Computer Science Degrees

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Many students choose to study computer science or information technology by distance education. It seems like a natural fit.

  • ICT students are good at using computers, so studying online is easy from a technical viewpoint.
  • Instructors are also comfortable with delivering courses using digital communication technologies.

Here we present the top rated (by students) online computer science degrees available in Australia.

The field spans complex problem solving, artificial intelligence, robotics, computer graphics, digital forensics, bioinformatics, web development and data security.

Why Study Computer Science?

As a technology professional, most of your learning will be done on the job. But the value of computer science programs shouldn't be underestimated.

  • Studying for an online degree allows you to learn valuable concepts and problem-solving techniques.
  • You also learn how to acquire new skills and can more easily jump into free, independent-learning courses.

Studying IT is a safe career move even though it is impossible to predict what you might be doing in the future.

  • While change in the computing industry is constant and rapid, there's always demand for people who can adapt to and apply new technologies.
  • Studying computer science gives you the foundation skills and habits to keep up with technological progress.

Computer science graduates may have jobs such as applications developer, programmer, software engineer, systems analyst, multimedia developer, database administrator, and network manager.

Top Online Bachelor Degrees

Computer science and IT student online.

An online bachelor degree in computer science may be gained in the Science Faculty (students graduate with a Bachelor of Science qualification). But there are many other paths and degree titles.

Undergraduate computer science and IT courses expose students to diverse aspects of how computers and information technologies are used. This is important since IT professionals benefit from a broad understanding of digital technologies.

  • The 1st year of a bachelor degree often allows students to combine computer studies with other disciplines, such as mathematics, business or accounting.
  • Many computing projects require integration of different fields.

The courses below have been selected on the basis of student ratings in the Australian Graduate Survey. These universities are the best in terms of satisfaction with computer science courses.

FedUni Bachelor of IT

Federation University Australia has a top rated course in information technology. The program is designed to build learning skills and provide practical knowledge. With many optional units, students can specialise or construct a generalist program. Students learn how to design computer systems for internet services, multi-media and web applications.

SCU Bachelor of IT

Southern Cross University's Bachelor of Information Technology degree provides a solid grounding in ICT industries. Students learn about programming, systems analysis, multimedia development and use, creating databases, networking and communications, security, and technology support.

Postgraduate IT Studies

Computer science and information technology graduate.

Studying computer science at a postgraduate level is a way of starting or boosting an ICT career.

  • Some students do it to gain credentials in a new field and/or develop foundation skills.
  • Others are looking to extend their professional development.
  • Good courses may cover both groups.

A masters program in computing normally allows for different lengths of study. You may be able to qualify for a Graduate Certificate after 1 semester, a Graduate Diploma after 2, a Masters after 3, and an advanced Masters after 4 semesters.

Strong masters programs allow plenty of choice in terms of specialisation. Students with limited professional experience often prefer a general program. Those with a well established career may be interested mainly in building management skills or intensively studying a specific field (such as cloud computing).

Best IT Graduate Programs

CSU Master of IT degrees

Charles Sturt University offers a good selection of development and accreditation courses for information technology professionals. Masters degrees are available in Information Technology, Management, Networking and Systems Administration, and Systems Security. The courses aim to build applied technical and management skills. CSU offers some of the cheaper (low fee) masters degrees.