Top Marketing Degrees (Bachelor, Masters)

Online marketing degree studies leading to career success.

You have many options for getting a marketing degree online. But you only want to know about the best courses, right? That’s why we show just the top marketing degrees in Australia, for both bachelor and masters students.

  • One way of finding a good marketing degree is to look at course satisfaction ratings of graduates.
  • Another is to discover innovative university courses that offer more for distance learners.

Online Study Australia has done both these things – to come up with a list of the best marketing degrees available online.

You can use your degree to progress into careers in marketing, communications, sales, PR, advertising, consultancy, management and much more. Plus, you’ll have the core business skills to pursue careers outside of marketing should you wish.

~ University of Essex

Top Bachelor of Marketing Degrees

The best online bachelor programs for marketing allow you to achieve good learning outcomes in an easy way.

Study choice is important for a 3-year degree, especially since marketing units typically make up less than half the program for a marketing major. You should be able to choose units and projects to match your interests and goals.

Ease of study is another key consideration. The best online business programs are flexible and use of digital technologies effectively.

Here are our selections for the top undergraduate marketing degrees.

Marketing strategy development.

TUA Bachelor of Applied Business (Marketing)

Torrens University Australia offers an applied degree that is exam free and gives you a head start on your marketing career. The online program is brought to you in partnership with Ducere Global Business School, which has a reputation for excellent support and outstanding course completion rates. For assessment, instead of exams, you do online group projects involving Australian companies plus assignments and quizzes. Graduates come away with the advantage of demonstrated professional skills and potential work references from business employers.

UniSA Online Bachelor of Business (Marketing)

You can earn a marketing degree through the University of South Australia Online in a super convenient and flexible way. The program is 100% online. Each unit can be completed from start to finish within a 10-week study block, allowing you to focus on just 1 or 2 subjects at a time. Assessment includes industry-relevant projects, online presentations, and essays and reports. The program is backed by a user-friendly interface and strong industry and academic links. It’s also accredited by the Australian Marketing Institute (AMI), the leading professional marketing association in Australia. And if you need any help with your coursework, tutors are available 7 days a week. The course is designed to produce well-rounded business graduates with an excellent understanding of marketing principles and methods.

UNE Bachelor of Business (Marketing)

The University of New England has one of Australia's leading online business schools. You can study online or on-campus across 3 semesters per year. The School offers a strong selection of subjects and gets positive ratings in the Australian Graduate Survey. To qualify for a Marketing major, Bachelor of Business students need to complete at least 7 related units. They include consumer behaviour, integrated marketing communications, and services marketing.

Online Master of Marketing Programs

Masters and other advanced courses in marketing are designed for serious professionals – often graduates with experience in the field.

  • Project leaders, team managers and consultants benefit from high-level skills in specialist marketing areas. These can drive sales success and, in turn, grow a business or product line.
  • Postgraduate studies can be used to develop expertise in areas such as management, market research and data analysis, customer service, online marketing and international marketing.

By studying online, it's easier balance study with work and other commitments. Listed programs are accredited by the Australian Marketing Institute (AMI).

Switching careers

A masters or other postgraduate qualification can get you started on a new career in marketing.

If you lack a business degree, you can start with a 4-unit graduate certificate course. Getting decent grades then gives you the option of doing the rest of the masters program.

RMIT Master of Marketing

RMIT University gives you the opportunity to study online for a Master of Marketing degree. The modern, 12-unit program suits busy people and is ideal for full-time workers. Students complete 1 unit at a time, each taking 7 weeks. Assessment is continuous (no traditional exams). You can choose to start with a 4-unit Graduate Certificate in Marketing. Subjects include communications, consumer behaviour, management and marketing research.