Graduate Diploma in Professional Accounting

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Grad Dip in Professional Accounting.

An online Graduate Diploma in Professional Accounting is a 1-year course that develops all-round accounting skills.

  • A Graduate Diploma in Professional Accounting builds on the 1-semester certificate course and is a pathway to an MPA degree.
  • Students learn how to do accounting in a technical sense and use financial concepts in a business environment.

The course is suitable for people who lack accounting qualifications and for accounting graduates who need extra units to gain professional accreditation.

Online study of accounting is especially popular among mature-age students who are busy and want to study part-time.

Potential fields of employment include financial accounting, management accounting, taxation auditing, teaching finance, banking management, administration, consulting or business advisory services.


The Grad Dip in Professional Accounting

An online Graduate Diploma in Professional Accounting is a 1-year course that teaches accounting methods and principles. It consists of both introductory and advanced units.

  • A full program is 8 units.
  • It takes 2 semesters of full-time study (or longer if done part-time).
  • Students who don't have a degree can enroll in the course as a pathway to accounting and finance masters degrees.

Graduate diploma courses are typically embedded in masters programs.

  • A further semester of study may be enough to gain a Master of Professional Accounting (MPA).
  • The MPA qualifies you for professional accreditation with accounting associations.

Why Get a Graduate Diploma?

Graduate diplomas in accounting are popular because they are versatile and leave room for further study.

Different types of students enroll in online Grad Dip programs, including

  1. People without an accounting degree who want to improve their ability to work in and around accounting and finance fields.
  2. People without an accounting degree who are interested in becoming professional accountants. A diploma covers much of the MPA course. You can go on to complete an MPA and gain professional accreditation, either immediately after finishing a diploma or at a later point.
  3. Accounting graduates needing extra units to qualify for professional accreditation. There are specific education requirements to become a Chartered Accountant, Public Accountant, or Certified Practising Accountant. These may not be fully met by undergraduates programs, particularly if your earlier studies were outside Australia.
Graduate diploma accounting.

Top Online Accounting Courses

Deakin Professional Accounting

Deakin University offers a Graduate Diploma of Professional Accounting for university graduates. Students do 6 compulsory units and 2 electives, all of which meet professional accreditation requirements. They cover both applied accounting and business theory. The program has 3 intakes per year, in March, July and November.

UNE Graduate Diploma in Accounting

The University of New England offers a Graduate Diploma in Accounting for university graduates, including holders of a Graduate Certificate in Accounting. The program is normally used to gain top-up units required for professional accreditation. There are 4 electives, and 4 compulsory units: management accounting, introductory accounting, economics for management, and issues in business and corporation law.

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