Online courses in marketing are available at diploma, bachelor and masters levels.
You can major in Marketing or specialise in a related field such as International Business or Public Relations.

Online marketing courses are offered by Australian universities, colleges and TAFEs.

  • You can study marketing online for an accredited diploma, bachelor degree or masters.
  • There are also free courses and short certificate courses in a variety of marketing subjects.

By studying marketing online, you learn how to do promotion, sales and public relations. But you also gain knowledge and skills in areas such as product creation, investment and management. To be a good marketer, it helps to know how to develop and maintain a business.

Student studying a marketing course online in a cafe.

Study Marketing Online

Marketing is a popular subject to study online and there are many distance learning courses available.

Demand is strong because the subject is (i) interesting for most people (ii) suited to distance learning and (iii) useful in business.

  • At college or TAFE, a popular option is to enroll in a Diploma of Marketing.
  • At university, you can major in marketing as part of a bachelor or postgraduate degree in business.

Short courses (including free courses) are also available online. Short courses usually focus on a particular aspect of business and sales (see Open Learning and Alison).

Whatever course you choose, you will learn about more than just advertising and sales. Marketing is integral to business success. It is multi-dimensional and connected to many business disciplines.

What Marketing Courses Teach You

Online marketing courses teach you concepts and skills that are useful for connecting a business to customers.

Essential marketing activities include:

  • launching products and services
  • establishing and maintaining a brand’s image
  • developing communication strategies
  • building customer relationships.

What Subjects Can I Study?

Every marketing course is unique and will focus on different areas. You might also be able to choose units to suit your ambitions and interests.

Examples of subjects you could study as part of a marketing program are:

  • understanding consumers
  • global markets
  • internal marketing
  • evaluating campaign performance
  • communication strategies
  • research for decision-making
  • innovative approaches.

It is also useful to develop business skills in other areas, to make you a more rounded graduate. Employers value professionals who are able to use spreadsheets, interpret basic financial statements, or write reports. If you do a longer course, you’ll have the opportunity to acquire general business skills.

Every college student worries about entering the job market with no previous experience… by having your own blog, you gain experience with content marketing and, by helping local small business owners manage their business’ Facebook pages, you gain experience with social media marketing.

~ Grant Tilus

Customer journey marketing stages.

Marketing Careers

Marketing careers constantly evolve. Every business had different marketing needs and those needs change over time.

  • Marketing is also technology dependent.
  • Digital and social media, for example, are fluid marketing fields.

A successful career relies on having a good grasp of marketing basics and being able to adapt and learn as you go. Fields in which you may specialise include:

  • media coordination (running print, internet, and television media campaigns)
  • market research analysis (technical jobs that rely on statistical models and psychology insights)
  • public relations (working with clients to support branding, positioning and relationships)
  • advertising sales (selling advertising services to clients)
  • product development (from initial concepts to design, manufacture and launch).
Professional marketing presentation to a client.

Australian universities provide many options for studying marketing online.

  • Bachelor of Business programs include marketing as a major.
  • Universities also offer Master of Marketing degrees, graduate diplomas and graduate certificates.

Marketing courses train students to take a scientific as well as creative approach to driving sales. Marketing is a critical business function that ties in with the overall growth strategy. Each dollar spent should generate more than a dollar’s profit.

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A Diploma of Marketing course covers much more than the art of advertising. Students learn how to strategically manage the communication and sales elements of a business.

Online courses cover topics such as profiling markets, analysing trends, planning research, identifying marketing opportunities, running campaigns, and monitoring performance.

  • An online marketing diploma gives you a head start on a Bachelor of Business degree with a Marketing major.
  • Diploma holders get credits for units already completed… READ MORE
Planning schema.