Bachelor of Information Technology – Australia’s Best Online Degrees

Bachelor of Information Technology degree student online.

The best Bachelor of Information Technology (BInfoTech) degrees do two things very well. They:

  1. prepare you for a successful career in information technology, and
  2. give you every opportunity to enjoy the online learning experience.

The top programs provide solid preparation for an IT career. Students are introduced to the essential topics and are able to develop a broad set of basic skills.

The best online courses are also highly rated by current students and recent graduates. This is important. Enjoying study makes for better learning, higher grades, and a stronger start to your career.

An IT professional should have an almost insatiable interest in what is going to happen next and why... Technology changes so often that you will probably never feel very comfortable or confident that you know exactly what you are doing. But you won’t be bored, either.

~ Dana Edberg

Top Bachelor of Information Technology Degrees

Australia's best Bachelor of Information Technology degrees do the essential job of an undergraduate IT program: laying the foundations for any future role as an IT professional.

The top programs are also highly rated by students, scoring highly in student and graduate satisfaction surveys. Finding a program you enjoy is an important consideration.

  • You want to stay motivated and engaged to get the best learning outcomes from your degree.
  • And you want to still be full of energy and a desire for learning when you graduate. As an IT professional, you'll need to keep investing in skill development.
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UniSA Bachelor of Information Technology and Data Analytics

Just about everything you could want in an online IT program is offered by the Bachelor of Information Technology and Data Analytics from the University of South Australia Online. You can study with maximum efficiency. The program is designed just for distance learning. It's 100% online and structured into a series of 10-week study blocks (allowing you to focus on just 1 or 2 subjects at a time). You are eased into online study with some friendly early units on study methods and information concepts. The program is well-rounded and has an emphasis in the latter stages on analysing business data.

CSU Bachelor of Information Technology

The School of Computing and Mathematics at Charles Sturt University is one of the largest in Australia. You can study online as well as at CSU's campuses and study centres. CSU is based in regional NSW but also has study centres in places such as Sydney and Melbourne. The Bachelor of Information Technology program offers plenty of choice. Available majors currently are: Business Analysis, Network Engineering, Software Design and Development, and Systems Administration.

ECU Bachelor of Information Technology

Edith Cowan University's undergraduate IT program covers both theory and practice, preparing students for careers in information technology. The course is delivered both online and at ECU's Western Australian campuses. Students are introduced to programming, operating systems, networking, databases and computer security in their foundation years. Majors are available in software engineering and cyber security. You can also study web development, management of big data, and project management at fairly advanced levels.