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The best online courses in psychology allow you to achieve excellent learning outcomes. High-quality, fully online programs are available, including bachelor degree courses, graduate diplomas and masters.

  • You can gain a psychology degree from a leading Australian university through 100% online study.
  • Australia's best courses deliver interactive content. They also encourage student collaboration.

Psychology is a naturally fascinating study area. Choosing a good online course can be the start a rewarding learning experience that culminates with a university degree.

Psychology is essentially a foundation, reading-and-research-based degree. It gives you solid research, writing and analytical skills – along with understanding of human thought processes and behaviour.

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Online Bachelor Degrees with a Psychology Major

Deakin Psychology Degrees

Deakin University provides different paths for studying psychology at an undergraduate level. You can choose Psychology as a major in the Bachelor of Arts program, and go on to do an honours (4th) year if your grades are good. Psychological Science and Psychology for Professional Development are available as majors in the Bachelor of Health Sciences program. There's also a Bachelor of Psychology degree where you specialise in either Child and Family, Forensic, Health, or Organisational.

UniSA Bachelor of Psychological Science and Sociology

Career opportunity is the theme of the Bachelor of Psychological Science and Sociology from the University of South Australia Online. The unique degree prepares students for future roles across human services fields, including ageing, disability and criminal justice. It's about developing a deep skill set that gives you value in some of the fastest-growing job sectors. You have total control over where and when you study. Courses are run across 4 study periods, allowing you to focus on just 1 or 2 subjects at a time. The online learning platform is user-friendly and you're backed by 7-days-a-week study support.

USQ BSc(Psychology)

The University of Southern Queensland offers a 3-year online psychology degree (and a 1-year honours degree for graduates with good grades). The Bachelor of Science degree with a major in Psychology is designed for students who want to combine psychology with other disciplines (and can be taken as part of a double major). As well as traditional psychology units, you can study topics such as law, human physiology, sports psychology and human resource management.

Graduate Diploma in Psychology

Monash Online Graduate Diploma in Psychology

Monash Online offers an excellent study option if you have a uni degree and want to obtain the equivalent of a 3-year bachelor degree in psychology. The Graduate Diploma in Psychology course is 100% online and accredited by the Australian Psychology Accreditation Council. The program consists of 10 units, with subjects such as psychological testing, cognition and perception, abnormal psychology, personality and social psychology, and an introduction to counselling.

JCU Graduate Diploma of Psychology

If you have a degree of any kind and an interest in psychology, the Graduate Diploma of Psychology from James Cook University is well worth checking out. The affordable, 100% online program is equivalent to a bachelor degree in terms of qualification. But you can get there much quicker and without having to attend a campus. The course consists of 10 units. You do one unit at a time, each taking just 7 weeks. Subjects include personality differences, human development across the lifespan and environmental psychology.

University of Adelaide Graduate Diploma in Psychology

If you have a degree of any kind and are keen to study psychology, a great option is the Graduate Diploma in Psychology from the University of Adelaide. The 100% online program is equivalent to a bachelor degree in terms of qualification. But you can get there much quicker and without having to attend a campus. The course consists of 10 units. You do one unit at a time, each taking around 6 weeks. Subjects include psychology foundations, developmental psychology and health and well-being.

Graduate Diploma (Advanced) and Masters Degrees

Monash Online Graduate Diploma of Psychology Advanced

Monash University offers a 100% online psychology degree which is equivalent to an honours (4th year) course. The Graduate Diploma of Psychology Advanced is suitable for students with a bachelor degree or graduate diploma in psychology (and solid grades). The program consists of 8 units (1.4 years of part-time study). Upon graduating, you can register as a Provisional Psychologist. To be a Registered Psychologist, you may then do a 2-year internship (via the Psychology Board of Australia). Each student collaborates with their supervisor using a Psychology Research Portal.

CSU postgraduate courses

Charles Sturt University offers distance learning postgraduate courses in psychology. You study online most of the time but, for some subjects, may need to attend occasional residential schools in Bathurst. The Postgraduate Diploma of Psychology (2-years part time) is equivalent to an honours degree (which is required for professional accreditation). CSU also offers a masters degree (4-years part time), which is for registered psychologists wanting to be Clinical Psychologists.

UNE Clinical Psychology

UNE’s clinical programs – MPsych(Clin) and PhD(ClinPsych) – prepare students to fill the unmet need for clinical psychologists in Australia (especially rural areas). In the 1st year, students receive extensive training in assessment and evidence-based treatments; then, under supervision, provide assessment and intervention to clients with disorders.

Students completing the MPsych(Clin) full-time need to be committed to being in Armidale for up to 3 days per week during their first year. In 2nd year, students attend brief intensive schools. The programs are structured so that the components of clinical training requiring physical attendance (most coursework and the initial clinical placement) are packaged together at the beginning.