Best Master of Commerce in Australia

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You can study online for a Master of Commerce degree with Australian universities.

  • Fully online, 100% distance-education programs are available for professionals who just want to study from home or work.
  • The best online degrees allow for subject specialisation or a general program of business studies.

Online courses consist of 12-16 units, which represent 1.5-2 years of full-time study. A popular option is to study part-time year-round, in which case a degree can take as little as 2 years from start to finish.

Why Choose Master of Commerce?

A Master of Commerce degree is the postgraduate equivalent of Bachelor of Business or Bachelor of Commerce. It is a flexible degree which covers the spectrum of business subjects.

  • MCom (or MComm) students are often business graduates who want to extend their skills and qualifications.
  • But some students are non-business graduates looking to switch careers or gain qualifications relevant to their jobs.

Anyone considering postgraduate business studies has many options. A Master of Commerce may be the best choice if you want to build technical skills while keeping career possibilities open.

MCom versus specialist business masters

Specialist masters degrees in business include (Master of) Economics, Finance, Human Resource ManagementInternational Business, Marketing, Management, Professional AccountingProject Management, and Logistics and Supply Chain Management. It is also possible to do a MCom with one of these subjects as your study stream / major.

Why choose a Master of Commerce instead of a specialist business degree?

  1. One reason is that you haven't studied business before and are looking to establish a solid foundation of skills and knowledge.
  2. Another reason is to keep your options open. A specialist degree is good if you are confident of maintaining a career in a certain field. But, otherwise, a general degree is likely to be more valuable.
  3. A Master of Commerce is also good for examining different subjects. You may decide on a specialisation during your course.

Master of Commerce versus MBA

Master of Business Administration (MBA) is a general business degree with a focus on management theory and practice. You may not be ready for an MBA (or accepted by a business school) if you lack management experience.

  1. For early-career professionals – who do more producing than directing – a Master of Commerce degree is more work-relevant.
  2. A MCom degree is also better for demonstrating all-round business capabilities (beyond management skills).

We look for 3 key skills in our candidates. The first is problem solving and problem structuring. You must be able to take an ambiguous problem and create structure… The second is business acumen. We describe this as being able to translate analytical or quantitative insights into relevant business implications… The third key skill is analytics. Candidates need to be comfortable utilizing a variety of analytic approaches.

Why study commerce online?

Online study allows you to earn a Master of Commerce with minimal disruption and time away from work or family.

  • Australian universities offer fully online degrees.
  • All learning materials and tools are available via the net.

Online commerce courses are structured for convenience and flexibility.

  • You can normally study year-round and start at different times.
  • Postgraduate students typically combine online study with work.

Best Online Programs in Australia

The best online Master of Commerce programs offer a combination of academic rigour and course flexibility. The quality of study materials is high, strongly promoting your professional development. You also learn in a convenient way.

You have choice with respect to course structure.

  • Some of the top distance education programs are organised in the traditional manner. The calendar has semesters 1 and 2 and an optional summer study period. You also complete end-of-semester exams.
  • Alternatively, you can choose a purpose-built online course. Units are completed sequentially. Assessment relies on "non-exam" techniques.

The duration of MCom programs also varies. The longest programs are 2 years (16 units). Other programs are 1.5 years (12 units). To do a shorter course, you need either (i) an undergraduate business degree or (ii) to start by completing a Graduate Certificate of Commerce (and carry credits towards a masters).

Online masters student.

RMIT Master of Commerce

RMIT University offers a flexible online MCom. The 12-unit program has been designed for online study and is suitable for full-time workers. Each unit takes 7 weeks to complete and is exam-free. You can potentially finish the degree in 2 years of part-time study. Students choose subjects from 3 streams: marketing, supply chains and logistics, and human resources. If you don't have a business degree, you can initially enroll as a Graduate Certificate of Commerce student.

Deakin Master of Commerce

Deakin University has a traditional 16-unit MCom degree. Cloud (distance education) students complete the same units as those attending Deakin's Melbourne campus and follow a 3-semester calendar. The program offers plenty of subject choice. Core units are accounting, finance, economics for managers, business process management, business communication for managers, and business strategy and analysis.

UNE Master of Business

The University of New England offers a Master of Business degree. The distance education program consists of 16 or 12 units, depending on whether you are eligible for advanced standing. Students can commence at the beginning of semesters 1 or 2. Program disciplines include accounting, business and finance. UNE teaching and courses are highly rated by students, including by graduates of the business school.

Commerce graduate jobs list

Business Administrator • Business Development Manager • Economist • Financial Planner • HR Manager • International Trade Officer • Investment Banking Analyst • IT Consultant • Logistics Manager • Marketing Consultant • Policy Development Officer • Project Manager