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Here is some advice provided in a comment by Lucy:

Hi guys,
They scammed my money also but I got a refund.
If you want your refund you need to emailed them everyday asking them to refund and threaten them to take fraud action against them. Every 24 hours leave a bad review on Trustpilot. If you use PayPal make sure you block further payments getting taken. Go to your account and under merchants remove SHAW ACADEMY.
I found an Instagram account under
-This page help me get my refund
There is also a website
I still don’t know how they are getting away with it guys. Sorry you have to experience this
Hope this helps

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  1. Ugnė Bulotaitė
    | Reply

    Absolute scam! They charged me for the course I didn’t even choose, then claims that I opened the module with that money and I have to study it and refuses to refund me, even though I never wanted to have that course in the first place. I’m going to fight for the money they stole from me.

  2. Anoushka Rajapakse
    | Reply

    I signed up for a free course and a few days later I cancelled it because I didn’t have time for it. It was a free course but they asked for bank details which I had foolishly provided. I received a mail from them confirming they have cancelled my subscription and I will not be charged anything but a month later they charged $70 from my account. They are not responding to emails and I cannot get through their contact number. Please don’t fall for these thieves.

  3. Olga R
    | Reply

    It seems people read the reviews after they have gotten scammed, rather than before. Unfortunately, I was not an exception.
    Yesterday I was charged by SA straight after I had signed up for 4 week trial, both for the allegedly ‘free trial’ and the course material which I did not buy.
    Due to SA refused to refund the funds, I have no choice but to report them as a fraudulent company.
    It would be best for these scammers to start their own courses as they might come in handy when looking for a new job.

  4. Sally
    | Reply

    I signed up for a free four week trial with them and later on discovered that they are a complete fraud! Upon registration, they already requested the credit card information though they promise no charge will be made if cancelled within 4 weeks, which is what I’m intended to do. But on the night of registering for the trial, I was charged $40 to a tool kit that I was never agreed to. So I emailed them for a refund, but only to get a response saying the tool kit is activated right away to it’s not available for refund. However up till this day, I still have not received all the information that they claimed to provide in this tool kit nor any refund. Secondly, during the middle of the second trial week, my account was charged another $99 for a three month membership without my consent or knowledge at all. All I got that day was only a call from them saying they are providing some free materials for the course. No one mentioned anything about membership and I did not agree to any of the charges. So I contacted the customer services again and everything else I got was auto replies with only one that says they are unable to process a refund, but they could provide another period of free course. I directly and clearly informed them that I do not wish to use your website at all and just give me the refunds for both charges and cancel my account. They have not contacted me back ever since.

  5. A
    | Reply

    I subscribed for a free 4 week course. They asked for the bank details and I provided it. A few days later I asked them to cancel the free course subscription because after 4 weeks they would start charging money. I got a ma saying it has been cancelled and I will not be charged for anything. However, I got charged $70 a month later.

  6. Megan Strydom
    | Reply

    PLEASE can someone check all the reviews coming in for Shaw Academy.
    Something needs to be done about them.
    Who can help us??

  7. Alexa Foal
    | Reply

    They enrolled me in a course after calling me today. A phone call they SAID was recorded, in which I specifically said not to enrol me.

  8. Megan Strydom
    | Reply

    Literally got scammed like everyone else here. I clicked the link “To complete your registration” and followed all the prompts but apparently this was to purchase a “Toolkit” which was not made very clear.
    I just want a refund and to cancel my membership with them!?!?!

    This was their reply to me:

    “Thank you for contacting us.

    I see that you have purchased the Toolkit with a two-step confirmation page in your account where the amount to be charged was shown before confirming the payment.

    Once the Toolkit is activated in your account, it is made available to you immediately for download hence it cannot be disabled or the access cannot be revoked. Hence, we will not be able to process the refund. Click [Here]www shawacademy com/terms to review the same in particular section 5.8.

    However, for the amount you have been charged, I would like to offer a complimentary 6-month additional trial membership, a Certificate of Completion, and also 3 remaining module toolkits absolutely free.

    Your Toolkit includes Webinar Slides for every lesson, Summary Notes for every lesson, and Bonus videos. You can download these materials and save them on your device for future reference even after your access period expires.

    You can access the toolkit resources under the “Resources” tab and the “E-certificate” under the “Assignments” tab by completing the final exam on your course page.

    The extended membership has been already activated in your account and the remaining Toolkit & E-certificate will be activated within a few hours. This is far in excess of what you paid and you can complete the course(all 4 modules) and access the Toolkit materials for life without any additional fee.

    I hope this will help you in achieving your goal for which you joined with us and we want to help you further.”

  9. Maya
    | Reply

    Shaw academy is the worst thing ever. They have taken so far from my account more than $400. Clearly haven’t been logging in and participating. I have been trying to cancel, but when I phone the number provided and type in my student id straight from my account apparently is INCORRECT, so have a guess what it does not allow me to connect with customer service and cancel the payments. I will keep fighting and wont let that end here.
    I beg anyone considering Shaw academy DO NOT DO IT, not even a trial, this whole thing is a big scam

  10. Maria
    | Reply

    SCAM!! should’ve checked the reviews, now I’m trying to get my money back from a tool kit that I didn’t want even to purchase, they didn’t let me confirm anything and took the money.
    Trying to get a refund from Paypal and already leaving reviews everywhere so people don’t fall for it

  11. Tosca Zraikat
    | Reply

    I also registered for a free course, and around $60 was withdrawn from my PayPal account the same day, finalised today, after several attempts to get my registration cancelled and payment cancelled. I have been posting about this on facebook. The “full support team” is either asleep or non-existent. Thoroughly disgusted. I will continue posting on fb until I get the money refunded.

  12. Tania
    | Reply

    Don’t sign up with Shaw Academy. I signed up for a free class and was charged for a “toolkit” that I didn’t want to buy. I am perusing options via my bank and consumer affairs to get a refund; which they are refusing to give me.

  13. Kyi Han
    | Reply

    .I was figuring out how to delete the account the toolkit bunner showed up and I accidentally press the bottom it didn’t even ask me to confirm the payment straight away they cut $59.99 from my account TWICE😡 and I tried to call them but it say “the number you’re calling is not connected” I have already emailed them but still hasn’t got reply yet . 🖕F***ing scam 😡 😭 what should I do guys?

  14. Kashish Tuteja
    | Reply

    I created an account on shaw academy few days back.But now I am not able to delete it and cancel my subscription.

  15. Barnabas
    | Reply

    They scammed and stole my money from my account. I ddnt authorize any transaction.

  16. YR
    | Reply

    These guys don’t allow me to cancel subscription. They don’t even receive call. Holy s***.

  17. Lucy
    | Reply

    Hi guys,
    They scammed my money also but I got a refund.
    If you want your refund you need to emailed them everyday asking them to refund and threaten them to take fruad action against them. Every 24 hours leave a bad review on trustpoilt. If you use PayPal make sure you block further payments getting taken. Go to your account and under merchants remove SHAW ACADEMY.
    I found a instagram account under
    -This page help me get my refund
    Theres also a website
    I still don’t know how they are getting away with it guys. Sorry you have to experience this
    Hope this helps

  18. Mark
    | Reply

    This is probably the worst SPAMMERS on the internet. They constantly spam my email and telephone with offers even I replied I want to Opt-out as they instructed. Today I recieved another spam. Blocking their number does not help as they are changing numbers. I am ready to take legal action, and as I do live in Europe, where we have pretty damned laws, I will happily see them under legal pressure.

  19. Amelia Brown
    | Reply

    I signed up for a trial with Shaw a year ago. I cancelled the trial within the first week. All was good. 2 weeks ago (a year after I ended the trial) they charged me $60! I emailed and they claimed I had never cancelled yet wasn’t charged until a year later? They’re refusing to refund and I couldn’t get a refund through PayPal due to the agreement (which I ended) a year ago. Do not go anywhere near them.

  20. Big scam
    | Reply

    They gave 4 week free trial classes and they charged me money within 2 weeks for next session without any email. I subscribed for trading class but when i login different class is appearing so i cannot remove my card from that course. It is a big scam.

  21. Andrew_Lopez
    | Reply

    He emailed Shaw Academy explaining that he did not want a toolkit and did not click on the pop-up – he clicked on the “x”. Smith says: “What came out of these simple requests was a week of torture.” He disputed the payment with PayPal, prompting a “long back and forth”, but a few days later was told he had been refunded the ?39.95.

  22. Salatiyele Plati
    | Reply

    Could you please stop taking money from my account

  23. Shorttempered_monsta
    | Reply

    A way to get your Refund From Shaw Academy
    Shaw Academy is a huge SCAM. Even if you sign up for a month’s free trial, you’ll be charged for sure for the next month’s plan even if you have cancelled it, or probably for lame toolkits, course material, etc.
    I had been one of the victims too, but I got my refund. Since I had been checking for reviews, I can see hundreds of people complaining about the same. So here is what I suggest if you have been charged illegitimately.

