Public Relations Degrees

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Online courses in public relations give you concepts and knowledge to pursue a career in communications and image management.

  • Online degree programs provide foundation skills from which to build expertise.
  • As with on-campus courses, distance education programs focus on developing core skills and strategies.

To succeed in public relations, you need to learn how to make connections and influence people. After completing an online degree, you can keep developing your craft as a public relations or other communications professional.

PR people are storytellers. They create narratives to advance their agenda. PR can be used to protect, enhance or build reputations through the media, social media, or self-produced communications.

Why Study Public Relations?

Studying public relations sets you up for a career in an interesting field that constantly presents new opportunities.

  • Demand always exists for people with skills to manage an organisation’s communications and relationships with others.
  • PR experts manage relationships with the community, customers, investors, employees, the media and government.

Public relations professionals have defined roles, which include communication with diverse audiences, sponsorship and promotion, internal communication, persuading others, and social media.

With a degree in pubic relations, you may launch a career in specialist areas such as digital marketingsocial media marketing, product or organisation publicity, and corporate affairs.

Study Public Relations Online

You can study public relations online with Australian universities that offers arts and communication degrees by distance education.

Majoring in public relations requires that you complete a minimum number of units in the field. Other units can be chosen from arts and social science topics, or from disciplines such as business and information technology.

Fully online degrees are available from leading distance education universities. It helps to study with a strong online university because it gives you greater subject choice.

Distance education is an effective way to study public relations. Whether courses are online or on-campus, universities only really try to teach you the academic side of the profession. You learn important concepts and develop communication skills. Graduates are expected to develop technical skills and more nuanced relationship skills as practising professionals.

Students undertake studies in professional writing, public relations practice, developing multimedia publications, public affairs, public relations writing, public relations strategy and public relations campaigns... graduates majoring in PR may seek employment in the field of public relations or pursue related careers in event management, promotion, advertising, marketing and policy development.

Top Bachelor Degrees in PR

Public relations multi-media.

The best online bachelor degrees in public relations are available from Australia’s top online universities for arts and communications. Studying with a strong distance education university provides choice and allows you to complete a degree fully online if you wish.

The best degrees give flexibility to study public relations topics of interest to you. Online students can access a wide range of writing and media units. You also have the opportunity to specialise in specific fields within public relations, or choose a more general study program.

Businesses and other organisations seek qualified specialists. Being qualified generally means that you have a major in public relations as part of a degree in arts or communications. Employers seek graduates with good communication and problem solving skills.

USQ BComn(Public Relations)

You can access a rich study program in public relations at the University of Southern Queensland. Public Relations is available as a major in Bachelor of Arts and Bachelor of Communications degrees. The Bachelor of Communication (Public Relations) is accredited with the Public Relations Institute of Australia (PRIA). USQ Humanities and Communications courses have a 5-star success rate in getting a job (Good Universities Guide).

Western Sydney BComn(Public Relations)

Western Sydney University offers a Bachelor of Communication degree that has been designed for distance education students. There is a single curriculum for the 1st year before students choose a major: Journalism, Advertising, or Public Relations. PR students have the opportunity to do communications campaigns and an internship.

Online PR Masters Programs

The best online masters degrees in public relations really let you do advanced studies. You can choose specialised topics in public relations and also study complementary fields such as business finance.

The usual requirement for entry into a masters program is a bachelor degree, preferably in a relevant arts or business discipline.

CSU MComn(Organisational)

You can major in Organisational Communication in Charles Sturt University’s Master of Communication online course. Students explore internal communication management; corporate culture and change; organisational reputation; and communicating during a crisis. The focus is on communication strategy and leadership.

USQ PR masters

The University of Southern Queensland has online masters degrees to strengthen your public relations skills. You can do PR specialisations as part of an Arts or Business & Innovation masters program. Available majors are corporate communication, professional communication, and crisis management. You can also study complementary topics such as big data, digital transformation, enterprise leadership, finance, and international business.