Bachelor of Data Science (and Other Undergraduate Analytics Degrees)

Bachelor of Data Science / Analytics online degrees.

An online Bachelor of Data Science (or Data Analytics) degree can set you up for job success. Graduates come away with the foundation skills for an interesting and rewarding career.

  1. Fantastic job opportunities are available for data science and analytics professionals.
  2. You can major in data science and analytics as part of an online information technology or computer science degree.

The best programs provide solid preparation for a future career as a data scientist. You develop technology skills broadly while building key strengths in data analysis.

To keep up with the explosion of big data across all industries, college and universities have debuted dozens of data analytics programs during the past few years. They teach students how to find patterns, predictions, stories and meaning in massive, messy sets of data.

~ Matthew Neal

Top Data Science and Analytics Degrees

The best online bachelor degrees for analytics / data science prepare students for future roles as data scientists.

  • The university programs give you the opportunity to become familiar with and build proficiency in data-centric problem solving.
  • Data science training is complemented by general studies of information technology and computer science.

Australia's top degrees are available 100% online. Each university also has a strong track record in distance learning.

Online data analytics student.

UniSA Bachelor of Information Technology and Data Analytics

University of South Australia Online has an undergraduate data science degree that excels in many ways. The Bachelor of Information Technology and Data Analytics is purpose-built for online study. Each unit can be completed within a 10-week study block, allowing you to focus on 1 or 2 subjects at a time. The program is loaded with data analytics units and has been designed to make graduates immediately employable. The online learning platform is also intuitive and easy to navigate. The degree gives you every opportunity for an enjoyable and rewarding study experience.

Deakin Bachelor of Computer Science

Deakin University's Bachelor of Computer Science has a strong data analytics focus. Core units include data science concepts, data capture technologies, data structures and algorithms, artificial and computational intelligence, and data mining and machine learning. As well, you can choose business and mathematics electives from other Deakin University cloud programs. The course is organised into 3 semesters annually, and is available both online and at Burwood Campus in Melbourne.

UNE Bachelor of Computer Science (Data Science)

You can major in Data Science as part of the University of New England's Bachelor of Computer Science. The course is available both online and at Armidale in New South Wales. To qualify for the major, students are required to complete 6 core units: programming paradigms, parallel and distributed computing, artificial intelligence, algorithms in machine learning, statistical modelling and experimental design, and statistical learning.