    If you have subscribed and tried to cancel within the trial time as you do not wish to continue, make sure you speak to their agent and confirm that your account goes to the status as “NON_RENEWING”.

    If you had cancelled your subscription, you must have received a cancellation confirmation email. Screenshot that email as proof. So if you are charged(which most probably you’ll be), you have that proof. Contact the Shaw Academy Support and if they do not respond within max 3 days, call your bank and create a dispute against Shaw Academy. When you create the dispute against the bank, they’ll ask you fill the dispute form and attach your proofs, such as a screenshot of cancellation confirmation email and if any conversation you had with the Shaw Academy’s agents.

    You’ll receive the refund in a day!

    3. Block your current bank card added to the Shaw Academy site. Block that card so that they cannot charge you even a penny more.

    That’s exactly how I got my refund.
    Good luck with it!

    | Reply

    I confirm that this company is ONE BIG SCAM. I tried to cancel the payment for a “free” course that they charged me before the course was due to start.
    I contacted my bank and they confirmed that they had withdrawn the money from my account. I had to cancel my Bankcard as the only means of stopping further fraudulent deductions from my account, and they are now investigating it. Please everyone, do the same – block these scam criminals and protect your bank accounts. How dare they take money for nothing!! They need to be prosecuted – or better still , a lynch mob sent to their overseas location!! I have been reading a lot of feedback from other victims of so much fraudulent activity from bank accounts, that totally confirms the fact that this is a criminal and SCAM company!
    Please BEWARE!

  25. Jose
    | Reply

    This is a scam company. they advertise courses as free and take card details at the time of registration. they have tricky ways for taking money from your account and before you know hundreds of dollars are taken from your account.

  26. Carolina Pérez Duque
    | Reply

    To the concern of everyone who takes an IELTS course with Shaw Academy, On 28th August I applied to study an online IELTS course. The announcement said that I could try for free for one month and then decide if I wished to go on with it or not. From the beginning the school harassed me sending either emails, SMS or even calling me every day. After 6 days since my application, on 3rd September, they called me again in order to figure out if I was happy or not with the course. After that call, they charged me around 400 dollars without my permission. Immediately it happened I called then again asking for a total refund due to I did not want to pay for that course. They tried to persuade me but at the end they accepted giving me the refund. They told me that I should wait up to 8 days to receive the amount of money but I have not received my money yet. I tried to contact them again in order to claim my money back, but they did not answer any of my calls or emails. Please, be aware of this situation and share this information. This company is bullshit and they are swindlers.

  27. This company is a scam
    | Reply

    Upon this stack of bad reviews I want to play my part by contributing some few lines. I came across Shaw Academy a month ago as I wanted to improve and hone my English language skills. I created my account with a hope of getting better my English, it was supposed to be 4weeks free trail but I gave my credit details and I was charged. The thing is didnt agree for a membership neither did I agree for an enrolment in a course. To my awful surprise was charged $69.99 automatically a month later, I emailed them but they said they can’t cancel it, now i am asking for them to cancel something that I didnt sign up for and they don’t want to do it. After many tries they reluctantly cancelled my membership without a refund instead they offered me 6 months free course but once bitten twice shy, so I turned down the offer and asked for my refund as I didn’t agree to pay that amount. Sadly they didn’t respond. During such hard times I know how tough it is and many of us are venturing into such deceitful websites (Shaw Academy) in an earnest attempt to improve ourselves and we get ripped off of our hard earned money. Dear friends please be very aware of Shaw Academy, they will take your money thats their main purpose, an Academy of Scam thats what it is, once you have an account even if you want to cancel it you can’t the website is very tricky. Pop ups offering you to buy learning tools and then you get charged hundreds of dollars automatically unfortunately in some people’s case. Dear friends it a scam and nothing more.

  28. Aliyu Sabo
    | Reply

    I am no longer interested in the excel course I register. Please cancel me as I kept receiving debit alert of 5,455 Nigerian Naira.

  29. Joseph Mohammed
    | Reply

    So I signed up when they advertised the 4 weeks free. By their own support e-mail, this was on the 26th of May. I canceled before the four weeks were up. Lo and behold on the 16th September I see a PayPal charge for the subscription!
    On contacting support they are saying it was not canceled!
    How come:
    1. The subscription was charged in September If the 4 weeks ended in June?
    2. I had emails saying the subscription was suspended and logging into the site said so how come, suddenly, it was not?
    Do not trust this company!
    Now they say they will extend the subscription for 6 months. Do not, I repeat, do not, trust this company!
    I wonder if they have any courses on ethics?

  30. Myth
    | Reply

    These guyz are complete frauds! Thay have riped off $250 AUD from my account and constantly sending promotios and emails. Beware… they keep charging without any confirming. Can anyone help with find a way to get the refund?

  31. Amanda Murphy
    | Reply

    Shaw Academy = SCAMMERS. Shaw Academy has taken advantage of me during the pandemic offering 4 weeks for free for an online course. They make it impossible to cancel and keep charging people worldwide. They have charged me $AUD420 within 3 weeks of signing up to the course.

    Then when you email their billing address; a call centre from India calls and offers you no refund but access to the course (so basically nothing).

    | Reply

    Endless complaints about this sham scheme! My “free course” was due to start at 1pm today. Nada, zilch, nothing appeared. If they deduct any money fraudulently, all hell will break loose.!!
    These people can be reported and dealt with. These sham schemes have to be wiped out!!

  33. Haitham Al Hassanieh
    | Reply

    Hello everybody,

    I recently got scammed by this Organisation. I was charged 39 euros for course material after I only clicked on the page to get more info. I contacted support in order to cancel the purshase because there was no verification no what so ever and they said that nothing cna be done but they could offer me a free diploma for the course. I went on to the site to check the diploma and it charged me 79 euros!!
    No I sit there scammed off 120 euros, contacting support to redeem my right and not getting any answer. Does anybody know how and where I can sue this company to get my rights?


  34. GR
    | Reply

    I just knew Ive been charged twice for mor than $70 from my debit card, numbers that I never provide them, they are stealing my money and I dont have a responde from them! What can i do?

  35. Amanda li
    | Reply

    This is a scam company!!!been trying to ring the number they provided for cancellation but goes to voicemail every time, and there is no option to cancel online..asked my credit card company to block them!

  36. Pissed Off 😡
    | Reply

    The second I signed up – immediately got bombarded with upsells and promotions and offers – all of which IMMEDIATELY screamed SCAM!! When I tried canceling THE SAME DAY an automated voice system said my student number does not exist and the call ends. No option to speak to a real person, no other channel of cancelling. Tried again, could not get the system to bypass the “wrong” student number to speak to an actual person to fix this. Shaw Academy has stolen money out of my bank account after NUMEROUS ATTEMPTS TELEPHONIC as well as ELECTRONIC. I eventually got a reply – only to say I was indeed billed but not to worry no further charges will go off my account. NOT THE POINT! I want my money back you thieving liars! Someone should be standing up to these bullies! I lost my job in the lockdown – thought this was my answer, only to end up being a victim of fraud. I want my money back SHAW ACADEMY! Thieves! Fraudsters and liars! DO NOT GIVE YOUR BANKING DETAILS OVER TO THESE CORRUPT THIEVING LIARS.

  37. steven
    | Reply

    I try to cancel my membership and it said I need to call the number 1300 836 038 Mon-Fri from 9am – 5pm. but the problem is I already call the number and it always said that the office is closed! and now I can’t cancel my membership! this is a scam!

  38. Liz
    | Reply

    I think Shaw academy is fraud site. I see its advertisement and just want to look how it works so I used my PayPal account for free trail but it withdrawn 130$ from my account. Wish I have read this review site.

  39. Mark (MELB)
    | Reply


  40. B.Dorinel
    | Reply

    I do not recommend ShawAcademy company.
    I canceled the graphic design course before starting it because, one day after I checked my bank account, I noticed that the amount of £ 99.99 was stolen for a service they offered, which I did not have that intention at all to buy it. Due to this unpleasant situation, not tolerated at all and I do not accept such a thing to steal my money from my bank account for no reason, I chose to cancel the course and at the same time permanently delete my account and my personal data registered at Shaw Academy, following that after this incident, all my money should be returned to my bank account.
    Of course, the operator at Shaw Academy confirmed to me,by email,that nothing more can be done because the payment that “I made.”, nothing can be done, according to their terms and conditions.
    I will go on to recover the money, because what they are doing is called fraud and they have no right to withhold my money, despite all their abusive rules.
    Thank you for your understanding.

  41. Maxine
    | Reply

    I am absolutely disgusted with Shaw Academy. Quick to take your money and then they don’t even make their services available to you. I purchased a toolkit which I could never access. Now they won’t refund me. All they want to do is offer me more courses and won’t accept that I never want to use them again. I found an awesome proper course on line which is fantastic. The amount of advertising and selling is ludicrous, but when you need assistance they are no where to be found. Exploitation is all I can say. Should be ashamed of themselves. I will surely discourage anyone who wants to use Shaw Academy.

