Online courses in business management teach you principles and methods to be an outstanding manager.

Whether you are an aspiring manager or an experienced one, online programs are available to build your skills and qualifications.

  • Managerial training can be done through online diploma, bachelor and graduate courses.
  • These can be completed without ever setting foot on campus.
  • You learn strategic approaches to organisational tasks.

Australian universities and colleges offer general programs online, as well as specialisations such as HR, engineering, IT, logistics and project management.

1. Certificate and Diploma Courses

Online certificate and diploma courses teach you business management theory and develop your analytical skills.

  • They can be used as pathways to university courses.
  • Some diploma providers have credit arrangements with universities, allowing diploma graduates to start university as a 2nd-year student.

Certificate IV in Project Management is for experienced workers who want to make the transition to management. You learn the different dimensions of managing a project and connect principles to current and recent job experiences... READ MORE

Diploma of Business Administration develops your office skills and prepares you for more senior positions. Students learn general skills that help with organising people and systems. Graduates can enter university business programs with advanced standing. To be eligible for entry, you should have a Cert IV or relevant experience... READ MORE

Diploma of Management gives you theory and methods to be a better manager and supervisor. It is useful for people with limited management or supervisory experience who want to take on more senior roles. The course is a pathway to university study... READ MORE

Diploma of Project Management is a training course for people with some experience managing projects. You gain a thorough understanding of how to manage different dimensions of a complex project, such as budgets, resources, time and quality... READ MORE

Advanced Diploma of Project Management is a professional development course for experienced project managers. You learn to structure the way you direct projects. Students learn management principles and apply them to current work projects... READ MORE

2. Online Bachelor Degrees

Online Bachelor of Business (and Bachelor of Commerce) courses offer majors in Management and related specialisations.

  • A bachelor course takes 3-years of full-time study.
  • To enroll, you need a sufficient ATAR score, or a business diploma, or recognition of prior learning and experience.

Bachelor of Business (Management). To achieve a management major, you need to choose a study program with enough units on management and closely related topics... READ MORE

Bachelor of Entrepreneurship. Entrepreneurs are perhaps the ultimate managers because they need some knowledge of every aspect of business operations. Specialised entrepreneurship degrees are available through Ducere Global Business School and the University of Canberra... READ MORE

Bachelor of Human Resource Management. A good place to start a career as an HR manager is to major in the discipline in your BBus or BCom degree. To quality for the major, you need to do units on employee relations, recruitment and staffing, and performance management... READ MORE

Bachelor of Logistics and Supply Chain Management. Logistics and supply chain management is an analytical/technical field which can lead to high-level executive roles. It is sometimes offered as a major in a bachelor degree. Students learn about interactions between business entities and how to coordinate activities efficiently... READ MORE

3. Postgraduate Business Management Courses

Graduate schools teach advanced business management courses. They're usually intended for people with professional experience.

  • To qualify for an online program, ideally you have a business degree and some professional experience.
  • But you may be able to gain entry on the basis of professional experience and/or a non-business degree.
  • Graduate Certificate courses have lower eligibility requirements and can be used as a pathway to longer degrees.

The standard duration of an online masters degree is 3 semesters (1.5 years). Graduate diplomas take 2 semesters of full-time study and graduate certificates can be finished in 1 semester.

Graduate Certificate in Business is a 4-unit (1 semester) course that normally contains management units. It can be used as a pathway to an MBA or similar degree for experienced professionals without university qualifications... READ MORE

Graduate Certificate in Business Administration is a 4-unit (1 semester) course embedded within an MBA program. Completed units count towards an MBA. You cover core knowledge areas in management, including finance, business process analysis, and leadership... READ MORE

Graduate Diploma in Business is an extended version of the Graduate Certificate in Business. As well as being longer, it typically contains more advanced units. Most programs focus on management and leadership... READ MORE

Master of Business Administration (MBA) is the ideal program for professionals who want to take on leadership roles as specialist managers. They are theory-intensive, which is why it is important to have some work history. Experience gives theory context and meaning. Course duration varies according to your educational background... READ MORE

Master of Engineering Management is the MBA for engineers. It prepares professional engineers to organise and lead at a high level, work across engineering disciplines, and potentially start your own firm or consultancy... READ MORE

A Master of Human Resource Management degree can be used to start a career in HR or build on your existing skills and qualifications. Purpose-built online courses allow you to study part-time and complete the degree in 2 years... READ MORE

Master of IT Management courses bridge the gap between your existing tech knowledge and managerial capabilities. Project, people and knowledge management units are complemented by technology units in pivotal fields... READ MORE

A Master of Logistics and Supply Chain Management is the professional degree for supply chain managers. Students explore subjects such as business analytics, inventory management, distribution, and order processing... READ MORE

Master of Project Management courses focus on the art of managing discrete “projects”, which is an important aspect of business administration. PM courses are usually offered at a postgraduate (masters) level, often by the university’s business school... READ MORE

Business management discussions.

All industries and organisations require effective managers that can plan and oversee the activities of the organisation, make sure that everything runs smoothly, and make sure that staff members are properly supervised.

Why study Business Management?

Management is a natural career progression for many professionals. With increasing experience, there comes a point where it makes sense for you to be directing and organising others.

Studying business management helps you get there quicker and do a good job. Your staff will appreciate your training investment.

Learning management principles and techniques through formal studies is more valuable than many people imagine.

  • It exposes you to proven and cutting-edge management approaches.
  • You gain insight and may be able to improve upon prevailing practices in your work environment.
  • Students acquire a conceptual framework for good management. It is the template from which you can develop an effective personal style.

Most people in my experience can master what it takes to manage people. But I think we don’t appreciate how difficult that mastery is. Learning to manage others requires a very significant commitment, just like learning to play the piano or becoming a technical expert.

What online courses teach you

You can generally find an online management course to suit your skill development needs.

Online courses are available at all levels, from diplomas through to MBAs and other graduate degrees. Study programs can be general or specialised, and there are flexible programs that allow you to choose units or projects.

Some of the subjects you may study include:

  • financial management
  • managing people and organisations
  • global marketing
  • project management
  • innovation and entrepreneurship
  • teamwork.