Project Management Degree Courses

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You can study project management online with Australian universities. Postgraduate masters courses are available fully online, allowing you to complete a degree from the comfort of your home or office.

  • Project management is a specialist subject for experienced professionals.
  • Most students combine online study with full-time or part-time work.

Studying project management is a way to extend your management capabilities and communication skills.

You can study online for a Master of Project Management (MPM) degree. Shorter professional programs – Graduate Certificate and Graduate Diploma courses – are also available.

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If you want to learn a skill that will last a lifetime, one that will enable you to progress your career with a qualification that could open doors for you, then a project management essentials course - even a short one - could be just the thing you need.

Project Management Masters versus MBA

Should you study project management or get an online MBA degree instead? The answer really depends on what kind of work you do (or aim to do in future).

  • If you work mainly on discrete projects which have distinct stages (e.g. planning and development, and closing), a project management program may be the one.
  • If your role is more corporate (managing parts of an organisation and team performance), an MBA may be better.
  • A project management masters degree may be more useful if the financing of projects is more relevant to your work than corporate finance.

But there is significant overlap between the 2 study areas. Project management courses are often run by business schools. The MBA may be a variation of the MPM, with many common units.

Best Online Degrees in Australia

The best online degrees in project management allow you to learn effectively with minimal life disruption. Some of the factors to consider are program content, delivery method, duration and value for money.

Generally speaking, the best online programs are purpose built and modular. They offer flexible timing – online learners don't follow the same 2-semester schedule as on-campus students.

  • With modular online programs, you complete 1 unit at a time and have the option to study year round.
  • Learning materials and tools are created (or professionally adapted) for distance learning.

You may also prefer a shorter study option.

  • Graduate certificates and diplomas are good preparation for gaining professional accreditation. You don't necessarily need a masters.
  • A standard masters degree is 12 units (or even shorter with credit for qualifications and experience). But some masters are 16 units, which is equivalent to 2 years of full-time study.
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RMIT Graduate Certificate and Graduate Diploma

RMIT has an online project management program for busy professionals. By studying online, you can earn a Graduate Certificate (4 units) or Graduate Diploma (8 units). Each unit requires 7 weeks of part-time study. Even while working, you can complete a GradCert in 8 months and a GradDip in 16 months. Both courses cover project management techniques, designing for quality, and managing teams. Graduates earn credit towards a masters degree.

SCU Master of Project Management

SCU Online offers a 100% online masters degree in project management. You can study part-time and still gain a masters in <2 years (or earlier with advanced standing). Students choose electives in areas such as accounting, engineering, health services, information technology and leadership. The modern course is priced competitively and targeted towards full-time workers. Graduate certificates and diplomas are available.

UNSW Master of Project Management

The University of New South Wales offers an asynchronous (self paced) Master of Project Management degree. The online program is delivered by the Canberra (ADFA) campus of UNSW. The course suits experienced project managers who are self-motivated learners. You need professional experience to be admitted. Course material is made available periodically for you to download and work through. Assessment relies on assignments and tests.

Professional Accreditation

In project management, becoming accredited is about experience and knowledge.

  • The main professional accrediting bodies are PMI, AIPM (for Australia) and PRINCE2.
  • You become accredited by demonstrating project management experience (hours worked on projects) and knowledge (by sitting a test).
  • You don't need a qualification to gain accreditation (though a bachelor degree of any kind helps).

The system means that doing an "accredited" university course is nice but does not technically confer greater status.

In deciding to study project management, your goal should ultimately be to build knowledge and skills.

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