Accounting Degrees

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Why study accounting online? Studying accounting and commerce through distance learning is a convenient way to acquire a valuable degree.

  • Accounting is the language of business and skilled accounting graduates are always in demand.
  • Businesses and individuals rely on accountants to assess their financial situation, prepare reports and give advice.

You can do fully accredited degrees with Australian universities by studying online – from the convenience of your home or office. Online courses lead to careers in accounting and financial management.

As an accountant, you are involved in assessing the financial validity and future of an organisation, as well as its investments, acquisitions, taxation, opportunities and threats. Accountants provide management with the tools necessary to make sound financial decisions.

Study Accounting Online

Accounting is a dynamic and exciting profession in today’s global business environment. Accounting has seen a major shift in recent decades – from focusing on financial accountability to a more complex role within business organisations and management.

  • Critical business decisions always come down to the numbers. Accountants are analysts, advisors and decision makers.
  • Diverse career opportunities exist in public accounting practices, corporations (small and large), audit firms, government and not-for-profit organisations.

Online accounting courses are a path to professional accreditation with the CA, CPA, IPA and ACCA. You can meet academic requirements by studying online from home or work.

  • Before enrolling to become a professional accountant, you should consult with a course adviser to identify units required for accreditation.
  • Good distance education courses allow you to complete all required units without having to attend a campus.

Accounting Core Subjects

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Accounting course topics align with the knowledge requirements for professional accreditation. There is a close mapping between course units and accreditation program requirements.

Based on the Chartered Accountants (CA) program, professional accounting courses should cover the following subjects:

  1. Accounting Information Systems
  2. Accounting Systems and Processes
  3. Accounting Theory
  4. Audit and Assurance
  5. Australian Corporations Law
  6. Australian Taxation
  7. Commercial Law
  8. Economics
  9. Finance
  10. Financial Accounting
  11. Management Accounting
  12. Quantitative Methods.

You can do units in these subjects by majoring in accounting as part of a Bachelor of Business or Bachelor of Commerce program. Alternatively, university graduates (and others who meet entry criteria) can do a Master of Professional Accounting course.

Top Bachelor Degrees

Accounting is a widely available major for online study. The quality of courses varies however. Course satisfaction percentages range from the low 70s into the high 80s and early 90s.

Here are Australia’s top Bachelor of Accounting distance learning courses. Each university has a satisfaction rate among business and management graduates that is well above 80% (see Uni Reviews).

ECU Bachelor of Business (Accounting)

Edith Cowan University in Perth has a highly rated business program that allows you to study 100% online. The accounting major is accredited by professional accounting bodies and opens up career opportunities in all accounting fields. Electives include auditing, cost accounting, financial accounting, information systems, and managerial accounting.

Swinburne Bachelor of Business (Accounting)

Swinburne Online has an accounting major as part of its Bachelor of Business program. The fully online course is recognised by CPA Australia and is taught by industry professionals. The curriculum prepares students for careers in professional accounting practices, financial consultancy, taxation accounting and financial planning.

UNE Bachelor of Commerce (Professional Accounting)

The University of New England’s online course allows students to major solely in Professional Accounting, or both Professional Accounting and Applied Finance. It provides you with the knowledge and technical skills needed to succeed in the accounting/finance field. A selection of units are available during the 3rd (summer) trimester.

Graduate Accounting Programs

Graduate Certificate

Duration: 0.5 years.  Elibility: University degree, accounting studies, professional experience.

A Graduate Certificate in Accounting is a pathway course to a Master of Professional Accounting degree. It is open not just to university graduates, but also people without a degree who have relevant training or experience. Business and commerce degree-holders can also use the course to complete any extra units required for professional accreditation... READ MORE

Graduate Diploma

Duration: 1 year.  Eligibility: University degree, professional experience.

A Graduate Diploma in Accounting is an extended version of the Graduate Certificate course. It gives a stronger grounding in accounting principles and techniques... READ MORE

Master of Professional Accounting

Duration: 1.5 – 2 years.  Eligibility: University degree, professional experience.

A Master of Professional Accounting degree is a conversion course for people without an undergraduate accounting degree. Students learn how to be an accountant. Graduates are eligible to apply for professional accreditation with Australian accounting bodies... READ MORE