  42. Bad
    | Reply

    I tried free trail but now i am unable to unsubscribe

  43. Zara
    | Reply

    I registered for Shaw Academy Digital marketing as a free offer with my mobile carrier. I tried using my iPad for lesson 1, nothing was working. I tried my iPhone, nothing worked. Finally the laptop was successfull. They told me that inly a computer is compatible!!It is mentioned in the offer & their site that all devices are compatible. I have been emailing questions about lessons and never got a reply. I emailed the general bot Jordan to ask where I can find the answers to the quiz, I never got the correct answer!! The bot cannot understand my question or what a qhiz is. This is extremely useless, stressful, annoying, and an unpleasant experience. I am dreading more issues! Do not waste your time, and stay healthy!!

  44. Pete Houghton
    | Reply

    I think many students have encounterd many difficulties since Shawacademy have re-designed their layout and facilities of their website structure. A few years ago when I paid for lifetime membership via gogroopie, everything was brilliantly laid out, you could easily add people/ family from the top bar, the course material was actually live and not pre-recorded apart from an additional on-demand videos. You could easily navigate to the progress of the course you were doing and see the certificates you have earned. I have done a few courses here on shawacademy a few years back and obtained the pdf certificates but only managed to afford a few hard copies at that time and were posted and received. About 2 years ago they ran a promotion where by you could, after paying a one off fee; could obtain as many hard copies certificates for completing courses. So taking advantage of this, paid. it was about £29 or something like that. So I went back into my account to obtain the hard copies from the courses I hadnt obtained. Do you thnk I could.? Since changing the format of the website they deleted all the progress that I had done, but just kept me enrolled in the course… To get the hard copies again. I have to go through the course again and then re-do the exams. (which I already had done before they changed the system! ) A few years ago, lessons were held on Wednesday and Friday and were actually live and in case you missed it the recording video was available for upto a year and plus if you ran into any technical difficulties you could contact someone directly either via chat to customer services or email. Emails were responded within a timely fashion. Then everything changed – I guess to make the business more profitable and of course, many problems for everyone.

    I have found a few old emails that I sent to customer services back in 2017 – 2018.. I am not sure if these are any help to anyone if anyone has tried:

    I, for one; am not happy …

  45. Abby
    | Reply

    They advertise them as live and I emailed them about it. They responded with this – “Thanks for contacting us.

    We play a pre-recorded lesson during the live webinar supported by our AI bot Morpheus.

    If you have any question that is not answered by the bot, please send it to the course educator and you can expect an answer within 24 hours.”

    I looked up some of the instructors and they aren’t working for Shaw since 2017.

    They are promoting live courses and they aren’t live. They are not offering support. It is pretty ridiculous.

  46. pete
    | Reply

    Shaw Academy are currently in Examinership.

    Best of luck getting your money back or getting access to courses if they are wound up.

  47. Toma
    | Reply

    This is my experience:
    I had a three month subscription. The day after the last auto renew I canceled my subscription, as I wasn’t using it for months, and ask for a refund because I have payed for something in advance which I wont use. They refused because they have in their Terms that there is no refund?!, so basically they forcing me to use their service for another three months, which I don’t want to. This is not an ethical and a good business practice to charge in advance and when client cancel to refuse a refund.

  48. Robyn
    | Reply

    We have had a very good experience with Shaw Academy. Definitely great value for money. Our only problem was that we signed up while on holiday (plenty of time) and when we went home the webinars are in the wrong time zone, but as we can listen to the recordings at our own pace, we are more than satisfied with our courses. I would recommend to anyone….certainly reasonable pricing compared to many other educational institutes. I have not yet asked for a hard copy of a Diploma because we are self employed, so have no comment on that subject.

  49. 07063984064
    | Reply

    Good day, I did the trial period with shaw academy but was expecting a certificate after that but there was no message non link that asked me to do that. Get in touch

  50. Mykola
    | Reply

    All my courses disappeared. So I cannot continue studying. What wrong?
    Help please

  51. Abdul Rahman Awad
    | Reply

    They are sending a lot of messages from multiple phone number about their super sales
    Really annoying.
    If they are contacting me from a single professional phone number, it is fine, but that’s ridiculous.

  52. Elias Chanda
    | Reply

    I registered for module II o of Diploma in Web Designing but I cannot access it. It seems I paid for the free introductory part. Because of this, I was left with no option but to cancel my programme. Is Shawacademy a credible institution or it is a sham? Could somebody help please before many people are swindled.

  53. Nathalie
    | Reply

    Hi, same as several others, I was happy with the course. I was proud of the achievement when I was done. Paid everything upfront, even though I still had to pay extra for my diploma to be sent to me which I didn’t receive after 3months and still waiting. They randomly took money from my account. I tried and cancel my membership, because they said I should and the site wouldn’t let me. When I asked for help to cancel the membership and the money back they stopped answering my emails and I had to cancel my credit card. I wouldn’t recommend Shaw academy. You know that feeling when you have been scammed…

  54. Scam alert!!!
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  55. Estela
    | Reply

    I got a gift voucher for Diploma in Nutrition believing that I was getting the full course, but I’m being asked to buy full membership to have access to the to content. I was told by the customer service that the voucher is only for the first module. BASICALLY I PAID FOR THE FREE MODULE, offered as start up on Shaw’s academy website. See below:

    MODULE 1
    4 Weeks

    Shaw’s Academy is deceiving people and I will make sure to let all my colleagues know what sort of business you do. FYI: The company has 4000 staff directly employed.

    Below Shaw’s academy content of ad/email:

    Equip yourself with the skills and knowledge to make healthy food choices for life. Learn how to treat and prevent disease with a healthy diet and lifestyle. Extra resources also provided. Perfect to improve the health of you and your family or as a first step to embarking on an exciting career. Get the facts about what a healthy diet and lifestyle involves. Real-life case studies to show how to implement knowledge and skills to the ideal you. Perfect for beginner and intermediate level.

    Fine Print:
    Purchase: Limit 1 per person. Validity: Must redeem within 2 months. Booking: Please redeem upon receiving your voucher code to secure your seat in our live lessons – spaces fill up fast. Redeem within 48 hours and receive Free Bonus Starter Pack tailored to your course when you register and attend the first webinar. Register easily online. No cancellations. Restrictions: No software required. Compatible on all devices. Accredited Diploma available upon successful completion at an administrative fee. Free printable eDiploma. For any inquiries, please email: ….

  56. Susan
    | Reply

    Signed up for web dev course. Say webinars are live. Advertised as biggest pro feature. Was so disappointed to see classes are prerecorded in 2016. At least say they are prerecorded.
    Cancelled because didn’t like the lessons. Get more value from YouTube.
    Asked numerous times for them to stop sending me phone messages and emails. Eventually stopped emails but still get messages on my phone. Annoying and don’t recommend.

  57. chad
    | Reply

    login on your PC/MAC and you should be on this page:

    that join webinar link is broken. choose the “go to course page” link instead.

    a new page will open and the “join webinar” link on that page should actually work.

    i figured that out for myself since they refuse to write back with any answers.

    OTHER ISSUES I NOTICED – i too am in a tmobile free course; aside from the above issue, i have also noticed:

    each “live” class automatically ends at the 1 hr mark and your video will stop. BUT, the class could have run long/over. if that is the case, go back the next day and watch the “recorded” video and you will see the entire presentation.

    these classes are not really “live”; at least, not for my web design course. it was recorded back in 2016 and they are just replaying it.

    SPEAKING OF it being replayed — my instructor is not even at shaw any longer. the web design samples the course mentions are to be at “” BUT — the instructor is at a different trainig company now. you can find some of the same class materials here instead:

    FINALLY – my replay course mentions .zip files i can download with boilerplate html code for class assignments/practice work. these don’t work either. the links are nowhere to be found. again, shaw has not responded to my questions/complaints on any of these issues.

  58. Jimmy
    | Reply

    Took a course through T-Mobile deal. Is anyone experiencing issues joining course on their website? It seems I can only join the course in their app.

  59. John
    | Reply

    I forgot to mention, not only does Shaw overpromise on what their courses have to offer, my 1st week course cut short so I didn’t even get the full lesson. Incompetence on top of dishonesty seems to be Shaw’s MO.

  60. John
    | Reply

    I can concur Shaw Academy is a complete sham. I’m mad at T-Mobile for giving me a “deal” on this worthless scam. Their “live” lessons are obviously pre-recorded videos to anyone who isn’t a naive fool. Not only that, they expect you to pay to beta test their AI while they scam you into thinking you’re getting a real education. What a joke.

