Why students choose to study with Ducere

Flexible online degrees

Ducere blends immersive online study with project work. You control the study tempo and don't have to cram for long exams.


Graduate with a University of Canberra degree. Gain project experience with leading Australian companies.

Intelligent learning

Study in a way that works for you, with self-paced modules and freedom in how you construct assignments and projects.

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Business bachelor degrees

MBA (Innovation and Leadership)

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Ducere Global Business School.
Ducere business management student looking back in review.
For current and future business professionals

Dūcere Global Business School is a Melbourne-based online education provider. It offers fully accredited degrees in entrepreneurship, business and management.

Dūcere partners with the University of Canberra to deliver business programs. Graduates receive a degree with a University of Canberra seal.

In Latin, Dūcere means ‘to lead’. This is mirrored in Dūcere’s philosophy: to transform education and change lives through global leadership and teaching.

Dūcere courses combine highly developed content with the expertise and experience of some of the world’s most successful leaders. The result is a premium education offering.

  • Students enjoy the structure and security of a formal university education.
  • At the same time, you gain access to a Global Leaders Faculty consisting of some of the world’s most successful people.

Reviews and media: Real-World Experience (Dynamic Business, 7 Nov 2016), Switzer interview (Switzer Daily, 12 Oct 2016), New-look MBAs (AFR, 15 Apr 2016).

Global Leaders Faculty

Dūcere students are granted exclusive access to targeted interviews with the Dūcere Global Faculty (e.g. Prof Robert Kaplan above). You can benefit from their expertise and insights on the specific subjects covered in the courses.

Dūcere have selectively targeted and carefully interviewed some of the world’s most successful individuals on a range of subjects specific to the courses offered. The impressive Global Leaders Faculty includes:

  • Presidents, Prime Ministers, Nobel Prize Winners
  • government ministers, scientists, academics
  • entrepreneurs and CEOs of some of the world’s largest companies.
University of Canberra.

Dūcere Global Business School partners with the University of Canberra to deliver online business programs. The partnership allows Dūcere to implement its innovative, powerful learning models with the backing of UC's infrastructure and accreditation.

Studying with Dūcere

Dūcere is passionate about providing a great education experience.

Students who study with Dūcere enjoy:

  1. dedicated support teams to assist with academic and general skill requirements
  2. the ability to work on real business challenges with some of Australia’s leading organisations
  3. introductions to industry mentors
  4. opportunities to develop your own ventures
  5. the ability to increase and decrease study loads according to other commitments
  6. flexible online study.

Dūcere Philosophy

Dūcere is a philanthro-capitalist organisation with a simple business model: provide business and management courses on a fee-paying basis, the profits of which fund the philanthropic programs of the Dūcere Foundation.

  • Underpinning the education philosophy of the Dūcere organisation is a social conscience that drives all actions.
  • The Dūcere model ensures that philanthropic programs are self-funded and do not rely upon external funding to survive.
  • However, many organisations seek to leverage the capabilities of Dūcere and to support its vision by providing support and resources to the Dūcere Foundation.

Dūcere Online Courses

The online business school offers a good selection of courses at bachelor and masters levels.

Your study may be some combination of:

  1. self-paced study (where you essentially determine your own timetable) and
  2. time-based study (where a group of students have common unit or project deadlines).

Online diplomas

Students accepted to study for a Dūcere bachelor degree can do a shorter program and gain a diploma or associate degree.

  • Compared to a 24-unit bachelor degree, a diploma course is 8 units.
  • An associate degree is 16 units.

The shorter courses give you added flexibility.

  • You can start studying for a diploma and see if you want to keep on going to get a degree.
  • There is also the option to exit the degree program early, while still gaining a qualification, should life or career circumstances change.

Note that a university-accredited diploma is often cheaper (has lower tuition fees) than an equivalent diploma from a TAFE or college.

Global Game Changers Program

How about a degree program for entrepreneurs where you:

  1. don't have to attend classes in person
  2. can catch up with fellow students occasionally at events (if you want)
  3. do organised international group travel through Asia and Silicon Valley
  4. can finish in 2 years by studying for 3 semesters per year.

These are some of the features of the Global Game Changers Program, which leads to a Bachelor of Applied Entrepreneurship (or Applied Social Entrepreneurship).


Bachelor of Applied Social Entrepreneurship

The Applied Social Entrepreneurship program is for students who are passionate about changing the world for the better.

Students benefit from lessons from people who have won Nobel prizes for their social enterprise endeavours, and entrepreneurs who have become some of the most successful in the world. You learn how to build and operate social ventures – to create positive social or environmental impact – in an area you’re passionate about.

Through your studies, you will develop your first-hand experience and expertise as you build your own social venture.

Bachelor of Applied Business (Management)

Are you aiming to develop a career as a successful business leader, towards becoming the CEO of a global corporation? If so, this course is for you.

Through lessons from leaders of some of the world’s most powerful companies, students learn classic business fundamentals and how they apply in the modern environment. In addition, you learn how to effectively lead and manage organisations. Students develop entrepreneurial skills for handling the challenges that come with a highly globalised and diverse digital economy that sees constant change.

This business degree will empower you to excel as leader in any field you choose. It offers first-hand experience in the real world, as you work to improve existing organisations dealing with real challenges.

Bachelor of Applied Business (Marketing)

Are you interested in how companies grow? Do you want to work as an executive leader and have the opportunity to leverage your creative side as well?

In this course, students learn how to grow organisations in the fast-paced digital and global economy. The program teaches you how to build effective, profitable relationships with customers. You gain insights from entertainment magnates and Fortune 500 CEOs and learn how to fuse creative thinking with business strategy. The goal is to develop you into a successful marketing leader.

The degree empower students to work with organisations of any size and age as a marketing professional. You develop and apply entrepreneurial skills to assist organisations achieve business and brand growth.

MBA – Innovation and Leadership

The MBA is for professionals who want to further their careers. It offers world-class education partnered with real-life industry experience.

  • Students learn by solving real industry problems in place of traditional academic curriculum.
  • You work with 3 different industry partners across corporate, not-for-profit and public sectors.

Bachelor of Applied Entrepreneurship

Do you want to build your own successful company and be your own boss? If so, this degree is for you.

Through lessons and insights from self-made millionaires, global business leaders and government officials, you will develop skills and understanding to build and grow your own successful venture, and become a globally successful entrepreneur.

In this degree, you build your own business. You gain first-hand experience of putting your academic education into practice.