Future Career Goals

An important way to stay motivated when your are studying online is to keep in mind you future career goal. Here are essays from online students explaining the career motivation behind their studies. These are the best entries from an … Read More

82 Reasons Why Students Choose Online Classes

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I Want to Be a Teacher | 10 Essays

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Distance Education: Things to Know

Distance education is either great or over-rated, depending on who you talk to. In truth, studying online is effective for many students; while other students are looking for things only campus life offers. Some of the opinion differences are due … Read More

Top 5 Subjects for Distance Learning

You’re more likely┬áto have a successful career in these areas if you are happy to work online. That also means you should be happy to study online.

Free Online Courses: Pros and Cons

A big advantage of taking free online course is that you don’t have to pay tuition fees. The only significant costs are your time and effort.

Study Planner and Timetable

A weekly study timetable is essential to be an organised student. You can use this timetable template (or similar) to help organise your week.

How Distance Learning Works

The way distance learning works depends on the type of course you’re doing. The three main types are 100% online courses, mixed mode programs, and self-paced training. Distance Learning Course Types Self-paced training is an option that’s generally only available … Read More

Alternative Pathways into University

The most common pathway into university is a good ATAR score. But alternatives such as pathway courses and recognition of prior learning exist.

Are You a Good Online Student?

Succeeding at online study is not easy. Some people who are good students in a normal classroom environment struggle with the online format.