  61. pulara
    | Reply

    hi i have a free trial till 19th july but you have charged me 400 Australian dollars today how to resolve that ? i tried to contact but your phoned are not working please help ?

  62. Rodney De Roche
    | Reply

    I cannot get in contact with these people and They issue no receipts which is illegal.

  63. Kamal Malhotra
    | Reply

    i have bought one course Psychology of Sales and now i am unable to access the voucher. Sent multiples emails but no response.
    Looks like its a scam, DISAPPOINTED!!

  64. Jules
    | Reply

    Shaw Academy is a complete SCAM !!!!!!!!!!!!


  65. salma
    | Reply

    shaw academy is a scam, the free lessons are of high quality and the quality drops when you join advanced course, they only care about money after you pay they barely care about you, I am in 2nd lesson in advance and the educator can’t even speak English

  66. Grrrrrrrr
    | Reply

    DO NOT SUBSCRIBE TO THIS PROVIDER. ALL THEY PROVIDE YOU WITH IS ANGER, FRUSTRATION AND the knowledge that education is being scammed. What a very poor reflection on society. What’s worse, is so many hungry minds have been abused for profit alone. Sad sad times.

  67. Caitlin
    | Reply

    I signed up for the free 30-day trial for the sports nutrition course and was charged the Aus $59.99 for it. I tried to follow up via email and have received no response. Similarly no response over social media or any other forms I have tried. Having received no response I have to conclude that I’ve fallen for a scam and will have to escalate to try and resolve this.

  68. Barbara
    | Reply

    I signed up for a month trial on a photography course, found the lessons fantastic and subscribed for a 6-months-period (the course in itself was only 4 months but I thought I may not finish on time plus I could take up some other course like photoshop etc and took advantage of the offer).

    On the same day they charged my card for the 6 months and for the one month that was supposed to be free (or at least already covered by the 6-months payment).

    When I noticed, I instructed my bank to block any further charge from Shaw Academy. They did try the following month to charge me again for the month but it was rejected by the bank. In consequence, I received an email asking me to remove the block in the way that they could refund me the money. Of course, I didn’t remove it as the money never left the bank and I believe their motives were unclear. I was never able to exchange emails and receive a reply.

    I ended the Photography course last week (on time) and wanted to do the final assessment to gain my diploma but the link is blocked for me and in my area it says member inactive, although I’m able to go through this course – and the other I subscribed.

    The office in London is only a virtual office in a business park when staff are instructed to forward mails and no one on the phone.

    I will try to call Dublin and at the same time send a letter to Dublin address, I don’t want to but in order to activate next step (online dispute resolution @ European Consumer Centre I need to show I’ve tried everything else.

    It’s a real shame because although there is no interaction with the tutor, the course is very well designed and I learned a lot. But at this stage, it’s just a scam well wrapped.

  69. Luis del Valle
    | Reply

    I’ve enrolled in several courses via Deal Zippy UK. Being in Australia, I thought it would be a good opportunity to do some online courses with a Level 5 Diploma through Shaw; furthest thing from the truth. I cannot enroll into any of my courses, the enrolment process is absolutely confusing, having enrolled several times to find out that there is no course available. Trying to contact Shaw via their web page contact site? I might as well attempt to travel to Mars; that might be easier. Once I’ve spent the time to compose the email, the submit button does nothing. The next phase; contact Paypal to reverse all my payments to Shaw Academy. I think they’re a fraudulent educational enterprise, and because their courses via Deal Zippy are cheap, in my case, 10 pounds, no one is going to complain. I enrolled in 5 courses through Shaw, so I’m heavily invested. Thanks.

  70. Norman Imambaksh
    | Reply

    I signed up for a free month of a Photography module. Before the month was up, I signed up for a lifetime membership at a one-time fee of US$395.00.
    They billed me as EUROS 395.00.
    Further, in cahoots with Linked In, they continued to bill me monthly for the same Photography course.
    I stopped attending the online courses until they could rectify the currency of my Lifetime membership and refund my monthly over payments.
    Some Alan Odonogue promised to rectify it, but pussy-footed for 2 months and is now coming to tell me it is too late for me to get any refunds. I need help to get back my money. I am a pensioner and was making a big sacrifice to get qualified in photography to try and get another little income stream.
    Now I am worst off than before. Help me please.

  71. Matthew Devlin
    | Reply

    They charged my card twice when I asked for a refund for the one charge they told me that it was my fault, and that their systems are efficient and that they were not in breach of any terms and conditions. I’ve been in contact with Tayem Mercer ever since and he was not been helpful at all, very condescending, and very bad at customer service.

  72. Roxanne Massey
    | Reply

    Signed up for a free trial last year, wanted to complete the course so extended for the year thinking there may be other courses of interest. They all varied so much that there was nothing of interest.
    Did not complete the initial course as found it a bit wishy washy, overly chatty rather than content rich. Ceased logging in.

    They have today taken another yearly payment from my account this time unauthorised:

    – They have not notified me I was coming to the end of my year
    – There is nothing on the website to say what your expiry date is
    – They do not notify you they will be taking another payment
    – Even though the website states your account may be cancelled after non use for 60 days – over 120 days they did not cancel
    – You can only contact them on social media or through a contact form on the website and hope they respond
    – They do not do refunds
    – They send repeated marketing emails ( daily ) asking for you to pay for certificates for courses you have not completed
    – They even ask you to invest in their organisation.

  73. Keith Cahill
    | Reply

    I have just completed the first 8 lessons in Fitness and weight loss and found the course to be fantastic. I used an iPad which I screen shot the online photos and quickly wrote notes. I had the photos printed in black and white for 10cents each to keep a record. I only paid $9.00 through Groupon which is cheap. I paid an extra $59.95 Aus for the next advanced course 2. Paying this then allowed me to finish what I couldn’t finish or access with what you get for the $9.00 in course 1.the only problem is that the Australian Course is at 4am, I was advised by Shaw Academy that I can watch the recorded session at my own leisure and still get the lesson and sit the examinations to achieve my Diploma. So far excellent, I am paying month by month. Regards. Keith

    month by month

  74. Phoebe
    | Reply

    I bought the online course voucher from Groupon for only NZD$9 and attended the online pre-recorded 8 lessons during Feb-March this year ( 2 lessons each week for a month ). These lessons are online and I was able to access the starter pack, webinar slides and summary notes on my Dashboard. I did the final exam and got my online Diploma too. Note : these lessons are pre-recorded and you can chat with others on the Chat Box. And as I had to provide my contact number, they have been calling me and emailing me with discounted memberships etc which I completely ignored. I felt like they are pestering me by now, I guess that’s what happened when you virtually get something for nearly nothing (NZD$9). In all fairness I did learn the basics of photography and it intrigued my interests in this field. I was able to understand and use my entry level DSLR camera. I am only a hobbyist photographer so I did not feel the need to continue paying them for further education where I can just watch YouTube videos for free.
    – This is a genuine review based on experience. Thank You –

  75. Lee Gooddine
    | Reply

    My First free course was not there try to download starter pack nothing webinar was
    not help me start course I like to not start no
    more free course I am done . to many problem
    so I to decline to take shawn academy course
    please don’t debit my account.

  76. Fred
    | Reply

    So I made the mistake of buying a few group on courses with full trust and expectation that I will be getting what I was advertised “diploma in leadership and management” for 97% off “from $395 down to $9.95” YAY GREAT CATCH !! NOT

    from start you will have crap support the moment you try to register or redeem your voucher that only adds to the confusion of who is accrediting them and how are they even in business !! the so called live webinars are all pre recorded very clearly, the so called interactive question time with your educator is more of a “here is 2 or 3 questions students have asked us in the past in the pre recording” so no time for you to have any questions answered, the so called 24/7 unlimited support is more of a “upgrade now to monthly payments so we support you as a premium customer” !! the so called educator is a chat bot. the so called accredited diploma is more of a certificate of participation in model 1 of the leadership and management course !! and don’t even get me started with the answering machine and the stupid confusing automated unrelated replays. in Australia consumer protection can help with scams like this.. the list can really go on but I think everyone here has covered it well. they seem to be very good at SOE to rank high on google with all the fake happy costumers and fake reviews. very disappointed at groupon for not doing a better job filtering scammers

  77. Heather
    | Reply

    I had a very bad experience with Shaw Academy I bought the video course from Groupon who I also complained to. They took my money and I urge people not to sign up with them.
    They are a big con, they don’ t enswer emails or calls they lie and just ask for more money .

    Don’t waste your money my worst experience ever.

