Graduate Diploma in Business

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An online Graduate Diploma in Business is a 1-year (8 unit) course that develops business and management skills.

  • A Graduate Diploma in Business course is suitable for students with a business-related degree or who have completed a Graduate Certificate in Business.
  • The study program builds on the 1-semester Graduate Certificate and is a pathway to masters degrees (such as an MBA).
  • Students can do a general business program or specialise in fields such as accountingadministration, commerce or project management.
  • Online business schools offer modular courses, where you do 1 unit at a time.

Studying for a grad dip online is the convenient way to develop and demonstrate an ability to manage business operations.

Studying online for a Graduate Diploma in Business.

The Graduate Diploma in Business

An online Graduate Diploma in Business is a versatile 1-year course in business and management. It may contain both introductory and advanced units, and can cover virtually any business topic.

  • A full program is 8 units.
  • It takes 2 semesters of full-time study (or longer if done part-time).
  • Graduate diploma courses are typically embedded in masters programs. A further 1 or 2 semesters of study may be enough to gain a degree such as Master of Business Administration or Master of Commerce.
  • Students who don’t have a degree can enroll in the course as a pathway to business, finance and management masters.

Why Get a GradDipBus?

Graduate Diploma in Business courses are useful because

  1. they teach skills that can be applied in many professional and management roles
  2. graduates can easily go on to further study.

Students who enroll in GradDipBus courses are often graduates of non-business disciplines who want to develop business and management skills. The programs are also attended by experienced business professionals who lack university qualifications.

By studying for a GradDipBus, you

  • learn concepts and techniques to be a better manager or business owner
  • develop professional skills in areas such as marketing, financial analysis, and reporting
  • improve business communication skills and financial literacy
  • build academic credit towards a masters degree.

The Graduate Diploma in Business allows you to build on your knowledge and acquire expertise in your chosen area of business practice... the course will give you the opportunity to explore key areas of business.

Top Online Programs

RMIT Graduate Diploma of Commerce

RMIT University offers a Graduate Diploma of Commerce as either (i) an extension to its Grad Cert course or (ii) as an exit point in the Master of Commerce program. The 8-unit course was specifically created for distance learning and uses appropriate technologies. Each unit is available for part-time, 100% online study over 7 weeks. Some of the fields in which you can build expertise are human resources, marketing, and supply chain and logistics management.

SCU Graduate Diploma in Business

SCU Online’s Graduate Diploma in Business is affordable and offers advanced standing for people with relevant qualifications or experience. The 100% online course has 6 entry points each year and allows for continuous part-time study. Subjects are drawn from the MBA program and include accounting for managers, economics, leadership, marketing, project management and quantitative analysis.

Deakin Graduate Diplomas

Deakin University has a large business school and many of its students learn in the cloud (distance education) mode. Deakin offers variants of the regular GradDipBus, with graduate diplomas available in administration, analytics, commerce, financial planning, international finance, leadership, professional accounting, and property.