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Earn a business diploma online.

An online Diploma of Business course teaches you how to manage people and projects, and do specific activities such as marketing, recruitment and payroll.

Accredited diplomas are available from Australian TAFEs, colleges and universities.

  • You can study business online at any level, from short certificate courses, through to diplomas and advanced diplomas.
  • A diploma or advanced diploma course consists of 8 units, which come from a government master list of dozens of possible subjects.
  • Your college may have a fixed set of 8 units or allow you to choose from a wider selection.

Getting a business diploma through distance education can really set up your career. The qualification is versatile and relevant to many jobs. You learn skills which are relevant to any employer, including private companies and government agencies.

You'll gain the career enhancing knowledge and skills to build and manage a capable team, recruit the right people, develop your team's skills, and managing organisational risk. You'll acquire valuable experience in project management, facilitating effective meetings, and managing conflicting priorities.

~ South Metro TAFE

Best Diploma of Business Courses

The best online Diploma of Business courses offer you quality education at a fair price.

  • The top courses have solid admin support, useful and engaging content, and nice features (such as multiple electives, recognition of prior learning, and credit towards future study).
  • The best courses also charge modest tuition fees considering the quality of service.

By enrolling in a good course, you have a better chance of completing the program and achieving excellent learning outcomes. You should come away from the course with both a qualification and confidence in your new business skills.

The best programs in Australia have been chosen based on features, price and student feedback.

Online business diploma student.

ACCM Diploma of Business

The Australian College of Commerce and Management offers an online Diploma of Business. You can also study for a Cert II, III or IV qualification. The course is self-paced and can be started any time of year. Among the available subjects are: prioritising strategies, risk management, operational planning, running meetings, document development, conference planning, marketing, payroll processing, admin systems and quality management. Tuition fees are cheaper than average for this type of course.

TUA Diploma of Applied Business

Torrens University Australia offers a fully online Diploma of Applied Business. The program is delivered in partnership with Ducere Global Business School. You can enroll any time of the year. The exam-free program features exclusive content from business and world leaders. Upon graduating, you can start a Torrens business degree as a 2nd-year student. Topics include project work, innovation in the workplace, managing people performance, and identifying marketing opportunities. Australian students are eligible for government study loans. To be admitted, you need an ATAR of 60+ or 2 years of work experience.