  78. Ghaamid Mohamed
    | Reply

    There courses are to easy to be accredited in my opinion, its a money making scheme…so I did a few courses, informative but weak (you cannot build a career off it, not really), and guess what they have these attractive month to month payment schemes that are not communicated properly. So I did not trust the organization from the get go and opted to do a physical payment at the bank rather than giving them my credit card details. Soooo happy I did that, yes I paid a bit more for the transfers on the month to month option, but it was so worth it, rather than giving these con artists my credit card details. Now I’m receiving invoices for a large sum of money, invoices that are not pdf’s or easily readable, but you have to log onto a link and guess what? my virus protection kicks it out as a threat? DON’T WAIST YOUR MONEY AND TIME, GO STUDY AT A WELL ESTABLISHED INSTITUTION!!! Other problems…POOR ADMIN, THE SITE DOES NOT ALWAYS WORK PROPERLY, THE PRINTABLE COURSE CONTENT IS NOT EVEN WORTH PRINTING (you have to watch a stupid video over and over to get the information right)

  79. Elia
    | Reply

    Hi Paul , I have subscribed for Photography course and linked my card by paypal. every time I login in to my account, ‘My courses’ page keep asking to ” Complete your signup for the full Shaw Academy Experience! Click here to unlock your course ” which I have done at least 3 or 4 time and each time the website told that my credit card has been upload already, so I do not what to do and that link on top of the page starts to be a bit annoying. Is there anything I can do? In addition, I
    could not attend the class on Tuesday ( Motion and Depth ) and now I m not able
    to view it. Plus last day of free Toolkit doesn’t work at all and continuing , assignment related to lessons 2 and 3 doesn’t appear.
    I was in front on my laptop to take part of lesson number 4 of Photography few hours ago but for some mysterious reason I could not get in to live lesson.
    I just want to cancel my subscription because the course seems not working properly and things related to it are going really badly.
    I have tried already to unsubscribe but I cannot do literally anything from my account or dashboard .
    I look forward to hearing from you soon


  80. Not impressed
    | Reply

    I don’t know what to make of this organisation…

    It’s NOT professional – that’s for sure. You may end up with a “Diploma” but if you want true quality education go elsewhere – maybe watch the lectures that many established top universities now offer online for free.

    In my case almost everything was problematic, from the sign up, to the classes themselves to the the completely non existent “support”, not to mention the 6 daily spam emails I’m now getting…

    The class content was “meh” – just “OK” and the instructor blew through some pretty complex areas that should have been done slower and in more detail with more explanation.

    In contrast, some of the quiz questions in the “foundation” course were just plain stupid – elementary things a 5 year old would know.

    Also the classes are NOT live. There is NO interaction with the instructor. Despite the fact that it may appear “live” all you’re watching is a recording. Some of the screenshots in my supposedly “live” class clearly had dates and times at least 6 months old. The so-called “live” chat that appears during a “class” is utter BS too. All you get is an automated response from a bot that has nothing to do with your question.

    The instructor is supposedly reachable via email but I NEVER get a response.

    I don’t know how these guys are EQF (European Qualifications Framework) accredited. It doesn’t say much for EQF, which up until now I had more respect for…

    Emailing the generic “support” address just gets me a response saying they can’t deal with my request as I’m not a “Premium” member – yet that’s what it shows me as being when I log in!

    Then I get another email saying the case is closed, followed by another email asking to rate the support received as “good” or “bad”. It doesn’t matter if you say “bad” as you still won’t get a response!!!

    Also, it’s worrying that there are so many complaints here and elsewhere on the internet about people being charged for a “subscription” that they never realised they were signing up to.

    I don’t know if that will be the case with me but Shaw’s response in any cases I’ve seen was to go to your “member area” and adjust your payment options – or email your class instructor to cancel. When I log in I do not see any payment options (!) – Does that mean it’s safe to assume I’m not roped in to a subscription? – who knows?… and emailing the class instructor is a waste of time as there is no response! Guess I’ll find out on my 1 year anniversary..

    All that said, there IS some useful information on their site. You likely WILL learn something useful, it MAY be worth paying a one off fee of $100 or less for “lifetime” membership (as long as it truly is one-off) but it really is NOT what I’d call a true “educator”.

    Bottom line. “Shaw Academy” is Disorganised at best, “dodgy” and slippery – “Shysters” at worst..

    • admin
      | Reply

      Thanks for these thoughtful comments. Note that, if you paid via PayPal, you may be able to block Shaw from invoicing you automatically. You need to go to the “My pre-approved payments” section of PayPal.

  81. Ramon
    | Reply

    I got a free course off Groupon. After the first lesson I did not like it. Today I got a $39.00 charge on my Paypal. I never authorized payments from my Paypal account or no other account! I put in a dispute because there is no way to cancel your account, no customer service and I stopped future payments from Shaw Academy! I want a refund asap or else I will take legal action against Shaw Academy! Someone needs to contact me asap!

  82. Liane Robinson
    | Reply

    Did a course, it was quite good and enjoyable. Had a good experience. Signed up for the lifetime membership which sounded really good. But really felt pressurised to do that and changed my mind literally within hours. I was out of work and had been for over a year, so I didn’t have money to spend frivolously. I rang and said I want a refund and they said the teacher who had taught the course I was on would ring me back. He didn’t. I used the PAYPAL system to request a refund and that was ignored. I rang another three times and emailed several times. No response.
    The ‘level 4’ qualification I was supposed to receive was a PDF certificate which does not state the level on it. I tweeted them, telling them that this qualification is useless if the level is not stated on the certificate. I was told to email with my concerns. I tweeted back to say I wouldn’t bother, since he hadn’t even replied to any of my emails.
    In the end I just left it because I didn’t have any fight in me.

  83. narelle
    | Reply

    I purchased a membership 12 months ago and due to personal reasons hardly used it.
    During this time I have also had no contact from Shaw Academy.
    This last week they automatically renewed my membership without warning. A cost to which I cannot afford and do not want.
    The answer from Shaw was I have membership until February 2019 and they do not refund.

    CHECK & DOUBLE CHECK your membership status and make sure you cancel it &/or see your financial institution or paypal and ensure they cannot automatically withdraw from your account.

  84. Jane
    | Reply

    Nada i am honestly in the same boat as you. i happily signed up for tge free trial. signed into the live webinars and LOVED it. The teaching is clear and concise and simply broken down for a better understanding. HOWEVER when i was considering purchasing the course i noticed that Shaw academy was advertising the costs as a LIFETIME membership. That was a red flag. On top of that there is no customer service number where i can speak live with a representative or agent of the school so that i can determine whether i can cancel whenever i wish. They state somewhere on their website that membership can be cancelled, BUT HOW CAN I CAN CANCEL WHEN THERE IS NO VISIBLE NUMBER TO CALL? Shaw academy has a good service to sell so why are they screwing it up by not having live agents to answer calls or deal with complaints? I sent an email asking whether i can cancel after studies or whenever im ready but got zero response. instead i got an automated message saying that my issues have been resolved. uhmm no it wasn’t.

  85. daniel
    | Reply

    I signed up for a free trial and its every difficult to find out how to cancel the free trial I don’t remember if i put my cc info in can anyone help i email them and they email me back with this…..

    Your query has been received and has been given the unique ID number. One of our support staff will be in touch with you to address your issue.

    To add additional comments, just reply to this email.

    Thanks for getting in touch ……

    they didnt specify when they would get in touch

  86. KarenH
    | Reply

    I signed up as a lifetime member some time back. Initially was very impressed. Photography courses, I did the first and then the UPP, are amazing. I then had to redo the UPP as now they are registered blah blah. Asked why we couldnt do a bridging course rather than redo 3 months of courses all over again.
    Support reply. Good idea, they would put it forward. I am almost finished this now for the second time. There are new things, but not so much it was worth another 3 months of my time, I guess it wasnt such a good idea after all…….
    I find the tutors , for the most part, pretty good.
    However………SUPPORT, is non existent. That includes the support during the webinars.
    They encourage questions, but when I have asked a question – such as why my terms were changed when they tried to list with crowdcube, my query was closed 3 times before I got a decent answer.
    The recent question got the response “if you are a premium member blah blah……to which I responded and this query was also CLOSED without an answer.
    I reopened it as I am a lifetime member and guess what – it was closed again and again no answer.
    I have also emailed two of the tutors directly and had zero response.
    I think they have grown too big.
    There are too few people in support and those tasked with this job cannot possibly cope with the number of students now signed up. I think management needs to put cash BACK into the Company or it is going to fail dismally. I have been approached again to invest – I will not invest this time. Not until the support is sorted out.
    The tutors (it would seem) have been given far too many students to deal with per session/class and cant get to the questions that they tell you you can email them with.
    As to not being live – I can assure you that the first two photography courses were live as I was answered live and referred to live – but now – cant comment.
    In summary – I will continue studying here as I have paid for it and I am and have gained more than lost, but if you have a problem (payment or otherwise) good luck, as they just cant cope at this point.
    I hope they get their act together as I think they have a great product and can definitely be recognised in the workplace if they can sort out all of the negativity and niggles.
    Listen to the people Shaw – or risk being just another online training place.

