Education and Teaching Degree Courses

Education teaching degrees online.

Why study teaching online? Online courses in teaching and education save time. It's never been so convenient to become a qualified teacher (or gain extra education credentials).

You can get bachelor, graduate certificate or masters degree in education via distance learning, without having to attend a university campus.

  • Students do the academic components of training online.
  • Any teaching placements (required to become a classroom teacher) can be done close to where you live.

Online degrees are available in early childhood, primary, secondary and other education fields.

Teaching is an important and respected profession. Though you may have some challenges in the classroom, it’s all worth it to see the difference you’re making in your students. You’ll touch innumerable lives through your time in the classroom.

~ Rasmussen

Best Online Teaching Programs

The best online programs in teacher education do a number of things well. They:

  1. offer a good selection of units
  2. present academic courses well
  3. make it easy to do work placements.

We've chosen Australia's best bachelor degrees based mainly on graduate ratings and program depth. These are solid choices if you want to study teaching online and become a qualified classroom teacher.

Before enrolling in a program, we suggest checking that the university will support you in doing practical training in your state or territory.

Teacher education student online.

UNE Bachelor of Education

Whatever type of online education degree you want, the University of New England has probably got it. UNE has a wide selection of Bachelor of Education majors, some of which are offered exclusively online. Students can specialise in early childhood, primary or secondary teaching. For aspiring secondary-school teachers, available majors include Arts, Business, Mathematics, Music, and Science.

USQ Bachelor of Education

The University of Southern Queensland's education degrees can be studied fully online. You also have the option of doing teacher placements overseas or anywhere in Australia. There is a course for most learning sectors, including early childhood, primary, secondary, health and physical education (at primary and secondary levels), and special education. USQ education graduates enjoy exceptionally high employment rates.

Master of Teaching Degrees

A Master of Teaching degree is the postgraduate equivalent of a Bachelor of Education. It prepares someone who hasn't studied education before to be a classroom teacher (and includes work placements).

The MTeach is suitable if you have a university degree (in a non-education discipline) and aim to be a teacher. The program is a quicker way to become a teacher than doing a BEd. It only takes 2 years of full-time study.

When enrolling in a Master of Teaching program, you need to choose whether you want to teach in Early Childhood, Primary School or Secondary School.

The Master of Teaching (Primary) and the Master of Teaching (Secondary) are both pre-service teaching qualifications. They prepare professionally competent graduates for the teaching profession in accordance with AQF Level 9 and the National Professional Standards for Teachers.

Deakin Master of Teaching

Deakin University has an online Master of Teaching program that covers early childhood, primary and secondary education. You also have the option to go for a dual qualification that allows you to teach in either primary or secondary classrooms. The 2-year degrees consist of coursework and, towards the end, supervised professional placements. Gaining entry depends on having a university degree and on a selection tool for non-academic attributes.

UNE Master of Teaching

The University of New England offers both Primary Education and Secondary Education in its Master of Teaching program. The practical components of the courses are met using an 'online demonstration school' and a professional experience internship. Degree structures are based on the NSW Education Standards Authority (NESA) guidelines but are intended to be suitable for students nationwide.

Graduate Certificate Courses

Graduate certificates provide specialised training for teachers and other education professionals. A standard course is 4 units.

Doing a graduate certificate gives you the opportunity to:

  1. move into a new education field or
  2. improve your understanding of a subject you're already teaching.

You can learn about a topic by choosing relevant electives. Alternatively, you can enrol in a topic-specific course. Completed units can often be used as credit towards a Master of Education.

Teaching motivation message: You can do it!

ECU Graduate Certificate

Edith Cowan University has a variety of courses leading to a Graduate Certificate of Education. Subjects in which students can specialise include: learning difficulties, complex communication needs, teaching English to speakers of other languages, and education leadership. Each course is different but is fully online and requires 4 units to be completed.

UNE Graduate Certificate in Education Studies

The University of New England has a strong Graduate Certificate in Education Studies program that offers plenty of unit choice. As well, UNE has a graduate certificate especially for clinical healthcare educators. Teachers involved in delivering or managing distance learning may also be interested in UNE's eLearning graduate certificate course.

Master of Education Programs

A Master of Education is a professional development opportunity. In general, education masters are meant for already-qualified teachers.

  • Programs may also be open to other professionals, such as workplace trainers, nursing supervisors, counsellors, and education administrators.
  • MEd courses allow participants to broaden their career horizons by developing advanced skills.

A full program can be as little as 8 units of coursework (1 year of of full-time study). Where students write a dissertation, it can be as much as 2 years.

You may benefit from refreshing and enhancing existing skills. You can also acquire knowledge and skills in new areas. And, after re-examining the methods and goals of instruction, your motivation for teaching may grow.

SCU Online Master of Education

Southern Cross University ticks all the boxes for a well-rounded Master of Education program. You can do a graduate certificate (4 units) or masters (8 units) 100% online. Students typically concentrate on one unit at a time, each taking around 7 weeks. There's a short break before you move on to the next unit. By studying this way, you can complete a full masters in 16 months of low-stress, part-time study. SCU Online's affordable program is delivered on a modern platform. The two study streams are Educational Leadership, with an administration focus, and Educational Wellbeing, which deals with the important issue of managing teacher and student welfare.

ECU Master of Education

Edith Cowan University has a convenient and affordable option for earning an education masters. The online Master of Education consists of 8 units and has two possible specialisations: Leading Education, and Early Childhood Education. The university knows a thing or two about education, having started out as a teachers' college more than a hundred years ago. ECU's education platform has an intuitive design that easily connects you to classmates and your Student Success Advisor. The masters degree can be completed over 16 months of 100% online, part-time study.

UTS Online Master of Education (Learning and Leadership)

The 100% online Master of Education (Learning and Leadership) is designed for education and training professionals looking to support and lead innovation in learning across school and higher education institutions, and in learning and development in corporate, public and community settings. Through this course, you will learn how to design learning for diverse environments and create improvements applicable to your professional setting. You will be introduced to cutting-edge and critical approaches to innovation and develop the leadership capabilities to initiate and support learning transformation in your organisation.