Top International Business Degrees

International business degrees.

Study international business to extend and deepen your understanding of how business works. As well as general business concepts, students learn about global investment and trade.

  • International business degrees cover many business topics but focus on global commerce.
  • The full selection of units are available for online study with Australian universities.

An online degree in international business, whether at bachelor or masters level, will better position you for international jobs. Employment opportunities are available in companies, government agencies, and non-profit organisations.

Businesses operate in a global arena where economies are linked with the economies of trading partners. Successful businesses identify opportunities to establish a sustainable, competitive position in the international marketplace – through strategic planning, management and negotiation.


Top Bachelor Degrees

International business can be studied as a major within a broader online program (typically a business or commerce course). Often, you don’t have to settle on the major until the 2nd year of a bachelor degree. That’s when students really start to specialise.

Here are the best international business online courses. Each business or commerce program is highly rated by graduates (according to the Australian Graduate Survey) and offers international business as a major.

Deakin BCom (International Trade)

Deakin University offers a major in International Trade as part of its online Bachelor of Commerce program. Students learn about the institutions, structures and economics involved in transacting across national borders. Subjects include the competition and industry, the global economy, international banking and finance, macroeconomics of open economies, and current trade and development issues.

ECU BCom (International Business)

Edith Cowan University offers an International Business major that emphasises the practical side of getting business done overseas. Students learn logistics, business in Asia, cultural frameworks, project management, and negotiation. The major is available within the Bachelor of Commerce program or you can take a cross-faculty approach to studying international trade and commerce.

UNE Bachelor of Business

The University of New England’s business courses are highly rated by graduates. Within the online Bachelor of Business, students can major in International Business by completing 4 prescribed units and choosing relevant electives. Topics emphasised include trade, planning, marketing, and Asian economic development.

Masters Degrees

An online Master of International Business degree is ideal for graduates with relevant professional experience and who've travelled abroad.

  • You want the program to be job-relevant.
  • You also need to be able to relate theory with real-world experiences.

Studying online is a convenient way to balance part-time study with other commitments. Many online students study part-time while maintaining a busy professional or family life.

International business studies can normally be combined with the study of related topics. You could, for instance, choose international business units within a broader administration or commerce masters program.

International business traveller.

Deakin International Business

Deakin University offers international business majors in its postgraduate business programs. You can study for a Master of Commerce with a major in International Trade and Business. Alternatively, you can do an MBA with an "International" major. Each course is 16 units; equivalent to 2 years of full-time study. Cloud (online) students study in parallel with on-campus students and sit the same exams.