  87. ct lee
    | Reply

    I had purchased the Shaw Academy lifetime membership package with my credit card. But, I am not getting any activated account after that, even though there had received email about activation, the email seems cracked. Checked with support, and they helped to create the account and said it will be synced with lifetime membership in 48 hours. But after stopped the conversation with support, and I tried login after 48 hours, 72 hours, 96 hours, more than that, the account not activated still, and the login page showed my email is still not registered. Emailed the support several times, but no response at all.

  88. Nada
    | Reply

    I would like to thank you all for these comments as I just started yesterday a free trail course in sports nutrition.. it seems tempting and affordable however my gut feelings can sense something isnt right.. i also cannot find “my account” section to check the “Cancle my membership” option.. i read the agreement and policy manytimes to make sure iam not dealing with a trick or scams.. i cannot find a “Contact us” option.. the website and app are not very helpful at all.. all i can see is my account and terms and agreement, policy and the course iam currently taken..
    I also cant seem to find where the classes will be uploaded, I wantedf to give this a thought before I pay or upgrade, your comments are really helpful and I believe I will not go ahead since it seems to be suspicious and not worth the headache.

  89. kenneth
    | Reply

    NOT LIVE. i currently am take 2 coarses. digital photography and a Lightroom course that happen on the same day, at the same time…. TAUGHT BY THE SAME GUY. they could at least try to hide it. honestly you can just go to youtube and get the same info. and more

  90. steph
    | Reply

    Yep they still have issues. Signed up during a promotion to do the nutrition course for free. But when I log on for the ‘lesson’ nothing comes up and I can’t access it. Tried contacting and no response. Even emailed the ‘Paul’ guy that has responded above and still no response

  91. Emad
    | Reply

    I registered for Shaw Academy Lifetime Membership plus and paid the amount to shaw academy via my credit card. Prior to this I was registered as a ‘Free trial’ user.

    After that when I tried to access a course , it still showed my status as ‘Free Trial member ship type’ and didn’t upgraded my status to Lifetime memeber due to which I am unable to access courses. The receipt number of the amount which i paid is emailed to support and complaint emails of shaw academy but no reply as of now. Should I expect correction at shaw academy for my case or have i lost my amount 🙁 ?

  92. Brigit Murray
    | Reply

    I am retracting my previous comment. When I joined Shaw Academy for a free 1 month trial of the diploma in photoshop, I didn’t expect to learn much at the introductory level as I am self taught at least a beginner level. I was very very wrong. This is the last week of the first month, and therefore the end of the trial. In my first week a lovely lady phoned me from Ireland (I am in Australia) and introduced herself as my course tutor so to speak. We chatted for at least 5 minutes and discussed what I am doing now and my goals and interests and so on. After the phone call she immediately emailed me so that I would have her contact details for the duration of the course. Last week when one of the other course participants won a lifetime membership and the rest of the participants were offered a discount for the same membership I couldn’t find the $75 per module option. The discounted lifetime options are great value, but I just can’t afford it right now. I emailed Shaw voicing my concerns and asked if I could still use the module by module option (for now). Within 15 mins of sending the email my course tutor rang to assure me that is option was still available. Never any pressure to join (at any rate). Tonight, Christmas came early! My tutor rang me a third time to inform me that she had selected me to receive my own lifetime membership. To date I have not spent a single dollar. I am most certainly a very satisfied customer of Shaw Academy 🙂

  93. Brigit Murray
    | Reply

    What a huge disappointment it has been to read all these bad reviews. I am halfway through the first (of 4) modules in a photoshop diploma. I can’t remember how I stumbled upon it, but this module is free. While I’ve had my doubts about the course actually being live, I have still learnt so much more than I expected in the 4 lessons I have attended so far. I was very very tempted to take up the discounted lifetime membership (4 monthly payments of $200), failing that I was considering just buying the next modules one at a time for around $90. But now I am too afraid to even spend $1 with them. Sigh, I guess I will just have to continue to teach myself, as there is no way I can afford uni or even Tafe (Thanks Mr. Turnbull!).

    Thanks for the warning everyone.

  94. Lea Langley
    | Reply

    I’ve just completed the Diploma in Photography and whilst doing the course I signed up for the premium membership. I now want to move on to the Ultimate in Photography but Shaw Academy have revoked my membership without warning! They have taken £89.85 from my bank account for the first three months and when I’ve questioned this via email, I get no response.. After reading all these comments, I’m now worried. Who governs this educator?? Are they really scamming students? Who do I go to, to complain about them and get my money back??

  95. iwumune darlington
    | Reply

    please, I have two questions:
    1. Has anyone received a hard copy certificate from shaw academy?
    2. Are shaw academy advanced courses certificate verifiable?

  96. iwumune darlington
    | Reply

    I just completed a course on advanced leadership and management and also paid for a hard copy. I’m getting so scared of all the negative comments here about shaw academy. I hope my hard copy certificate will be sent.
    About the course being live, I think they are because I kept doubting it until I complained in one of the live webinars about not attending to my questions and my name was later mentioned and my questions addressed.

  97. Sabine Hall
    | Reply

    Definitely big scam. William Eaves who apparently gave the photographic course even phoned me to ask for my credit card details. Alarm bells ringing! This is a big scam website. There is no support team, only automated replies both to email and phone. BEWARE OF SHAW ACADEMY.
    Do not make any payments.

  98. Elginette
    | Reply

    In contrast to all the negative replies on here I have only had good feedback and phone calls when I had problems. I am located in South Africa. I suspect the technical and support problems could possibly be related to the time zones as I am sure none of you can watch live webinars at 4 a.m. Perhaps this is an area for improvement that needs to be addressed.

  99. Mark
    | Reply

    Could’nt agree more!!

    Not live and chat bots. I don’t mind if it is not live but don’t promote otherwise.

    This was reinforced when the tutor was displaying facebook analytics and the date for the most recent posts where over two months old LOL.

    I also paid the $9 Groupon deal and it seems as though they are going to try and slug me $29.99 for the course kit as only the first 3 lessons included, but hey if I take notes I don’t really need the course kit.

  100. Devotchka
    | Reply

    These courses are 100% NOT LIVE.
    My boyfriend started the digital marketing course last week and I started the same course tonight. His lesson was exactly the same as mine tonight. Same questions from the audience and answers, EXACTLY the same. The live chat answers are bots, not a support team.
    The course material might be fine and good and I will continue but if they are promoting themselves so strongly on being live, it is very dodge. I would have no problem if it wasn’t really live, but then don’t lie to me, I’m not an idiot and neither are your other customers!

  101. Tamara
    | Reply

    I’m getting suspicious. I am currently enrolled in Shaw Academy Digital Marketing Course. I find it very engaging and interesting. What disappoints me is the fact that lesson 5 and 6 of the Social media course was spent upselling. it’s almost like the teacher forgot that she was teaching us marketing and started to market directly to us. I found that a little annoying. I am due to complete the course later this month, if they ask me to pay more money to sit the exam I’m going to feel cheated. The ad said $9 for DIPLOMA in Social Media Marketing – no conditions of up-selling attached – nothing to say that I have to pay to sit the Final Exam. I hope that they will let me sit the final exam for the $9 I paid……..

  102. Andre
    | Reply

    Hi Paul,

    What I am wondering is If i miss the webinar session, is there no other way I can catch up with the lesson on own time. it does not seem that flexible at all to me. and I can not find any where on the website a copy of the lesson.

    await for your reply


  103. chris k
    | Reply

    I am in Australia.
    I signed up for the photography course and can get no farther than the quizz.
    I have sent emails to no avail.
    I received a phone call at 4am this morning to let me know not to forget the webinar which was taking place
    Is this serious? I can only see the webinar at 4am???????
    back onto the website this morning (at a reasonable hour) and it tells me the next part of the course is the 24th!
    I rang the London number which had called me and the robot said to put any enquiries in writing!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Is this how Shaw runs or do I have some glitch in the system?????

    please respond because NO-ONE else does other than to say “we got your Question”

  104. Hayley
    | Reply

    I have been in contact with their customer service via email for weeks now trying to urgently get an second hard copy of my certificate for immigration purposes.
    At first they said they could not find my name despite me sending them my certificate number and all the same details they asked for the first time they sent me a hard copy of my certificate.
    Then they said that they don’t send hard copies even though I sent them a picture of the hard copy another staff member there sent me.
    They then said they don’t run the same course anymore and that I need to pay to do the course again in order to get the new certificate. I reminded them that this is not true and that they are required to supply a copy of my certificate upon request. All they need to do is print another copy of the old certificate, or a certificate in their new template yet with the details matching my old certificate, and mail it to me in a sealed envelope as per the link I sent them outlining the envelope requirements for immigration reporting purposes.
    Now I am emailing them daily with urgent requests that go ignored after I asked for their manager to call me. I thought perhaps it was a new staff member who was going against what the other staff member did and did not yet understand that it is a legal requirement of a training organisation to send copies of certificates upon request and keep them on record for a certain period of time which I am covered within. No call has been received from the staff members manager. All follow up emails have been ignored.
    I then called them 4 times as the matter became more urgent. Every time I called, it went to a voicemail and I have received no follow up call in response to my voicemails.
    This has been going on too long! I have been given responses that go against the standards of training organisations or go ignored. If I have no response by the end of this week I am going to report them to the regulating authorities who do the audits etc. I work in the same education field and know my rights.
    Work overseas is being delayed due to their poor customer service, mixed messages between different staff members, and apparent incompetence. I do not recommend this education provider at all.

