Entrepreneurship Degrees

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You can gain an entrepreneurship degree by studying online – say, from your home or office. A limited number of Australian universities offer fully online entrepreneurship degrees. Some online courses also include international travel.

  • First-time university students can do an online Bachelor of Business degree with a major in Entrepreneurship.
  • For university graduates, there are online masters programs with entrepreneurship study streams.

An online entrepreneurship degree will better position you to start a small business or be a fantastic employee who sees the big picture. Entrepreneurs are industrious people who turn vision into reality. They see opportunities, find solutions to problems, and take the initiative.

Entrepreneurs make a difference

The best part of being an entrepreneur is contributing something larger than yourself. Entrepreneurs solve problems and bring a product or service to the world that people need. Sure you have the opportunity to get paid well, but giving livelihood to others and crafting the world you want to see is way more fulfilling.

Study Entrepreneurship Online

Studying online allows you to get a degree in entrepreneurship quicker and easier than studying on campus.

  • Online courses can be started any time of year. You can study year-round without long holiday breaks if you want.
  • You can also limit study time to when it is convenient, without the hassle of getting to and from classes.

The content of online degrees can be similar or the same as on-campus programs. It’s just delivered in a different way. Studying to be an entrepreneur is a mental journey in which students learn the concepts, tools and mindset to build businesses.

Studying in an online environment is helpful because this is the place where much of today's innovation is happening.

  • Studying online helps train you to use digital media proficiently.
  • Even if your entrepreneurial venture is not in the knowledge economy, you'll still be forming partnerships and reaching customers online.

What You’ll Learn

Degrees in entrepreneurship are business degrees with a special focus.

  • Entrepreneurs need general skills because they may be responsible for managing a business.
  • Entrepreneurs also require knowledge of how to start new enterprises, including how to raise capital.

To run a small business, it helps to be able to read financial reports, do basic accounting, analyse markets, generate sales forecasts, market products and services, and manage people. These skills can be learned as part of general business and management studies.

Extra topics in entrepreneurship programs relate to starting businesses, and can include:

  • developing products
  • writing business plans
  • capital raising and investor presentations
  • innovation and growth strategies.

A good course also gives students the opportunity to do project work. Applied projects help you relate theory to practice and develop job-ready skills.

Develop a business while studying


Starting a business at university is one of the hardest things you’ll do, but it’s also the best time in history for young people to set up a business. At university, you also have the gift of time, and research facilities on your side.

Best Bachelor Degrees

The best online bachelor degrees in entrepreneurship provide the right combination of theory and practice. As well as learning entrepreneurial principles, you get the opportunity to apply problem-solving skills to applied projects.

The top entrepreneurship programs are purpose-built for online study. They are designed to keep you motivated and produce excellent learning outcomes.

  • The emphasis is on real learning rather than cramming for exams.
  • You demonstrate competencies as you go via quizzes and assignments.

Good online entrepreneurship programs also allow you to work collaboratively with other students on projects. Group work is useful for diversifying the online learning experience. It also helps you to build connections for study and/or work.

Online entrepreneur and bachelor degree student.

UC Bachelor of Applied Entrepreneurship Degrees

The University of Canberra in partnership with Ducere Global Business School has an undergraduate program in which students train to be entrepreneurs. You can study for a diploma, associate degree or bachelor degree in Applied Entrepreneurship, or Applied Social Entrepreneurship.

The program is 100% online. You can start any time of year and work at your own pace. The courses feature content from business and world leaders, as well as applied industry-based projects (including business startup).

UC Global Game Changers Program

The University of Canberra and Ducere Global Business School offer a unique, exciting study program for entrepreneurship students.

The Global Game Changers Program operates year-round, with 3 start-points each year. As part of the online program, students travel to innovation hotspots in the USA and Asia; gaining first-hand exposure to cutting-edge business development. If you study full-time and year-round, you can come away with a full bachelor degree plus global business experience in just 2 years.

Entrepreneur Masters Programs

If you have a degree and want to study entrepreneurship, you can complete a Master of Business Administration (MBA) program.

Most online MBA programs are useful for learning about entrepreneurship. They may offer relevant subjects, such as innovation. They'll also cover business topics useful to entrepreneurs, including marketing, leadership and finance.

The best MBA courses for entrepreneurs cultivate business development skills through applied projects.

  • Compared to the average business professional, entrepreneurs must be creative, adaptable, energetic and quick problem solvers.
  • You can develop and test these qualities by working on applied industry projects. Applied projects also expose you to different sectors and opportunities.
Entrepreneur online.

University of Canberra MBA

UC offers a fully online MBA degree that connects you with big business and industry leaders. UC has teamed with Ducere Global Business School to create an innovative, self-paced MBA. You can test your entrepreneurial skills by completing 3 projects with leading Australian enterprises. Course topics include market strategy, innovation and operational change. The program features content from global industry, community and political leaders.