction ratings. It’s business and management courses are generally available 100% online. Study areas include:

  • accounting (include graduate certificates, graduate diplomas, MPA)
  • business management
  • economics and econometrics
  • marketing.


Future and established teachers can gain job-relevant, professional skills with UNE teaching courses. The online education program is deep, covering early childhood, primary and secondary. UNE organises teaching placements and keeps records of professional work experience.


UNE’s health programs give students the maximum opportunity to study externally. Essential professional training is generally confined to occasional residential schools on campus or clinical placements. Study areas include nursing, complementary and allied health, social work, counselling and mental health, health management, health practice and community services.


The UNE Law School is Australia’s largest and most experienced distance provider of legal education. It provides opportunities to do Australian legal studies from anywhere in the country and overseas.

Science and Technology

UNE’s School of Science and Technology combines pure and applied sciences. Study areas include physics, chemistry, human biology and physiology, molecular and cellular biology, mathematics, computer science, statistics, exercise and sports science and pharmacy.

The School of Environmental and Rural Science teaches students about ecosystems, agriculture, food production, sustainability, geology, civil and environmental engineering. It has a cross-disciplinary approach. You are able to develop a big-picture perspective and broaden career opportunities.