Business Management Degrees

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Online degrees in business management.

Australian universities offer fully online degrees in business management. First-time university students can study for a business or commerce bachelor degree with a management major.

  • If you’ve already graduated, you could consider an MBA to strengthen your credentials.
  • If you lack a degree but have significant professional experience, a good place to start management training is with a Graduate Certificate in Business Administration.

Studying online is a convenient way to get skills and qualifications for a career in administration and leadership. Distance learning is effective since management courses teach principles and general techniques. Just like on-campus classes, study complements on-the-job experience.

Majoring in business management offers a broad foundation in business basics such as accounting, budgeting, marketing, planning, hiring and leadership... [It] provides the broad knowledge employers need, while giving you the option to specialize in many interesting and rewarding areas.

~ Florida Tech

Why Study Business Management?

It would be nice to be able to leave school, study management at university and then be appointed a CEO. But it doesn’t work that way. Before securing their first management role, most company directors put in a number of years working as an employee, developing professional skills, and gaining experience.

  • But the good news is that you can start preparing for leadership by majoring in management as part of a business program.
  • Management courses are also perfect for experienced professionals on the verge of attaining an executive role or who are already there.
  • Studying management develops your leadership capabilities and provides formal qualifications.

Management is a broad discipline that builds many competencies. Distance education courses cover subjects such as: economics, financial literacy, commercial law and regulation, marketing, business operations, leadership principles, team dynamics, interpersonal skills, and global business.

Study Business Management Online

Being a good manager depends on knowing and applying essential principles. You can learn principles online, along with a range of strategies and techniques to help your management career.

  • Vocational qualifications are available through 100% online study, and include certificates, diplomas and advanced diplomas. A management diploma is a useful qualification by itself but can also be used as credit towards a bachelor degree.
  • Undergraduate courses consist of associate degrees and bachelor degrees. You can study business online with a major in management or administration.
  • If you have a university degree behind you, a common way to study management is to do an online MBA or other postgraduate course (such as a graduate certificate or graduate diploma).

The great advantage of online management degrees is that you study where and when it's convenient. Such flexibility minimises time away from other priorities.

Knowledge at your fingertips

Not only will you access a [program] that you can complete online in your own time, at your own pace, but you will have the flexibility of studying from anywhere in Australia or overseas. Purpose-built learning materials, assessments and webinars are available on your computer for perusal whenever you want.

~ National Training

Best Online Bachelor Degrees

Australia’s best online management degrees allow you study fully online if you wish. They also provide a good selection of units, covering technical business topics as well as people management and leadership.

Most online bachelor programs in Australia follow the traditional academic calendar, which allows for 2-3 semesters of study per year. But purpose-built online programs are also available and offer certain advantages.

  • Online courses can give you extra flexibility by having several study periods per year.
  • You can focus on 1 unit at a time and be assessed as you go, avoiding exam stress.

We’ve chosen the best undergraduate degrees based on program features, student ratings (where available) and course depth and quality.

Female business management student online.

UC Bachelor of Applied Business (Management)

The University of Canberra in partnership with Ducere Global Business School offers an online business degree with a management major. The Business School's online platform allows you to start any time of year and adjust your study load as you go. Assessment is project and competency based and is free of any major exams. Topics include innovation, strategy, managing diversity, digital operations, organisational change, and managerial communication. Students get exclusive access to content from world business and political leaders.

Swinburne Bachelor of Business (Management)

Swinburne Online offers majors in Management and Administration as part of the Bachelor of Business program. Start times are March, July and November of each year. Students learn about decision making, managing diversity, strategic planning, organisational behaviour, and commercial law. The courses allow you to learn in an interactive environment at times that suit you. End-of-semester exams are held in capital cities or regional centres (based on candidate numbers in that area).

UNE Bachelor of Business (Management)

The University of New England offers an online Bachelor of Business degree with a major in Management. There are many different units to choose from, allowing you to customise your program to suit your interests and career aspirations. Electives include employment relations, introductory finance, small business management, farm and resource management, and speaking in public. UNE is one of Australia's largest online universities and consistently receives positive course ratings.

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