Best Marketing Degrees (Bachelor and Masters)

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You have many options for getting a marketing degree online. But you only want to know about the best courses, right? That’s why we show just the top online marketing degrees in Australia.

  • One way of finding a good marketing degree is to look at course satisfaction ratings of graduates.
  • Another is to discover innovative courses that offer more for distance learners.

Online Study Australia has done both these things – to come up with a list of excellent marketing bachelor and masters degrees.

Online Bachelor of Marketing Programs

Marketing is typically offered as a major in a Bachelor of Business (or Commerce) program.

  • Marketing units are popular and not just taken by students who want to specialise in marketing.
  • Classes often contain other business students and students from other faculties, including arts and science.

Marketing is popular because it can be one of the more interesting subjects in a study program. It is also easy to study online and widely available for distance learning.

Being influential

Marketing is a fascinating study area. You learn about how to achieve things by being influential.

The skill of persuasion is useful in many aspects of life (both personal and professional).


How to major in Marketing

Most online Bachelor of Business programs do not require you to commit to a major initially. They are structured to make the 1st year very general.

  • It is common to sample a range of disciplines in the 1st year but not commit to a specialisation.
  • If you have a diploma in marketing (or other business subject), you may be able to enter university in the 2nd year of a bachelor degree.  
  • A minimum number of marketing units need to be completed in 2nd and 3rd years to qualify for the major.

For students who want to become marketing professionals, the subject is best combined with other business topics. There is often a great deal of business strategy behind good campaigns. It helps to be familiar with business disciplines such as accounting, statistical analysis and market research.

Top Bachelor of Marketing Degrees

The best online courses allow you to achieve good learning outcomes in an easy way.

For a Bachelor of Marketing degree, good learning outcomes call for a strong business program.

  • Marketing subjects typically make up less than half your total study load.
  • A wide choice of business subjects allows you to design a program to match your interests and goals.

With respect to ease of study, the best programs are purpose-built for the online mode.

  • They use multi-media effectively, have strong online communication channels, and allow for year-round study.
  • The universities also support external students with dedicated liaison officers.

Here are our selections for the best online Bachelor of Marketing degrees in Australia.

Marketing strategy.

UC Bachelor of Applied Business (Marketing)

The University of Canberra has a modern business program with the option to major in Marketing. The bachelor-degree course is purpose-built for online learning and was created in partnership with Ducere Global Business School. It's available year-round. You complete units across 6 study periods per year. Assessment is done without long exams. Instead, you do assignments, projects and multiple-choice tests. The program features unique contributions from world leaders. Topics include branding, communications and sales.

ECU Bachelor of Business

Edith Cowan University offers more than a dozen majors in its online business program, including Marketing. The study stream contains 8 marketing units (equivalent to a year of full-time study), with most available in the 2nd and 3rd years of the degree. Subjects include consumer behaviour, current issues, principles and practices, new product development, promotions and retail selling.

UNE Bachelor of Business

The University of New England has one of Australia's leading online business schools. You can study online or on-campus across 3 semesters per year. The School offers a strong selection of subjects and gets positive ratings in the Australian Graduate Survey. To qualify for a Marketing major, Bachelor of Business students need to complete at least 7 related units. They include consumer behaviour, integrated communications, and services marketing.

Online Master of Marketing Programs

Masters and other advanced courses in marketing are designed for serious professionals – often graduates with experience in the field. By studying online, it's easier balance study with work and other commitments.

  • Project leaders, team managers and consultants benefit from high-level skills in specialist marketing areas. These can drive sales success and, in turn, grow a business or product line.
  • Postgraduate studies can be used to develop expertise in areas such as management, market research and data analysis, customer service, online marketing and international marketing.

All our listed programs are accredited by the Australian Marketing Institute (AMI).

Changing careers

Postgraduate study is also a way to switch from a different career into marketing. Online courses are a convenient way for graduates of other disciplines to move towards a career in the field.

  • You can gain important work credentials by studying for a masters or other postgraduate qualification online.
  • To be accepted into a masters program, it may be necessary to complete a graduate certificate or diploma which covers marketing basics.
  • Postgraduate marketing courses are often integrated with MBA programs.
Marketing professional drafting a strategic plan.

Our research says the top-earning, non-MBA master’s degrees accelerate the career advancement of degree holders by approximately 15 percent above the average. They include: Economics, Marketing, Chemistry, Physics, Engineering.

RMIT Master of Marketing

RMIT University gives you the opportunity to study online for a Master of Marketing degree. The modern, 12-unit program suits busy people and is ideal for full-time workers. Students complete 1 unit at a time, each taking 7 weeks. Assessment is continuous (no traditional exams). You can choose to start with a 4-unit Graduate Certificate in Marketing. Subjects include communications, consumer behaviour, management and marketing research.

Griffith Master of Marketing

Griffith University offers a 100% online program that develops marketing skills across all key areas. The 12-unit Master of Marketing course teaches subjects from advertising, branding and digital media, to consumer behaviour, performance metrics and strategy. The program is ideal for students who want an engaging, interactive learning experience. You are able to complete the course in 2 years of part-time study. For applicants without a university degree, you can start with a 4-unit Graduate Certificate in Marketing.

CQU Master of Marketing

CQUniversity’s Master of Marketing program is open to graduates of any discipline. The 2-year course is comprised of 8 core marketing units, 4 electives from management units, and 4 free electives. The program provides opportunity for an internship or work placement. Graduates are eligible to join the Australian Marketing Institute. Subjects include consumer behaviour, global business marketing, and advertising and integrated communication.

Marketing jobs list

Advertising Manager • Digital Communications Manager • Events Coordinator • Market Researcher • Marketing Manager • Marketing Officer • Marketing Team Leader • Online Marketing Specialist • Product or Brand Manager • Public Relations Manager • Sales Consultant • Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) Consultant