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University students studying a distance education course online.

Online Programs

Arts and social science degrees

You can study 100% online for arts and social science degrees with Australian universities. Popular majors include criminology, communications, international relations, journalism, psychology and public relations. Good arts universities offer you plenty of choice about which units to study... READ MORE

Business degrees and diplomas

Business and management is the most popular online study category. Fully online courses are available at diploma, bachelor and postgraduate levels. Programs may focus on technical subjects such as accounting and finance or cover topics like management and leadership... READ MORE

Computer science and IT

In this information era in which we find ourselves, computer science and IT training is tremendously valuable. You can study online for a bachelor degree or for a masters or other postgraduate qualification. Online computer courses cover theory and principles as well as new techologies... READ MORE

Education and teacher training

Education degrees are available from several online universities in Australia. If you want to become a teacher, you need to complete a 4-year Bachelor of Education or 2-year Master of Teaching. The programs include compulsory teacher training placements in schools... READ MORE

Engineering degrees

Degrees in engineering and the built environment are available via mixed-mode study. You complete the academic components of programs online. Occasionally, you may attend a campus for a residential school. As well, you'll have field placements to get more hands-on training... READ MORE

Health degrees by distance

Australia's universities support distance education in health and social welfare fields, including for nursing, counselling, nutrition and social work. To comply with regulatory requirements, accredited courses may require you to attend residential schools and do work placements... READ MORE

Law degrees online

Studying law may be a path to become a lawyer, though the majority of graduates end up in alternative careers. You can study for a law or combined law degree through distance learning. Available online programs include Bachelor of Law, Master of Laws and Juris Doctor... READ MORE

Science programs

Science degrees are available online and you have many majors to choose from, including environmental science, and maths and statistics. Certain science majors are hands-on in nature and will require you to attend residential schools on campus at least occasionally... READ MORE

Australia's online universities

Australia has 40+ universities and most of them offer online courses. But only a dozen universities could genuinely be called online universities. The biggest and best online universities in Australia have 5,000+ students and offer a great range of distance learning degrees... READ MORE

How to Study Online

Distance learning in Australia

Studying online is technically easy. You just need a computer and internet connection.

  • Many degrees and diplomas are 100% online.
  • For others, you attend a campus occasionally.

Normally, you don't have to wait until the beginning of the academic year to start an online program. There could be 2, 3, 6 or more start points per year.

About Online Study Australia

Here you can find the top online courses by subject.

  • For each study area, the best distance learning programs are listed.
  • Course descriptions highlight what makes each program different.

Programs are assessed based on course content, study flexibility and overall value.

Choosing a course

Each subject page discusses the qualifications available, study requirements and career prospects.

To find out more about a course, tap the green brochure button and complete the short form.

  • We'll email you details about the course.
  • You can do your own research to decide if the program is the right one.

Learner Articles

Top 5 Tips for Online Study

Studying online has its own challenges. We surveyed hundreds of online students to find the best strategies and tips to succeed... READ MORE

Pathways into University

You can get into university courses without an ATAR score. Options include doing a qualifying program and gaining recognition of prior learning... READ MORE

Are You a Good Online Student?

Not every one is cut out for online study. Certain skills and qualities are important. For example, you need to be self-motivated and persistent... READ MORE

About Online Study

Connecting with others

While you may be doing coursework online when your schedule allows, you may still have interaction with instructors and students. You may participate in group work via email and online forums. Webcam technology may also allow one-to-many presentations where the instructor teaches a live lesson and answers questions.

Residential schools

Some online degree programs require students to attend a limited number of on-campus sessions. These sessions may include hands-on practical experiences, orientations, seminars, capstone projects and exams, and other activities that require campus attendance... They could be as little as one day to several days long.

Good online course design

The strongest predictor of student satisfaction was learner-content interaction, defined as the process through which learners reflect and elaborate on the course material... The more that students are encouraged to think about the material and process it in different ways, the more they will value and appreciate the course.