Graduate Certificate in Business: Top 3 Online Courses in Australia

See why Graduate Certificate in Business courses are so popular and which are the best in Australia.
Graduate Certificate in Business online.

A Graduate Certificate in Business is a popular online course. It's a natural go-to program for professionals who want to study business online. A Grad Cert can be used:

  1. to introduce graduates with a non-business degree (e.g. arts or science) to business studies
  2. to provide formal qualifications for business professionals who lack a university degree
  3. as foundation studies for a business masters degree (such as an MBA)
  4. to gain specialist training in a business field, such as accounting, human resources or project management.

The top 3 online programs in Australia offer an engaging learning experience while boosting your career prospects.

Why Do a Graduate Certificate in Business?

A Graduate Certificate in Business course allows you to pick up business skills and set yourself up for further study. By studying online, you have the flexibility to put in study hours wherever and whenever you want.

  • Joining a course is not a huge commitment. It consists of 4 units, which equates to about 8 months of part-time study.
  • You can do a course to see if like studying business online and which subjects interest you.
  • Completing the program rewards you with an accredited university qualification.

General or specialised course content

A graduate certificate course may consist of a fixed set of core business units. At the other extreme, you may be able to choose from an array of diverse subjects.

The difference reflects how the grad cert fits within the business school's postgraduate program. The course can be treated as a foundation for a masters, or as a one-off training investment. You can choose which style you prefer.

Future study credit

If you want to keep studying after earning a Grad Cert, you're well positioned. You would automatically be accepted as a student by most business masters programs. As well, the four units should count, meaning you're just 8 units away from a 12-unit MBA or other business masters degree.

Best Graduate Certificate Programs

Business graduate studying online from work

The best online Graduate Certificate in Business programs allow you to achieve your learning goals in a convenient way. You can do accelerated study, meaning courses are available throughout the year. As well, you are easily able to balance study with holding down a full-time job.

Ideally, the program offers units you're interested in. If considering further study beyond a certificate, the full masters program should teach subjects relevant to you. We've selected the top courses in Australia based on content and features.

University of Adelaide Graduate Certificate in Business Administration

The University of Adelaide gives you the opportunity to build business skills and boost your credentials. The Graduate Certificate in Business Administration has a student-first approach. You don’t need a a degree to get started. And you are able to make steady progress by finishing each subject after a 6-week teaching block. A well-rounded business education is provided by the four courses. You study leadership, accounting and finance, and marketing management. Additionally, students learn how to bring a growth mindset to any business setting.

JCU Graduate Certificate in Business Administration (Global)

The Graduate Certificate of Business Administration (Global) from JCU Online ticks all the boxes. With 6 intakes per year, you can start the well-priced course at any time of year. Each of the 4 units are completed in sequence – one at a time – allowing you to easily fit study within your weekly schedule. The course is 100% online and you never have to sit a traditional exam. You'll also study high-value subjects: data analysis and decision modelling, corporate finance, management and leadership skills, and corporate strategy.

Southern Cross University Graduate Certificate in Business

Southern Cross University offers an affordable online Graduate Certificate in Business. The 8-month part-time course is purpose-built for distance learning. You complete 1 unit every couple of months. Each unit is a foundation unit for SCU Online's MBA, which you can continue studying for if you complete the Graduate Certificate successfully. Subjects consist of: accounting for managers, management communication, organisational behaviour, and economics and quantitative analysis.