  105. Qamar jan
    | Reply

    I just completed my diploma in Nutrition
    And I pass the final Assignment
    My question is if someone or organisation,institutions or other academics try to verify my Diploma in Nutrition from shawacademy online how it will be possible
    I’m from Pakistan

  106. trisha
    | Reply

    i paid for my toolkit and cannot access for 2 weeks now so i cant print off slides etc, rang no answer, customer service, just contacted my bank to put a stop on the payment. Pathetic just a scam!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  107. Sheryn
    | Reply

    Okay so I found Shaw Academy on a sponsored post on Instagram and the website seemed impressive. But the moment the “live” lesson started, it became obvious that the webinar IS NOT LIVE. The chat box responses are automated based on certain keywords you type. Also, why will free trials not be given the certification? Even a live page we can link to from our LinkedIn accounts or websites?

  108. katherine keys
    | Reply

    I’m doing a course with Shaw Academy Diploma in Photography. Last webinar lesson was last night, it didn’t work. I can not access my page at all. I had my last assignment today which i can not access. I have e rang, emailed all day with no response.

  109. Lora
    | Reply

    I paid for Life Time membership using provided link. Show Academy took the money but did not set my account as paid. The reason that Pay Pal email and my account are not the same. They provided a form to re-enter correct email – but funny! I could not type anything on this form (Chrome browser). Several emails and complaint through Pay Pal and still do not have any answers from them. They have no customer support at all.

  110. Upen Dhital
    | Reply

    Hello!! When I first saw the advertisement about shaw academy it was really surprising that I could study at my home at any time any where I want and was free for diploma in photography. So I thought why not to join. After studying for 1 month they informed that for my final assignment I had to pay for my hard copy diploma. So I paid them the amount and was in belief that I will receive it in 1 months. After completing dipolma in photography I was again asked to join the ultimate photography programme. Everything was going great and I was happy to study with them. The educator and their way of teaching everything was good. After studying 3 months I prepared for final assignment and completed the exam and again paid for hard copy diploma. But till now I haven’t received any thing from shaw academy. When I complaint and asked them to send me they reply sorry for inconvenience and soon will resolve the issue but nothing has happened till today. I was looking in internet is shaw academy a scam or fraud just taking money from students and not sending their diplomas and came to see this site. Please can you let me know

  111. Joseph Simiyu Baraza
    | Reply

    When I registered for the course in Health & Fitness I was informed that I have one month free trial to do a course of my choice and then when after I had attend all the lessons I was not able to do the final exam . I kept being redirected to the payment page yet at the beginning I was informed it is a free trail course and that I would get a certificate if I attended all the lessons and passed the final exam before the end of my trial period. I have attended all the lessons but now when I cant do my final assessment as I am being asked to pay before I can do my final assessment and get a certificate.

    All I want to know is was this some kind of scam to force students to pay for the course that they were told that is free for their first lesson. I put so much effort in learning and doing the assignments only at the end not be able to do the exam. This means that you guys are not honest about your free trials. I would like you to assist me so if this was by error .

    Joseph Simiyu Baraza

  112. Rein
    | Reply

    I purchased a hard copy of the diploma last April 24, 2017 and up until today I haven’t received it. I am constantly doing follow-up thru email but Alex (the person responding to my emails however sporadically) is of no help. He told me to wait another 4 to 8 weeks and keep insisting they have sent something before. I am starting to think this was just a SCAM. As I wanted to help, I asked for the courier and thought if I was given a reference number I can try to see what really happened but Alex just plainly ignores me.

    I am looking forward to talking with you, Paul.

  113. Jewel
    | Reply

    I recently purchased a $9 social media marketing course on Groupon Australia thinking that it was for the full course. Nothing on the advertisement said otherwise.

    After redeeming the code, I realised the $9 I paid was only for the free 30-day trial which is already offered on the site FOR FREE.

    I feel extremely cheated by the the academy as well as the selling of their course on Groupon. Nothing on the advertisement indicate that it was only for a 30-day trial.

  114. Mike Oyeleke
    | Reply

    All the comments I have read tell about the insincerity of the academy. I have also come across two different advertising one indicating a free Diploma a course in Photography while another one requires us to pay some Euros.
    Can’t the Academy put its house in order and speak with one voice.? Are the online courses free without any hidden charges?

    • Paul Kavanagh
      | Reply

      Hi Mike, We frequently advertise free trials of our courses, as we believe in lifelong learning and would like everyone to have the opportunity to take a course in something they’d like to know more about. This offer is always live on our Shaw Academy homepage and is completely free. It seems strange to me that you would have been offered a different promotion in Euros – especially if you are located in Australia. It would be helpful for me to see a screenshot or similar of this offer so I can look further into the issue. If this is at all possible, please send on the same – my personal email is “”.

  115. Isa
    | Reply

    This is my personal experience.
    This is really an unethical educational website. They brainwashed you by promoting the premium package for you to sign up for their unlimited course access by 3 months. After you signed up, they will come out an even lower price for you to enjoy their lifetime membership. This is set up game for the consumer. Besides this, the e-copy of the certificate is not a proper size and with good resolution for printing. Last, their certificate is not international well recognised. Be aware of this!!! This is really a wasteful money website for sign up.

    • Paul Kavanagh
      | Reply

      Hi Isa, I’m sorry to hear that you’re left with such a negative impression of Shaw Academy. It’s true that we frequently run promotions on our Premium and Lifetime Memberships – we are huge believers in lifelong education for all, so we are always anxious to offer more economical ways to offer this to our students. We have put in a lot of work for our new certificate design, so I am surprised to hear that it is not printing nicely for you. If you would like to send me a photo of your printout I will try to have this fixed for you – my personal email address is “”. Hope to hear from you soon!

  116. Linda Lew
    | Reply

    I paid for lifetime membership but straight away after that all emails bounced back. And my account status is still temporary.
    What to do?

    • Paul Kavanagh
      | Reply

      Hi Linda, I’m sorry you’re having trouble activating your Lifetime Membership. It definitely sounds like there has been a mix-up somewhere, however, I’m having trouble locating your account using your screen name here. Please get in touch with me personally so I can sort this out for you immediately. My personal email is “”.

  117. Betty
    | Reply

    Contacted “” still no response.

    • Paul Kavanagh
      | Reply

      Hi Betty, it was an absolute pleasure speaking with you on the phone a few weeks ago. I’m pleased that we were able to help you access your course and I hope you’re enjoying it! You have my details if you need any more support or have any further feedback. Best, Paul.

  118. Betty
    | Reply

    Hi yes I am having problems. Signed up for a course, emailing them with no response. Paid for the course. They say 24 hour response nobody responds.

    • Paul Kavanagh
      | Reply

      Hi Betty, I’m sorry to hear that you were unable to reach our Customer Support Team as we usually respond to any query within 24 hours. Please get in touch with me as soon as possible so that I can help you resolve your queries. My personal email is “”.

  119. Zoran
    | Reply

    Third and hopefully the last message from me. This time it is not a complaint, but the good news. Advertised support phone number is no longer available. It is now replaced by the Live Chat. Once I communicated with the live person, my problem was fixed in only few minutes. Be patient with the chat. The chat window often doesn’t appear and tends to disappear here and there. There could be some compatibility issues, or just a buggy software. However, Shaw Academy is not to be blamed for it.

    • Paul Kavanagh
      | Reply

      Hi Zoran, I’m glad to hear that your query was resolved by our Live Chat support. If you need any further assistance, you can email me personally at “”. Our lifetime membership is a great way to continue with your education journey.

  120. Zoran
    | Reply

    I apologise for sending 2 separate comments, but I just discovered something new after I submitted my earlier complaint. I just checked my PayPal account and discovered that the payment to Shaw Academy was marked as re-occuring, instead on time purchase. Luckily it is easy to cancel this in PayPal.

  121. Zoran
    | Reply

    I purchased yesterday the lifetime membership. When logging in I am still marked as being a temporary member. Sent email to their support. More than 24 hours later I finally received just generic blanket response. Their support person Zak did not even read my brief description of a problem. Even worse, the ticked was closed as resolved. Since yesterday I made several telephone calls to the UK, but I am not being able to get through their switchboard. I also sent them an email through the PayPall, to which I haven’t received any response yet. I wish I saw this site before, but as I completed their trial course I thought that these people are genuine. I am now having a very bad feeling about all this.

