Bachelor of Criminology and Criminal Justice

Bachelor of Criminology and Criminal Justice online.

A Bachelor of Criminology and Criminal Justice degree opens up job opportunities across the criminal justice system.

The knowledge you gain plus the qualification could lead to careers in areas such as law enforcement, corrections, social work, crime research and public policy.

Online study is an effective and convenient way to earn the degree. You can choose from the best courses available in Australia and study at the times that suit you.

As a student of Criminology and Criminal Justice, you'll learn about crime and social harm, and how society responds to it through social control and the criminal justice system.


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UniSA Bachelor of Criminal Justice

The Bachelor of Criminal Justice from the University of South Australia Online is a standout degree. The 100% online program is well-rounded, covering traditional criminology and justice subjects as well as contemporary topics such as cybercrime, digital evidence and current policing techniques. With 4 study periods per year, you're able to finish each course relatively quickly before moving on to the next one. Students also benefit from an intuitive online learning platform, which has everything you need, and 7-days-a-week tutor support.