Master of Health Administration Courses

Health administration masters degrees online.

You can study online for a masters degree or other postgraduate qualification in health administration. Online courses give you an opportunity to move into the field or be promoted to senior management.

  • Health administrators plan, manage, monitor and coordinate systems of health care delivery. They work in hospitals and other health service facilities.
  • Studying health admin prepares you for administration, management and planning positions.

Australian universities offer 100% online masters degrees in health administration. Leadership qualifications can be earned by studying wherever and whenever it's convenient for you.

Health administration positions are found at nursing homes, large hospital systems, home health agencies, and smaller clinics and facilities. The responsibilities of an administrator are varied. Most health administration professionals work in an office environment, even when they are housed in a hospital or clinic.


Best Healthcare Masters Degrees

The best online health administration programs allow you to study useful topics in a convenient way. The courses we've chosen can all be completed without having to attend university campuses. They're also offered by health schools that are highly rated and/or which provide good value for money.

Masters programs in healthcare often embed graduate certificate and graduate diploma courses. That means you can potentially exit the program part-way through, leaving with a useful qualification. Or you can keep going if you enjoy the program and finish with a well-respected masters degree.

To apply, you generally need a degree (preferably in a health-related or public health discipline) and/or 2-5 years of relevant professional experience (e.g. in counselling).

Healthcare management.

SCU Master of Healthcare Leadership

SCU Online offers a well-rounded degree for any health professional looking to take on an administration or leadership role. Program participants are often nurses, people working in allied health fields and individuals wanting to start their own practice. Getting through the 100% online course is straightforward. You complete one unit at a time, each taking around seven weeks of part-time study. There's a short break before you start the next unit. A graduate certificate is 4 units, a graduate diploma is 8 units and the full masters is 12 units. Subjects include social and emotional competencies in the workplace, teaching and supervising in a clinical setting, and strategic health management.

JCU Master of Nursing

James Cook University Online has a nursing masters that's suitable for any experienced, division 1 registered nurse. You can major in (i) Leadership and Management (team management in a clinical setting, including business skills) (ii) Education (being an educator in a clinical environment) or (iii) Advanced Practice (build skills to deliver comprehensive care in clinical settings). The 12-unit program is 100% online and gives you the option to start with a graduate certificate (4 units) or graduate diploma (8 units). The program is designed to be studied part-time and is available year-round.

Monash Online Master of Health Administration

Monash Online offers a 12-unit health admin masters which can be completed over 2 years of flexible study. You can enroll any time of year (with 6 intakes annually), do 1 unit at a time, and never have to sit a long exam. The program is accredited by the Australasian College of Health Services Management, and meets the Fellowship Training Program requirements of the Royal Australasian College of Medical Administration. Subjects include accounting for managers, health economics, biostatistics, developing health systems, and managing patient care.