Online Masters in Education: Australia’s Best Masters Programs for Educators

Australia's best online Masters in Education programs give you flexibility and choice. You can advance your education career with a 100% online masters that can be completed while you work full-time.

Getting ahead in the field of education is increasingly competitive. A Master of Education gives you the skills and credentials to take on bigger roles. Masters of Education graduates often do well in positions related to school education, policy making and workplace training.

You can choose the ideal Masters in Education online program for you. Australian universities offer a good selection of convenient, high-quality courses for education professionals.

ECU Master of Education

Edith Cowan University offers a convenient and affordable way to earn a Master of Education. The 100% online program consists of 8 units that students do one at a time. Accelerated learning is available, meaning you can study part-time throughout the year and finish inside 16 months. The university is a specialist in the education field, having started as a teachers' college in 1902. ECU consistently receives excellent ratings for teaching quality in graduate surveys. Online students can specialise in leadership or early education. Topics include assessment in education, professional development based on inquiry, and interpreting education research.

SCU Online Master of Education

Southern Cross University ticks all the boxes for a well-rounded Master of Education program. You can do a graduate certificate (4 units) or masters (8 units) 100% online. Students typically concentrate on one unit at a time, each taking around 7 weeks. There's a short break before you move on to the next unit. By studying this way, you can complete a full masters in 16 months of low-stress, part-time study. SCU Online's affordable program is delivered on a modern platform. Choose from three study streams: Educational Leadership, with an administration focus, Educational Wellbeing, which deals with the important issue of managing teacher and student welfare, and Educational Inclusion and Diversity.

UTS Online Master of Education (Learning and Leadership)

The 100% online Master of Education (Learning and Leadership) is designed for education and training professionals looking to support and lead innovation in learning across school and higher education institutions, and in learning and development in corporate, public and community settings. Through this course, you will learn how to design learning for diverse environments and create improvements applicable to your professional setting. You will be introduced to cutting-edge and critical approaches to innovation and develop the leadership capabilities to initiate and support learning transformation in your organisation.

A 1-Year Master of Education Online?

Teachers and other educators often hope to be able to earn a Masters of Education online in just 1 year. The only way to do that would be to study full-time, which is usually impractical.

The best online programs instead give you the chance to earn an education masters in 16 to 24 months while studying part-time. A shortish part-time masters is made possible by accelerated learning:

  • Online courses are made available continuously, including over the summer months
  • Students can complete a unit every 2 months
  • An 8-unit masters may be achieved in 8 x 2 months, which is 16 months.
  • A 12-unit masters takes just on 2 years.

The arrangement is generally considered to be better than a 1-year online course. The degree is over a year long but you are able to focus on one subject at a time.