Best Master of Commerce (MCom) Degrees

MCom Master of Commerce degrees online.

You can study online for a Master of Commerce degree (or Graduate Certificate of Commerce) with Australian universities.

  • 100% online programs are available for professionals who just want to study from home or work.
  • The best online degrees allow for subject specialisation or a general program of business studies.

A full masters program consists of 12-16 units, which represent 1.5-2 years of full-time study. A popular option is to study unit-by-unit year-round, in which case a degree can take as little as 2 years of part-time study.

We look for 3 key skills in our candidates. The first is problem solving and problem structuring. The second is business acumen. We describe this as being able to translate analytical or quantitative insights. The third key skill is analytics.

~ McKinsey

MCom vs MBA

A Master of Commerce (MCom) offers certain advantages over a Master of Business Administration (MBA).

The MBA is also a general business degree, but with an emphasis on management theory and practice.

  • For early-career professionals – who do more producing than directing – an M.Com can be more work-relevant.
  • You may not be ready for an MBA (or accepted by a business school) if you lack management experience.
  • An MCom degree is useful for demonstrating all-round business capabilities (beyond management skills).
  • MCom programs often have better options for specialising in particular disciplines or combinations of disciplines.

Australia's best online MBAs

Best Online Programs in Australia

The best online Master of Commerce programs combine academic rigour with study flexibility. You achieve excellent learning outcomes with minimal life disruption.

A difference between some of the leading courses is structure.

  • Some programs are organised in the traditional manner, with long semesters that culminate in multiple exams.
  • Other programs allow you to focus on a single unit at a time and keep studying consistently across the year.

Program length also varies, from 12 units up to 16 units. A longer program may be required if you don't have a business degree. A popular way to start is with a 4-unit Graduate Certificate of Commerce.

Online MCom masters student.

RMIT Graduate Certificate of Commerce

RMIT University has a flexible Graduate Certificate of Commerce that provides entry into the Master of Commerce program. You can choose 4 courses from business fields, including human resources, marketing, and supply chain and logistics. After completing 4 units, you earn a Graduate Certificate of Commerce. And you can choose to continue with the masters program. A graduate diploma and Master of Commerce are available, as well as specialist degrees. Each unit takes just 8 weeks of part-time study. The program is 100% online and purpose-built for e-learning.

Deakin Master of Commerce

Deakin University offers an online Master of Commerce which is suitable for graduates who haven't studied business before. The program is 16 units, reduced to 12 if you have a business degree or 5+ years of relevant work experience. An extensive list of majors is available. Core units are accounting, building success in commerce, business communication for managers, business process management, economics for managers, and finance.