Bachelor of Business Degrees

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You can study for your first business degree by enrolling in a Bachelor of Business (BBus) or Bachelor of Commerce (BCom) online course.

  • Business and commerce refer to essentially the same thing (though commerce is more often linked to accounting). What’s important are the units and projects offered by the program.
  • Undergraduate business programs teach a general set of skills but also allow for specialisation.

The best online business degrees are flexible. They offer subject choice and you can study 100% online – when it's convenient for you. Good online business program are smart with technology and generally provide an enjoyable learning experience.

A business education gives you a broad knowledge of everything from finance to marketing; accounting to management. The range allows you to step into any position with a foundation to build a career. It also allows you the time to explore different disciplines in order to help you pursue a satisfying and long-lasting career.

BBus and BCom Degrees

Bachelor degrees in business and commerce are available from Australia’s online universities. All types of academic units are delivered by distance education, meaning distance learners have as much choice as on-campus students.

If you don’t want to commit to a full degree program online, you can start with a business diploma.

  • A diploma or advanced diploma can be completed in as little as 9 months.
  • If completed with a university or affiliated college, an online diploma counts towards the first year of a business degree.

Many students enroll in an online business program without a clear idea of what sort of career they want to pursue. That’s fine and business is a good area to start university study.

You also don't have to choose a specialisation straight away. Business is naturally a generalist discipline and you can figure out your interests and talents as you go.

Study Business and Commerce Online

Studying business online is a convenient way to get a useful degree.

Online study pattern

Most online Bachelor of Business courses follow the traditional university style, with 2-3 semesters per year and 3-hour end-of-semester exams. You work to the same schedule as other students, except without daily classes at fixed times.

Self-paced degree programs are also available that have several study periods per year. You can work through course content in your own time. Typically, you'll be assessed as you go (through assignments and short quizzes) instead of sitting exams.

What you learn

Learning business and commerce gives you important insight and skills. Every organisation, even non-profit ones, have business characteristics. Business graduates have a rich understanding of how organisations and markets operate.

By studying business online, you gain a better understanding of what is important to your employer or how to develop your own company. You also build financial skills that can be applied both professionally and to your personal life.

The areas where you can major in a business or commerce degree are many. They include accounting, economics, entrepreneurship, international business and marketing. You can also major in management and do advanced studies by going on to complete a Master of Business Administration.

Online business student.

Self-paced learning flexibility

Self-paced online degree programs allow students to set their own academic schedules, while traditional online programs typically follow an academic schedule set by the school. That's why a self-paced program might appeal to working professionals and others who need flexibility when taking classes.

Best Online Bachelor Courses

The best online bachelor degrees in business offer an excellent learning experience. They provide useful and engaging content, solid admin and support services, and choice about study or project topics.

The ideal course for you also depends on your circumstances and study skills.

  • The most efficient and flexible way to study business is through a specialist online program. Each unit can be completed in a couple of months from home (without a final exam). You have greater control over your studies.
  • The alternative is a traditional business program where you have the same academic calendar as on-campus students. There is typically more structure around your weekly schedule, including regular assignment deadlines.

Australia's top programs have been chosen based on features, course depth and student ratings (where available).

Online business students comparing notes.

UC Bachelor of Applied Business

The University of Canberra has teamed with Ducere Global Business School to create a modern online business program. You can start any time of year. Courses are flexible and 100% online. There are also no exams (you do projects and quizzes instead). Students learn the strategies of successful business and world leaders, who have personally contributed content. The self-paced course is ideal for time-poor students who want to build professional skills efficiently. Majors are available in management, marketing and entrepreneurship.

Deakin Bachelor of Commerce

Deakin University offers considerable choice in its Bachelor of Commerce program. Majors are available in accounting, business analytics, commercial law, economics, finance, financial planning, human resources, international trade, management, management information systems, and marketing. To qualify for a major, you need to complete 8 relevant units (out of 24). The program can be studied 100% online except for exams. When enrolling, each student nominates a preferred exam venue.

UNE Bachelor of Business

The University of New England always gets solid ratings from graduates for the quality of teaching and courses. This is true for business and commerce. Starting a general business program with UNE is a relatively safe bet. Students enrolling in UNE’s Bachelor of Business course have the following majors to choose from: accounting, agribusiness, business analytics, economics, finance, human resources, international business, management, and marketing. A Diploma of Business is available for students who leave the online program early.