International business courses.

Online courses in international business teach you how to manage commerce across borders. You learn how to sell into foreign markets, and about imports, regulations and foreign investment.

International business courses are offered by distance learning at all levels, from diplomas through to bachelor and advanced degrees. Each qualification is a pathway to the next level.

The programs are useful for people who want to work for globally orientated employers. These days, that may be the majority of companies and government agencies.

International Business students study commerce with a global perspective. In addition to examining management, marketing and finance in international contexts, courses draw insights from experts in the fields of politics, economics, and sociology.

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Why Study International Business?

Studying international business builds your expertise in global trade and related fields. An online course can set you up for applied or executive roles with many businesses and organisations.

International business is one of the more challenging business disciplines. It deals with the complexities of cross-border trade and investment. Students develop an understanding of how business transactions are impacted by differences in currencies, languages, cultures, regulations, and tax structures.

Graduates of international business courses are prepared for diverse roles in business. Most large and many small businesses need experts to manage overseas dealings.

Online Diplomas

An online Diploma of International Business is typically an 8-unit course that introduces you to the subject.

The program may include units in marketing, business networks, and analysing global consumption trends.

If you enjoy your diploma course, it may be possible to continue your online studies by progressing to a Bachelor of Business degree.

  • A diploma counts for up to a year of university study.
  • This is nice considering, with self-paced courses, you can potentially finish a diploma in 6 months... READ MORE

Degree Programs

International Business is a widely available major in online Bachelor of Business or Bachelor of Commerce degrees. You can also do a masters by coursework with an International Business specialisation, or a research degree (e.g. on business in China, or trade logistics).

  • Majoring in international business requires that you do enough relevant units, which are concentrated in the 2nd and 3rd years for a bachelor degree.
  • Other units can be from the broader business school program or even from another faculty.

Depending on your career aspirations, international business can go well with the study of arts, law or information technology... READ MORE