Graduate Certificate in Business Administration

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Online Course Content

A Graduate Certificate in Business Administration online course will normally cover essential knowledge areas for managers. Program content may consist of

  • accounting, economics and finance for managers
  • design of business processes and organisational structures
  • leadership principles and practices.

The course will accelerate your development as a manager broadly. As well as acquiring practical skills, you'll discover what sort of capabilities are required to be a successful manager. The course offers a blueprint for a longer learning journey.

This course is part of an articulated program comprising the Graduate Certificate in Business Administration, the Graduate Diploma in Business Administration, and the MBA. Students who complete the graduate certificate at credit level or above may apply directly for admission into the MBA program.


Business Administration Career Benefits

Studying business administration offers benefits for almost any type of career. Business administration is a common role that's found across all industries and job sectors.

  • If you're employed, take a look at your supervisor. He or she does business administration.
  • You're a business administrator if you have responsibilities over people or the organisation of work.

Business administration can be studied at any career stage. Ideally, you should have work experience so you can better relate theory to practice.

  • Professional and supervisory experience are factors in being admitted to grad cert courses.
  • If you have significant professional experience, you don't necessarily need a business degree – or any degree for that matter – to be accepted.

Getting a graduate certificate demonstrates management knowledge and interest. It helps when you apply for senior positions.

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Types of Online Graduate Certificate Programs

For all graduate certificate courses, you can expect to do the equivalent of 1 semester of full-time study (4 units). You can also expect the course to be embedded in a masters program. That gives you the option to keep studying and complete an MBA (usually 12 units total).

Online programs can be structured in the traditional way, with 2-3 semesters per year that each finish with an intense exam period. Alternatively, you may be able to complete units individually over shorter study intervals (6-8 weeeks). Online programs with short study periods often use continuous assessment, where grading relies on on assignments, projects and short quizzes.

Best Graduate Certificate Courses in Australia

University of Canberra

The University of Canberra and Ducere Global Business School offer a highly flexible Graduate Certificate in Business Administration. The fully online course, which feeds into the Innovation and Leadership MBA, is designed for busy professionals. Interactive classes and discussions keep students engaged. Tutorials, assignments and quizzes can be completed in your own time. Subjects covered include organisational culture, leadership, finance, ethics and decision making.

James Cook University Online

The Graduate Certificate of Business Administration (Global) from JCU Online ticks all the boxes as far as we're concerned. With 6 intakes per year, you can start the well-priced course at any time of year. Each of the 4 units are completed in sequence – one at a time – allowing you to easily fit study within your weekly schedule. The course is 100% online and you never have to sit a traditional exam. You'll also study high-return subjects: data analysis and decision modelling, corporate finance, management and leadership skills, and corporate strategy.

SCU Online (MBA starter)

SCU Online offers a highly modern Graduate Certificate in Business. The 4-unit course consists of the foundation units for an MBA: Accounting for Managers, Management Communication, Organisational Behaviour, and Economics and Quantitative Analysis. The online division of the university has 6 study periods per year. You can skip a study period any time you want a 2-month break. This 100% online course is interactive and uses continuous assessment.

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