Environmental Science Degrees

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Environmental science degrees.

Online degrees in environmental science are rich and varied. 

  • You can study online for a bachelor degree in environmental science, as well as for masters and other postgraduate qualifications.
  • Distance learning allows environmental science students to do the academic parts of programs from home.
  • Computer-based study is normally balanced with occasional work placements and hands-on classes.

Environmental science students learn theory but also have the opportunity to participate in field trips, lab classes and work placements. Gaining practical experience is important to prepare for professional roles.

Environmental scientists apply scientific techniques to study interactions between people and the rest of the world, including living and non-living environments. Unlike environmental biologists, they focus more on the physical environment than the animals that inhabit an ecosystem.

~ Curtin Uni

Study Environmental Science Online

Online courses in environmental science provide an essential balance between studying at home and hands-on scientific learning.

  • Distance education universities allow you to complete the academic components away from campus.
  • They also organise field work and other practical activities such as work placements.

You should be prepared to attend occasional classes on campus. Residential schools (multi-day on-campus sessions) are compulsory for units where physical attendance is essential for learning. Residential sessions may be required for core subjects and/or optional ones that you particularly want to take.

Online environmental science student.

Example Subjects Offered

Subjects you might take across a 3-year bachelor program include

  • analysis of spatial data, biodiversity, cell biology, climate change science
  • conservation biology, ecology, ecosystem carbon accounting
  • environmental geochemistry, environmental regulation and policy
  • essential chemistry, forensic and environmental analysis
  • management of aquatic environments, marine and aquatic ecology
  • microbiology, resource sustainability, understanding landscape.

In the 1st and 2nd years of the degree you will learn the basic building blocks of science in the form of introductory Earth science, biology, chemistry, geography and physics.


Environmental Careers

Getting an environmental science degree online allows you to move into a diverse and evolving field. Environmental science graduates can potentially access many different lines of work. 

  • Environmental care is an important function in government agencies (such as the Environment Department) and many businesses.
  • Good online courses expose you to different aspects of environmental stewardship.

Environmental officers work in roles that include

  • ecotourism; parks and reserves management
  • impact assessment and monitoring
  • education and compliance; environmental protection
  • sustainable forestry; fisheries and aquaculture management
  • land and water care programs.

Top Bachelor Degrees

Studying environmental science online offers both a university degree and a highly-rated course experience.

  • The best distance education programs achieve student satisfaction percentages into the high 80s.
  • The programs also give considerable choice with respect to majors and units.

Here are the top online bachelor degrees.

CSU Environmental Science

Charles Sturt University’s online environmental science program is based at the Albury-Wodonga campus. For applied subjects, there are residential schools where you can access modern scientific equipment. Available specialisations include catchment management, conservation and management, land and water, and landscape analysis.

Murdoch BEnvSc

Murdoch University in Perth allows Bachelor of Science students to major in environmental science. By completing a 4th year, you can graduate with a Bachelor of Environmental Science degree. Students are encouraged to select units from other another discipline in order to come away with a double science major or combined degree.

SCU Bachelor of Environmental Science

Southern Cross University offers an external Bachelor of Environmental Science degree that takes advantage of the university’s location. Field trips explore the Lismore region’s wetlands and estuaries, forests, coastal and inland national parks, and urban and rural developments. Students can major in coastal management, environmental resource management, fisheries and aquaculture management, or waste management and resource recovery. Online study may involve podcast or video-linked lectures, electronic study materials, workshops, online discussion forums and virtual classes.

UNE Bachelor of Environmental Science

The University of New England has a highly rated online course in environmental science. It runs for 3 years (or 4 if you do a Bachelor of Science honours year). The course has many units, allowing you to design a program to suit your career goals. Available specialisations include conservation ecology, envirobusiness, natural resource management, and remediation and restoration. If travelling to Armidale for residential schools or field trips is difficult, you can mainly choose fully online units.

Best Masters Courses

Studying environmental science online at the postgraduate level is an opportunity to build expertise in specific areas.

  • Specialist study can be especially beneficial for environmental science graduates who took a generalist approach to their first degree.
  • You can study management if you career is moving towards administrative and decision-making roles.

Postgraduate study is also a way to break into the field. You can construct a broad program that exposes you to many different aspects of environmental study and management.

Note that students generally do not have to commit to a full masters degree. You may have the option to exit with a graduate certificate after 1 semester or a graduate diploma after 2 semesters.

Environmental science masters students on a field trip.

CSU Masters Progams

Charles Sturt University offers degrees in environmental science fields. Masters qualifications are available for part-time, distance education study for the equivalent of 1.5 years full time. Some units involve residential schools or field trips in the Albury-Wodonga region. Masters degrees can be gained in Environmental Management or GIS and Remote Sensing. Subjects include conservation, natural resources, and water resources.

ECU Master of Environmental Management

Edith Cowan University offers a 2-year masters degree for graduates of other disciplines who want to learn about environmental management. The course is only available in the online mode. Students learn about management systems, environmental auditing, and risk assessment. The program finishes with each student completing a significant research/industry training project. Embedded in the program are graduate certificate and graduate diploma exit points.

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