Best Engineering Management Masters

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Engineering management studies online.

Masters degrees in engineering management are available online.

  • You may benefit from getting a masters if you're an engineer and want to cultivate a management career.
  • Studying engineering management online is an effective, non-disruptive form of professional development.

The best online programs in Australia allow you to study when convenient and earn a valuable degree.

  • You can study 100% online at whatever times suit you.
  • The masters course will show you the principles and practices of successful management in an engineering context.

Engineers are really perfect candidates for management positions because of their penchant for problem solving. Those who are able to master management skills and maintain focus on technical processes will have no trouble merging into an engineering management career.

~ Ohio University

What Engineering Managers Do

An engineering manager oversees an engineering operation in some capacity. He or she is usually an experienced engineer with a good sense of the technical aspects of the operation's activities.

Duties can vary greatly depending on the particular role. An engineering manager might be responsible for:

  • product development and innovation
  • drawing up budgets, schedules and plans
  • coordinating corporate, finance and marketing activities
  • introducing machinery, equipment or systems
  • recruitment and job allocation
  • advising and guiding junior engineers
  • leading production and quality assurance
  • supervising maintenance and operations.

Engineering Management Careers

Opportunities to take on engineering management roles come with experience. As your engineering career progresses, you gain technical, professional and industry knowledge that are useful in leadership roles.

  • You may be considered for more senior administrative positions within an organisation.
  • You could also reach a position to be able to branch into consultancy work or a business startup.

The best engineering managers combine engineering experience with the ability to manage people, projects and finances.

  • Not every engineer wants to transition into management or is suited to it.
  • For others, management is a path to professional development and career advancement.
  • Engineering knowledge is needed for effective project and team management.
  • Management skills are important for achieving business and organisational goals.
Engineering management meeting.

MEng vs MEM vs MBA

There is no specific qualification you need to be an engineering manager. You are able to choose the course that best develops the skills you want. But different degrees have the potential to set you along different paths.

A Master of Engineering (MEng) degree develops skills and knowledge in both technical and management areas. The exact mix depends on the course. It is a common form of professional development for an engineer.

A Master of Engineering Management (MEM) degree is known as the MBA for engineers. It develops business and management skills in professional engineers. Completing the program signals intent to take on management responsibilities within engineering.

Master of Business Administration (MBA) is a general business and management degree. It is often a significant investment of time and money. Doing an online MBA signals a strong intent to be a professional manager, either in engineering or more broadly.

Signalling effects matter. It is easy to label someone as a technical person if all their qualifications and experience are in applied engineering. They might never be considered for administrative roles.

As a professional engineer, earning a management degree (MEM or MBA) shows you are serious about being a manager.

  • It demonstrates you possess business and management knowledge.
  • You'll come away thinking and talking more like a manager.

Best Online Programs in Australia

The best engineering management masters allow you to achieve your learning goals. In an online environment, it's important for the program to be engaging and flexible.

When you enroll in a Master of Engineering Management degree, you should have a good idea of what you want out of the course. Programs vary in content. Ideally, the curriculum aligns with your development goals.

  • You might want something that resembles a straight Master of Engineering (but with extra management content).
  • Or you might want something close to a management and leadership MBA.

The best online courses are engaging. The study materials shouldn't just be lifted from an on-campus course. They should be designed or adapted for online learning, with rich use of media and digital communication.

Here are our selections for the top online MEM degrees in Australia.

Online engineering management student.

CQU Master of Management for Engineers

QUniversity has a business-style program for studying engineering management. It is available by distance education and in eastern capital cities. The full program is 4-years part-time, though this can be reduced with advanced standing. You can undertake an internship or work placement as a component of the program. Students can choose from a wide selection of electives offered by the University's business school.

USQ Master of Advanced Engineering

The University of Southern Queensland offers graduate certificates, graduate diplomas and masters degrees in engineering. All are available by distance education. You can choose from a wide range of technical specialisations. You also have the option to do an engineering masters with a major in Management or Project Management. The course follows a 2-semester academic calendar.

Deakin Master of Information Technology Leadership

Deakin University offers the ultimate credentials program for anyone who specialises in information technology management. The Master of IT Leadership is ideal if you're experienced at managing IT projects and teams. The affordable, 100% online program allows you to demonstrate capabilities in a convenient way. You balance academic study with 'credentials units', where you present evidence of accomplishment. You can start with the Graduate Certificate part of the course. 12 months fast-tracked completion of a masters is available – while you're working.

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