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Graduate Certificate in Business: Top 3 Online Courses in Australia

A Graduate Certificate in Business is a popular online course. It's a natural go-to program for professionals who want to study business online. A Grad Cert can be used: to introduce graduates with a non-business degree (e.g. arts or science) to business studies to provide formal qualifications for business professionals who... Read More

Australia’s Best Entrepreneurship Degrees Online, Featuring MBA and Bachelor Courses

You can study entrepreneurship at on online university – say, from your home or office. Australian universities offer fully online entrepreneurship degrees. First-time university students can do an online Bachelor of Business degree with a major in Entrepreneurship. For university graduates and experienced professionals, you can do an online MBA with an entrepreneurship study stream.... Read More

Master of Business Law (100% Online)

An online Master of Business Law degree is ideal if you are a non-lawyer who needs to make business decisions connected to the law. It's open to graduates of any discipline. The business law masters develops your ability to make good decisions when faced with regulations and other legal considerations. You... Read More

Nursing Degree Courses

Why study nursing online? Studying externally lets you gain a valuable degree with minimal time away from work or family. You can do the academic parts of nursing degree courses from home. Any hands-on training can be done during residential schools on campus and at healthcare facilities near... Read More

Master of Health Administration Courses

You can study online for a masters degree or other postgraduate qualification in health administration. Online courses give you an opportunity to move into the field or be promoted to senior management. Health administrators plan, manage, monitor and coordinate systems of health care delivery. They work in hospitals... Read More

Master of Engineering Management

Excellent Master of Engineering Management degrees are available 100% online. You may benefit from getting a masters if you're an engineer and want to cultivate a management career. Studying engineering management online is an effective, non-disruptive form of professional development. The best online programs in Australia allow... Read More

Quotes from students

Online study is a perfect option for me at this stage of my life. It enables me to be home and present for my children as well as allowing me to work towards my dream career at the same time.  Tracey

Small breaks in between sections allows me to refresh my brain and gives me the extra boost to continue on. It has always been easy for me to study once I learned the rhythm that worked for me.  Rebecca

The key to success in my Psychology classes has been using my discussion posts to apply the concepts to real life. Many of my discussions relate the concepts to past and current events. The posts that provoke the most meaningful discussion are those relating to personal life experiences.  Roshand

The friends I have made while studying range in age and are located all over Australia. We are there for each to other to bounce ideas off, try to work out what the task really expects of us, cram for exams and offload when we are stressed.  Diane

Online courses can be wonderful or stressful. I would suggest not letting the course stress you out. Remember that you chose to better yourself by completing your degree. You can do this!  Heather

Your education is important so scheduling the right time each day to focus on it can really make a difference. This schedule allows you to get everything done without feeling like you neglected anything.  Mandy

To fully comprehend certain material, it is sometime necessary to see another person’s point of view on the subject matter. Talking to other students by messaging or posting comments can sometimes open your mind to other opinions or help you understand an assignment.  Laken

Success in online study boils down to one skill that can be applied to everything you do in life, Time Management. Make a schedule that you can quickly check to see what you need to accomplish and when those tasks need to be completed. Set aside time for yourself and for your studies. During your dedicated study time, try to disconnect from distractions.  Kristopher