Australia's top online marketing courses give students what they want.

  • You can earn an excellent diploma, bachelor or masters degree through 100% online study.
  • And you can broaden your studies into fields like analysis, communications and management.

By studying marketing online, you learn how to do promotion, sales and public relations. You also gain general knowledge and skills in areas such as business analysis, budgeting and project management.

Whatever course you choose, you'll learn about more than just advertising and sales. Marketing is integral to business success. It's multi-dimensional and connected to many business disciplines.

What Subjects Can I Study?

Marketing courses are more diverse than other business disciplines (such as accounting or economics). You may also be able to choose units to suit your ambitions and interests. Examples of subjects you could study are:

  • understanding consumers
  • innovative marketing approaches
  • communication strategies
  • internal marketing
  • global markets
  • evaluating campaign performance
  • research for decision-making.
Professional marketing presentation to a client.

College Diplomas

A Diploma of Marketing course covers more than the art of advertising. Students learn how to strategically manage the communication and sales elements of a business.

  • Online courses cover topics such as profiling markets, analysing trends, identifying opportunities, campaigns, and performance checks.
  • An online marketing diploma gives you a head start on a Bachelor of Business degree. Diploma holders get credits for units already completed.

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University Degrees

Australian universities provide many options for studying marketing online.

  • Bachelor of Business programs include marketing as a major.
  • Universities also offer Master of Marketing degrees, graduate diplomas and graduate certificates.

Marketing courses train students to take a scientific as well as creative approach to driving sales.

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