  122. Daniel Dawson
    | Reply

    We bought a discounted Excel course from ShawAcademy, via, for my son, and the course was good. However, having completed the course, it is now asking for an additional charge to get the CPD certificate. There was no mention of this when we bought the course, nothing in the original advert. I have tried repeatedly to email them about this, but there has been absolutely no response so far, which makes the problem 10 times worse. They also do not answer their phone lines, which really does make it seem like a fraud.

    • Paul Kavanagh
      | Reply

      Hi Daniel, I’m sorry to hear that you were unable to reach our Customer Support Team as we usually respond to any query within 24 hours. The certificate is free for our Premium members only and the students have the option to purchase the certificate on course completion. This information is communicated to all of our students during the live webinar sessions. I hope you will consider getting in touch with me personally so we can find a way to make this right. My personal email is “”.

  123. Paul Kavanagh
    | Reply

    Hi xivecu, I’m sorry to hear that you had trouble receiving assistance from our Customer Support Team. This isn’t usually the norm, as we have a full Support Team here that will usually respond to any query within 24 hours. Since your comment are from November, I do hope you were able to receive your exams and a refund for the billing error. If not, I hope you will email me personally at “” so I may get these issues resolved for you. Alternatively, you may contact your course educator, who would have provided their direct contact information during your webinars.

  124. Deng
    | Reply

    Good to know the trick Shaw Academy is driving…i recently applied to one of their courses but thanks God that i know got full details about it.

    • Paul Kavanagh
      | Reply

      Hi Deng, Shaw Academy is the world’s largest online educator and teaches over 400,000 new students every month. It would seem the relatively small number of comments has affected your decision, rather than the high number of positive students’ testimonials we have on our website and elsewhere, which is testament to the quality of the education and support we provide to our students. You can email me personally at “” if you need any information regarding our courses.

  125. Jo
    | Reply

    It was interesting to receive a link to this page after I had recommended Shaw Academy to a friend. My experience with the company has only been positive. Having completed a number of courses in Digital Marketing, Content Creation and Social Media, I am currently taking the Viral Marketing course.
    I can attest to the Webinars’ being live as I have had responses while interacting with the presenter, as well as receiving emails and even a phone call from Shaw Academy.

    • Paul Kavanagh
      | Reply

      Hi Jo, thanks for sticking up for us! I want to assure you that your positive experience with Shaw is the norm and not the exception, as shown through our many great testimonials on other sites – we know your friend will have a great experience too.

  126. Bruce Hendo
    | Reply

    Shaw Academy / Academy of Financial Trading – are the pathetic, quick to take you money and ring and email about their courses and trying to sell other products; BUT try and contact them, they never answer their phones and if you email them you will receive a standard poor reply. they provide no support, no service – AVOID THESE PATHETIC COMPANIES LIKE THE PLAGUE.

    • Paul Kavanagh
      | Reply

      Hi Bruce, I understand there was a lot of internal communication between you and our employees when you raised your dissatisfaction. Your issues have been resolved and the matter closed. We do not intend for anyone to have a bad experience and wish you well.

  127. VM
    | Reply

    I am in the USA, and I have not been able to access a class that started last week and had an initial reply and none since. I can access classes I took last year (and it was live; my name and state were announced during some classes), but not my current class or recorded videos. I have tried three browsers on two computers as well as an iPad and iPhone. Also, I get 2-3 notices a day with redundant information (imagine test repeated five times in the same email) telling me how to purchase a physical diploma for previous classes completed. Feeling like I was scammed paying $125 for a lifetime membership.

    • Paul Kavanagh
      | Reply

      Hi VM, I’m sorry that you’ve had trouble accessing your new courses, and that you’ve been receiving so many nonsensical emails. This is definitely not how we want to have our Lifetime Members feel! There must be an anomaly somewhere in your account. Please get in touch with me as soon as possible so I can personally ensure that these emails stop immediately and that you are provided with the access you’ve paid for. My direct email address is “”.

  128. Holly Clarke
    | Reply

    I had my doubts about it being live too but in lesson 8 of the diploma in photography course (just gone) it was read out word for word seconds after I posted it.. I think they really give good informative lessons and should be given the benefit of the doubt, they may not be quick responses but the issues generally always get resolved.

    • Paul Kavanagh
      | Reply

      Hi Holly, thanks for sticking up for us! On forums and with publishing in general people are usually more inclined to leave negative feedback rather than positive. Let’s face it – it’s more interesting. So thanks for taking the time to write something nice! Let me know when you’ve finished your Photography course.

  129. Ray
    | Reply

    I don’t believe they are live – they are cleverly put together as if to sound live but are pre-recorded with various names of ‘students’ put in as if they have asked a question live. Try asking the live chat any question unrelated to the course ‘eg What do you think of Trump?’ & you’ll get a standard answer like ‘well done you’re really getting into the excel course now’ – ask the live chat to get the ‘live’ teacher to mention your name or anything current that’s happening the same day & you will receive another standard reply . It’s very well acted with deliberate mistakes but not live.

    • Paul Kavanagh
      | Reply

      Hi Ray, Shaw Academy courses are conducted live and students from all over the world join in to the webinars at the scheduled date and time. We pride ourselves on being the world’s largest live educator as we teach thousands of students every month. Our educators and live support teams try to answer as many questions as possible as accurately as possible, but this isn’t always easy with the amount of students we have online. Our educators are more than happy to prove they are speaking in real time so feel free to ask them to show a news story from the day or mention something specific and they will oblige!

  130. P
    | Reply

    pretty shoddy, be warned… no communication regarding problems or issues. Am having my bank reverse the payments now as I did not receive the course i paid for. There are many more alternatives out there that dont spend half the course selling the ‘lifetime membership’ offers.

    • Paul Kavanagh
      | Reply

      Hi P, I’m sorry to hear that you had a bad experience and that you haven’t received the course that you wanted. I would like to help you get access to that course, as I know that Shaw Academy courses are far better than the alternatives in every way! Please contact me personally at “” so we can discuss this course and your refund. And yes, we do promote the Lifetime Membership on our courses because we are huge believers in lifelong education for all, regardless of your demographic or socio-economic background, and think this is a great, economical way to get it.

  131. MJ
    | Reply

    paid my money and courses are not in the student area…hoping they will rectify….stay tuned

    • Paul Kavanagh
      | Reply

      Hi MJ, Since our courses are delivered live, they show up one by one in your student area as they are delivered and recorded, rather than all showing up at once. I do hope that this was explained and sorted for you quickly once you contacted our Customer Support Team. However if you still have any questions or have experienced any new issues, please feel free to get in touch with me directly at “”.

  132. Tammy Mellor
    | Reply

    Really enjoyed the lessons (social media marketing), they are at a good level for businesses.

    I would suggest if you need an answer on something in the course and can’t do it live; email them don’t Tweet (as encouraged in the class). They sorted problems out really quickly once emailed.

    • Paul Kavanagh
      | Reply

      Hi Tammy, I’m so happy to hear that you enjoyed your Social Media course! And you’re right, email is the best way to get in touch with your Support Team or our educators – as we work in so many different time zones all over the world.

  133. Joan
    | Reply

    I purchased the web design course but they changed the time so it’s 03-00 am here but I cannot get on their webinar & when they rescheduled they gave me no link.

    Pathetic just a scam!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    • Paul Kavanagh
      | Reply

      Hi Joan, We hold our live webinars at multiple times in order to reach the most people in the most time zones live. However, these times don’t always suit everyone, which is why we also make the recordings of the live lessons available to all students. We never want it to be difficult or a chore to access your course. I can assure you that our Web Design course is legitimate and amazing! I would love for you to get in touch so I can get you registered correctly and show you what Shaw Academy is really about – my personal email address is “”. Hope to hear from you soon!

  134. Emma
    | Reply

    I paid for a Foundation diploma in Excel but received no acknowledgment of receipt of payment and info on how to get started. Tried contacting for a few days in a row, but no response.

    • Paul Kavanagh
      | Reply

      Hi Emma, my apologies that you weren’t able to access the Excel course that you paid for, and were unable to reach someone for help at the time. That is uncharacteristic of our registration process and I would hate for you to be left with a sour impression of Shaw Academy. I hope you will consider getting in touch with me personally so we can find a way to make this right. My personal email is “”.

  135. xivecu
    | Reply

    lack of assistance when issues arise. no follow up. no response to queries or support calls . paid for exams and cannot access them . double billed for exams .

    • Paul Kavanagh
      | Reply

      Hi xivecu, I’m sorry to hear that you had trouble receiving assistance from our Customer Support Team. This isn’t usually the norm, as we have a full Support Team here that will usually respond to any query within 24 hours. Since your comment are from November, I do hope you were able to receive your exams and a refund for the billing error. If not, I hope you will email me personally at “” so I may get these issues resolved for you. Alternatively, you may contact your course educator, who would have provided their direct contact information during your webinars.

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