Master of Information Technology Online: Best Professional and IT Management Degrees in Australia

An online Master of Information Technology is a versatile degree. Studying for a masters can help you start an IT career or shift technology fields. You can also upgrade professional credentials and, especially with an IT management masters, qualify for leadership roles.

You may want to study for an IT masters online if you:

  • have a university degree of any kind and want to formally study information technology for the first time, or
  • have an established IT career and are keen to improve your knowledge and academic qualifications.

A good online masters program (a) allows you to achieve your personal learning and career goals and (b) provides an enjoyable study experience along the way.

For information technology candidates with some work experience, a master’s degree holds the promise of advancement. It can pave the way to jobs in management or senior-level technical jobs as well as consulting positions.

~ Bentley University

Master of Information Technology Programs

The top graduate programs in Information Technology each offer something different.

  • CSU has one of the biggest IT academic programs, especially online, and is able to cater to most graduate needs.
  • If you want to get ahead as an IT manager, you have some excellent options shown in Part B. The leadership masters from Deakin University gives experienced IT professionals formal recognition of achievements. You also have a traditional IT management masters from SCU and an MBA from the University of Adelaide.
Information technology studies.

CSU Master of Information Technology

Charles Sturt University offers a flexible Master of Information Technology degree. Available specialisations include business analysis, computer networking, IT management, network security, software design and development, and systems analysis. You can choose to do a general program, or specialise by doing 1 or 2 majors. CSU has Australia's largest online computer science faculty.

Master of IT Management Courses

Information Technology (IT) management discussion

A huge boost to your IT career is possible by doing an online Master of Information Technology Management degree. Similar results are also achievable with a Master of Business Administration (MBA) with an information technology major.

These management masters are not meant to develop your IT skills as such and you're assumed to already be well developed technically. The point is to build business management competencies, especially in areas such as leading, directing and supervising.

Management courses develop you as a leader by teaching management principles and practices and by strengthening communication and business skills. You graduate better able to lead complex projects of any kind.

Management credentials

Management qualifications — such as a master’s degree in information technology management or business administration (MBA) — distinguish IT managers who have both leadership and technical skills. An MBA with a technology concentration is a popular option.


Deakin University Master of IT Leadership

Deakin University offers this innovative masters degree for experienced IT managers who are looking for formal recognition of their skills. The affordable, 100% online program helps you demonstrate your existing capabilities and build on them through practice-based learning to make you a better leader.

Students combine workplace-based research with credential units, where you present evidence to evaluate and certify your skills. Study while you work and complete in a minimum of 12 months fast-tracked. An excellent program for IT professionals who could benefit from a leadership degree.

Southern Cross University Master of IT Management

Southern Cross University provides a flexible and affordable path to becoming an IT leader. The 100% online Master of Information Technology Management degree consists of 12 units: 6 core units, a 2-unit research project and 4 units you choose from the MBA and Project Management programs. You have the ability to study year-round, completing each unit over a dedicated 7-week teaching period.

Committing to the full masters program is not required up front. You can start with a 4-unit Graduate Certificate course, do another 4 units to complete a Graduate Diploma and continue to do the remaining 4 units required for a masters degree. Subjects include data management, emerging technology in business, information systems (analysis, design, management and security) and managing digital enterprises.