Best Finance Degrees (Bachelor and Masters)

Finance degrees online.

An online finance degree sets you up for an interesting and lucrative career. The best online degrees are flexible and offer subject choice.

  • You can study online for a Bachelor of Commerce with a Finance major.
  • Master of Finance online programs are also available – for university graduates and experienced professionals.
  • A 4-unit graduate certificate is a popular way to start a masters.

Finance students learn about the use of money, including how: (i) businesses raise and deploy capital (ii) individuals allocate savings and (iii) markets balance capital supply and demand.

Studying finance can leads to careers in banking, financial planning, insurance, trading, and advisory services.

Finance professionals manage assets to create wealth for investors or companies. The discipline examines how individuals, businesses and institutions raise funds to implement investment strategies. When dealing with investments, finance professionals consider the time between investment and future payoff and the risks attached to these future payoffs.

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Online Bachelor Degrees

Deakin Bachelor of Commerce

Finance is offered as a major in Deakin University's Bachelor of Commerce program. To qualify, you need to complete 4 prescribed units (half a year's loading) in both the 2nd and 3rd years of the degree. An honours (4th) year is available. Cloud (online) students follow the same syllabus as on-campus students and the same trimester calendar. Subjects include money and capital markets, investment analysis, corporate finance, and analytical methods.

ECU Bachelor of Commerce (Finance)

Edith Cowan University offers both a Finance major and an Accounting and Finance double major as part of its Bachelor of Commerce degree. The double major has more than a dozen prescribed units, and some electives, across the 2nd and 3rd years of the program. Subjects include financial modelling, credit and lending decisions, financial institutions management, and personal finance. The academic year for the degree is divided into 2 semesters. An ATAR of 70+ is required for automatic entry.

UNE Finance Majors

The University of New England offers Finance as a major in the Bachelor of Business program. You can also do a Bachelor of Accounting degree with a Finance major. UNE operates on a trimester calendar (not all units are available in any given trimester). Available subjects include financial planning, financial statement analysis, small business finance, superannuation and retirement, and banking and finance.

Master of Finance Degrees

An online Master of Finance degree can be used to build upon existing financial skills or to switch careers. The structure and focus of a Master of Finance degree depends on the program and your unit choices. Specialisations include accounting, applied finance and international finance.

Master of Finance vs MBA

Master of Finance vs MBA: which is the better degree? The answer depends on your career path. A Master of Finance would normally be the best choice if you want to develop and demonstrate financial skills.

A Master of Finance is a practical degree that builds technical knowledge and capabilities. It is especially valued in banking and finance. Earning the degree demonstrates you are able to apply yourself and get on top of numbers. The qualification can launch or boost your career in finance.

The MBA, on the other hand, is a generalist degree with a management and leadership emphasis. You don't necessarily acquire technical skills by doing an MBA. Instead you come away with a better understanding of management principles and strategies.

Master of Finance student online.

CSU Master of Applied Finance

Charles Sturt University offers a 12-unit Master of Applied Finance. The program can be completed over 2 years of online, part-time study. You can choose to start with a 4-unit Graduate Certificate in Finance (and credit the units towards the masters). Available specialisations include Banking, Financial Planning, and Estate Planning. To be admitted, you should have a university degree or relevant professional experience. CSU has a tri-semester calendar, allowing you to study over summer months.

Deakin Master of International Finance

Deakin University offers an online Master of International Finance. While the core curriculum includes some international finance units, the program is flexible. Available specialisations include Advanced Finance, Finance Research Project, Financial Planning, and Risk Management. The program is 12 units for many students, extended to 16 if you are new to both finance studies and professional practice. As well as cloud (online) study, units may be taken at Deakin's Burwood campus in Melbourne.