Entrepreneurship Diploma Courses

Entrepreneurship diplomas online.

You can study to be an entrepreneur with online diploma courses in business and entrepreneurship. Online programs teach you skills for starting and growing enterprises.

  • To be a successful entrepreneur, it helps to have personal qualities such as courage and persistence.
  • But you also need to learn how to innovate, plan, market products and manage a business.
  • Formal studies complement your personal qualities, effort and hands-on experience.

A great way to further your entrepreneurial journey is to enroll in an accredited entrepreneurship course. You'll gain concepts and knowledge to convert ideas into profit. One-year online diplomas are available at vocational (TAFE) and tertiary (university) levels.

We need entrepreneurial skills and aptitudes to keep up to date with our jobs, to move between industries, work independently and know how to create value in new ways. Students graduating from university or TAFE will be less likely to walk straight into their dream job with a big corporation that they stay with for the long term.

~ NSW Industry Department

Top Online Entrepreneurship Diplomas

The top online diploma courses in entrepreneurship are accredited.

  • Accreditation ensures your qualification is broadly recognised and can be used as credit for later studies.
  • You also gain financial benefits from doing an accredited course, including access to student loans.

At TAFE and college level, you can do an 8-unit Diploma of Business program that is full of entrepreneurship units.

  • At last count, there were 45 individual subjects that quality to be part of an accredited Diploma of Business.
  • Many of these are highly relevant to entrepreneurs (e.g. small business finance, and promoting products and services).

At university level, you can earn a diploma in entrepreneurship by completing the 1st year of a suitable bachelor program. If you have a degree or significant business experience, graduate certificates and diplomas are also available (as part of an MBA for entrepreneurs).

Creative entrepreneurship online.

TUA Diploma of Applied Entrepreneurship

Torrens University Australia has partnered with Ducere Global Business School to provide a training program for entrepreneurs. You can study for a diploma in Applied Entrepreneurship. The 8-unit diploma course is embedded in a bachelor-degree program.

  • Students need to meet university entry requirements (normally a 60+ ATAR, or 2+ years of work experience).
  • After successful completion, students can choose to continue to an online Bachelor of Applied Entrepreneurship degree (24 units total).

The courses are flexible and use continuous assessment (instead of major exams). Australian students are eligible for a HECS-HELP student loan.