Accounting is a popular distance learning subject. Accounting skills are always in demand, offering high returns on your education investment. Online study is ideal since most accounting tasks are done in a digital environment anyway.

Bachelor degrees in accounting give students the opportunity to gain professional accreditation. Students complete the specific units required by professional bodies.

At a postgraduate level, you can choose units to match your needs. Online accounting courses can be used for a career shift (extended masters degree) or to pick up some accounting skills (graduate diploma). A masters course is typically 3 semesters long if you have an accounting degree…READ MORE

Bachelor degrees in Business and Commerce are flexible and can be combined with other disciplines (such as Law or Science). Studying business online does not necessarily limit your choice.

BBus and BCom degrees are available from Australia’s biggest online universities. Online programs are offered in both the traditional format (2-3 semesters per year) and as a series of short units (accelerated study).

A business or commerce course teaches students concepts and financial skills that are useful in professional roles and everyday life. Areas in which you may specialise include accounting, economics, entrepreneurship, financial analysis, management and marketing… READ MORE

Economics is a niche profession but the study of economics is not. Students gain skills in mathematics, analysis and writing. They learn how income and wealth are generated.

Economic graduates may work as economists but usually apply their skills in a different field. Economics is useful in business professions, government and management. Graduates have demonstrated an ability to do maths, solve complex problems, and write analytical reports.

Economics can be studied online as part of a business or commerce program. You can also combine it with disciplines such as computer science or law. A Master of Economics degree is a way to build specialised skills or break into the profession... READ MORE

There are some fantastic online courses for learning skills to be an entrepreneur. Graduates are equipped to start businesses but also for jobs in accounting, financial analysis, public relations, marketing, and team management.

Being an entrepreneur requires many different qualities and skills.

  • Online entrepreneurship courses give students a solid grounding in business studies.
  • Programs also emphasise topics such as innovation, product development, capital raising and growth strategies.
  • Applied projects help students develop job-ready skills… READ MORE

Finance professionals know accounting but focus more on investment strategy, trading, capital raising and other commercial deals. They are widely employed in banking, corporate finance, and financial advising.

  • To become a financial expert, you should probably start with a business or commerce degree with a major in accounting and/or finance.
  • Competition for jobs is high in Australia, so a Master of Finance may be needed to get a top position.

Online courses in finance are offered by many business schools, reflecting the subject's popularity and value in the labour market... READ MORE

Health administrators plan, manage, monitor and coordinate systems of health care delivery.

Studying health care online develops the knowledge and skills you need for senior management, administration and planning positions in hospitals and other health service facilities.

Australian universities offer fully online masters degrees in health administration and management.

  • The courses teach you how to be an effective administrator and give you credentials to compete for executive jobs.
  • Flexible programs allow you to start any time of year… READ MORE

Studying Human Resource Management sets you up for a career as an HR manager.

  • HR managers work in all industries and typically work as a team in large organisations.
  • They are responsible for employees relations, as well as recruitment, training and payroll.

HR is a popular major in bachelor degrees. The qualification can earn you a graduate position with many different companies.

You can also do specialist postgraduate courses (Graduate Certificate, Graduate Diploma and Masters) to boost your skills and credentials or to start a career in HR... READ MORE

International business is a widely available major. It can be taken as part of an online business or commerce degree, and can be combined with other disciplines such as law and economics.

International business students examine the many issues that arise when conducting business across borders.

  • The best online courses give students plenty of subject or project choice.
  • You are able to specialise in the international business topics that most interest you.

Graduates with an international business major have completed a challenging program. They have studied topics that include global trade and investment, business cultures, and how tax and regulations vary internationally… READ MORE

Logistics and Supply Chain Management is a useful specialisation because of its relevance to all businesses.

  • Students learn a scientific/engineering approach to managing business interactions and flows.
  • A good logistician or supply chain manager can significantly boost productivity.

A limited number of online universities offer Logistics and SCM as a major in a Bachelor of Business Degree. A few also run postgraduate courses.

If the specialisation is not available at your preferred business school, you have the option of designing a program yourself. The subject is broad and each online business course contains relevant units... READ MORE

Management is a business specialisation for people interested in administration, managing teams, and leading organisations.

An online Bachelor of Business (Management) degree starts preparing you for leadership.

  • You learn how to approach organisational tasks in a structured, purposeful way.
  • The degree provides conceptual tools as well as a qualification.

Management students build knowledge and skills in decision making, handling diversity, strategic planning, organisational behaviour, and commercial law. Studying online allows you to learn according to your own timetable… READ MORE

Australian universities provide many options for studying marketing as part of an online business degree.

  • Bachelor of Business programs include marketing as a major.
  • Universities also offer Master of Marketing degrees.

Marketing courses train students to take a scientific as well as creative approach to driving sales. Marketing is a critical, in-demand business function that ties in with the overall growth strategy. Each dollar spent should generate more than a dollar’s profit.

Online Study Australia presents the best online marketing courses. We pick the courses with the highest student ratings and best training features... READ MORE

Master of Commerce (MCom) is the most general business masters degree. It is comparable to a BBus or BCom.

  • The degree is useful for expanding your business knowledge and skills in a broad way.
  • It is also flexible, allowing you to choose a program which suits your interests and goals.

If you have a non-business degree, an MCom is a better option for studying business for the first time than a 3-year undergraduate degree.

  • You can start with a Graduate Certificate of Commerce.
  • A GradCertCom qualifies you for a masters and provides credits towards it... READ MORE


A Master of Business Administration is a valuable qualification offering sustained salary benefits. It can propel your career into business strategy, management and leadership roles. Distance learning is often the practical way to get an MBA degree.

Online MBA programs are sometimes run over the traditional 2 or 3 semester calendar, though more flexible options are available. You can get an online MBA degree in just 1 year of full-time study or 2 years part-time through accelerated (unit-by-unit) study.

Getting an MBA degree online allows you to study when and where you want. You can also save money because tuition fees are generally lower... READ MORE

Studying project management online is an easy way for project managers to enhance their skills and qualifications. The subject is typically taken at a postgraduate level – by professionals with some experience in managing or administering projects.

  • An online project management course covers principles and techniques that can be applied in any industry.
  • It complements the knowledge and skills you acquire on the job.

Students develop a stronger conceptual model of how to run a project, which can help in areas such as planning and communication. The most common online degree is Master of Project Management... READ MORE