Information technology degrees.

The best online degrees in information technology and data science are here. We select and present courses from Australian universities, including for IT, computer science, cyber security, data analysis and data science.

Technology courses help students capitalise on problem solving ability. By studying online, you can start or boost a career in application development, big data and data science, business analysis, cyber security, ICT management, software development, systems administration, web development, and more. Job opportunities in these fields are set to continue expanding.

You can make a start on a data analytics career by majoring in data science or data analytics. The major is normally offered as part of a Bachelor of Computer Science or Bachelor of Information Technology.

  • Students learn how to structure data, do statistical analysis, solve problems using models and programming, and present results.
  • An undergraduate degree provides foundation skills for working as a data analyst or scientist. Fantastic career opportunities are available to people skilled in big data and machine learning.

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Bachelor of Data Science (or Data Analytics)

A Bachelor of Information Technology degree is the career starting point for many IT professionals. The degree is intended to provide students with solid technical preparation for working in IT.

  • Topics that any good bachelor program should cover include database management, programming, project management, web development and systems analysis.
  • Students are also able to major in fields such as business analysis or cyber security. Qualifying for a major requires you to take enough relevant units towards the end of the 3-year degree.

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Bachelor of Information Technology

A solid way to begin a computing career is by doing a Bachelor of Computer Science or, alternatively, a Bachelor of Information Technology with similar content to computer science courses.

  • Computer science is concerned with computing theory and software development more than customer-facing aspects of IT.
  • Programs are heavy on programming, data structures and mathematics, preparing students for any future technical role in IT.
  • At a postgraduate level, "computer science" splinters into various specialisations.

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Computer Science

Online university courses are available to help you take advantage of huge job growth in cyber security.

  • Specialist bachelor degrees are offered, though you can still go for an IT degree with a major in networks or systems administration.
  • A popular postgraduate option is to do a graduate certificate − either in the professional or managerial career streams.
  • A full professional masters can set you up to get the pick of the best technical jobs available.

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Cyber Security

Data and business analysts are in high demand to help organisations get value from vast amounts of available information. Popular degrees in this field are Master of Analytics, Master of Data Analytics and Master of Business Analytics.

A masters program will help you build the advanced analytical capabilities needed to generate business insights from data.

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Master of Data Analytics

A masters degree in data science is a powerful way to start or boost a career in the rapidly expanding field of big data. You'll receive better foundation training than the majority of current data scientists.

  • Students develop skills for every stage of the data transformation process, from database management through to presenting analytics to influence business decisions.
  • Career opportunities are enormous for people with the mathematical and coding talent to generate value from data assets.

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Master of Data Science

A Master of Information Technology is a versatile degree that's intended for anyone wanting to do postgraduate IT studies. It may be a good study option if you:

  • have a non-IT degree and intend to become an IT professional
  • have significant IT experience but lack formal qualifications
  • are qualified and experienced but want to specialise in a different field, or
  • could benefit from upgrading your knowledge base and qualifications (e.g. by studying management).

You can do a general or specialist masters online (12-16 units) or a shorter graduate diploma course (8 units)… READ MORE

Master of Information Technology