Business is Australia's most popular online study field and these are the best courses to choose from.

Australia's best online business courses are here. These are the top 15 business subjects. For each course type, a guide shows you:

  1. Why people do the subject
  2. How courses are structured and what students learn
  3. Career options after you graduate
  4. The top few online courses in Australia.

You can earn an accredited business and management qualification by studying online. Choose a business diploma, bachelor degree, graduate certificate, graduate diploma or masters degree.

Online accounting courses prepare students to be professional accountants or pursue other careers in business.

  • Accounting is central to financial management.
  • Learning it provides a strong platform for any business career.

You can study for an accounting degree fully online.

  • Students can choose appropriate course units to become members of professional bodies.
  • Bachelor and masters programs both meet education requirements for professional accreditation... READ MORE

An online diploma in business administration gives you skills that will be handy throughout your career.

  • Every office worker needs admin skills.
  • Specialist in administration are found at all levels in business and other organisations.

Things you might learn through a business admin course include budgeting, developing corporate documents, running meetings and events, and managing teams. You can study 100% online with Australian colleges and TAFEs... READ MORE

A Master of Commerce degree is the postgraduate equivalent of a Bachelor of Commerce or Bachelor of Business.

  • It is a general degree which potentially covers any business subject.
  • Students can specialise through unit choice or by doing one of the university-defined study streams.

An MCom may be preferable to an MBA if you want a general business degree or to build specialist skills in areas such as accounting, business analytics, finance or human resources... READ MORE

By studying economics online, you learn how economies and markets function. You also develop analytical and report writing skills.

Top economics graduates work as professional economists for government agencies and large corporations. But an economics degree is valuable for other business careers.

Completing an online economics degree demonstrates you have:

  • good all-round maths skills
  • problem solving abilities
  • determination when faced with a difficult task... READ MORE

Being an entrepreneur requires some serious skills to back up your great idea and willingness to have a go.

Online entrepreneur courses teach you how to manage a business and start new ventures.

Things you learn in entrepreneur programs include marketing, international business, business strategy, corporate governance, managing virtual teams, research and development, innovation strategies, and commercialisation.

Taking an online course can be the start of an exciting journey as you join a community of business leaders... READ MORE

Finance can be a lucrative sector to work in. But the only sure way to get there is to start with a good education.

  • You can study for a Bachelor of Commerce degree with a Finance major.
  • Online Master of Finance programs are also popular. They suit business graduates who want advanced skills as well as people looking to switch into the sector.

Finance professionals should possess accounting skills. For that reason, it is often recommended to combine finance and accounting in your studies. Australian universities support dual majors at both the bachelor and masters levels... READ MORE

Specialising in Human Resource Management actually opens up enormous job opportunities.

  • HR Managers can be found in any large organisation.
  • As well as there being many employers, you have a well defined career path. You can start as an assistant and work up to senior executive positions.

To become an HR manager, you can major in the field within an online BBus or BCom degree. Specialist masters degrees are also available online. HR programs teach you about recruitment, training, performance management and employee relations... READ MORE

International business is a study stream that focuses on getting business done across borders. Students learn about:

  • global marketing, trade, foreign investment
  • national differences in culture and institutions.

A diploma or degree in international business opens up numerous possible career paths.

  • Most large employers and many small ones deal with overseas suppliers and customers.
  • International experts are needed across the spectrum of business occupations... READ MORE

Logistics and Supply Chain Management is a specialisation in which students learn how to coordinate business activities. Topics include:

  • purchases, procurement, inventory control, distribution, transport
  • marketing, customer relations, partnerships and global networks.

The study area covers many of the essential functions in business operations and management.

Graduates are employable in numerous roles, from warehouse management to analysis of large supply chains... READ MORE

Management courses are for people who want to be the boss.

  • Students learn a structured approach to managing people and operations.
  • Online courses give you principles and general techniques.

It can pay to study management as an asset towards getting your first supervisory position or as you climb the ranks.

Not only do you learn management skills, but you become better at communicating your knowledge in this area (which is handy for interviews)... READ MORE

Marketing is a popular online course at all levels.

You can study marketing:

  1. in a Diploma of Marketing course
  2. as a major in a Bachelor of Business program
  3. in postgraduate business degrees.

Marketing students learn how to build brand or product awareness and drive sales. There’s more to it than just the pitch. Marketing is a vital business function that needs to fit within the overall strategy for generating profit... READ MORE


An MBA degree is a qualification for any professional who wants to advance their career (it's not just for business people).

MBA programs give you the conceptual tools, strategies and language for taking on leadership roles.

With online programs, you can study while working and/or raising a family.

  • You study according to your preferred schedule, not the university’s.
  • Flexible courses give students the option of studying year round or taking significant breaks... READ MORE

Microsoft Excel training can bring you up to speed with the versatile program.

  • Excel can be used to do just about anything involving data and information.
  • It is a handy business tool.

People who are proficient in Excel find many ways to improve productivity. It allows you to easily perform calculations, manage data and create lists. Excel is commonly used in accounting and for transferring business data.

Low-cost training courses show you the power of the software... READ MORE

There’s a whole science around the art of project management (if that’s not a contradiction). For experienced professionals, you can polish your skills in managing projects by studying for a graduate certificate, graduate diploma or masters degree.

Project management courses are often delivered by a business college or a university’s business school (but not always).

  • Students learn general principles and techniques.
  • But you may also have the opportunity to manage applied projects in your particular field of work... READ MORE

An online course in social media marketing gives you tips and skills in this important and growing field. It will make your social media efforts more professional.

A short, specialist course is the best way to gain or update your skills in social media campaigning.

  • Communications degrees are long and generally don't focus on social media.
  • Diploma courses use the knowledge of prominent social media professionals.
  • They give students insight, strategies and practical training.
  • You can learn techniques properly the first time instead of relying on trial and error... READ MORE

Why Online Business Studies?

The flexible nature of e-learning means that your study schedule can be made to fit around your professional and family commitments, not the other way around … Distance learning programmes give you complete access to your studies from anywhere in the world, 24/7.


Studying business gives you the opportunity to define your ambition … The sheer breadth of disciplines covered (such as economics, finance, marketing, human resources, management, strategy and law) gives you the chance to explore various fields before finding the one that interests you most.

~ Asian Correspondent

A business degree is one of the most sought after degrees at university. It is also one of the most asked for by employers. All sectors of a modern economy rely on effective management, financial control and administration. A knowledge of business helps round out a CV.

~ University of Tasmania The Largest List of Text and Chat Acronyms